I was working in the kitchen one night at six p.m.

Al had me working late again to keep up with orders.

We were over ordered and we needed several pizzas to relocate that problem.

I managed to fixate my focus on the pizzas, being so meticulous about their creation that they would look perfect for the customers.

It was about 7:30, when Al gave me the last order.

The order called for an extremely spicy pizza.

A pizza that involved the use of every spice in the kitchen, salt, pepper, paprika, garlic and many others.

So I worked on the pizza extremely carefully as this pizza when added to the cookbooks was claimed as extremely hard to cook.

I waited for the pizza to get to the point in which in would be thoroughly cooked.

But soon I saw coal black smoke rising from the oven.

I went to the oven door and opened it.

Rushing was the only way to get to the pizza in time and I forgot to use safety gear.

Unfortunately though the pizza was already on fire and it burnt all 12 of my fingertips off.

I passed out after that.

But the next thing I knew I was in a place that was almost entirely white.

There is a sign before a sunset.