I then knew that the fates of so many were at stake so I headed over to the lumber factory to challenge Tornado for the last time.

I flew through the air at rapid speeds to get to the factory as fast as I could.

When I arrived I used my fire abilities to burn a hole in the already cracked roof.

Then I cooled it off and kicked it in.

When I got into the factory I searched frantically around the darkness that had spread around the area sporadically.

But however he found me as I was forced into a wall by a rushing tornado.

When I got up I saw him coming out of the darkness.

"So it seems fire and air just don't mix?".

"Which is why I have to kill you first Firerain".

"A pity though if you hadn't interfered perhaps I would have got to use my machine to eliminate you".


"Yes, my tornado machine".

Tornado then went over to the machine to show me his great project.

"Soon Firerain after I have dealt with you and your girlfriend there".

"I will use this macine to perform my massive genocide of the world".

I stood up shocked that at what he was planning to do.

"Your insane, you monster".

"Thank you".

"And in honor of my friends you shall die by my hand".

Tornado then launched at tornado which Rodlin dodged.

Then Rodlin kicked him into the wall.

Tornado responded by launching an uppercut against him which shot his helmet clean off.

"Rodlin!" Lucele said strung up onto the wall of the second floor.

"Rodlin Centari, your Firerain".

"What this pathetic pizza chef is a super powered warrior?".

"That's right I Rodlin Centari am Firerain".

"You insolent boy you will die ten times quicker then before".

Tornado then begins to attack Rodlin variously kicking and knocking him into the walls and machinery.

Then Tornado got Rodlin's boot locked up into the log cutter and activated it.

"Time to die Firerain!".

Rodlin realizing that so many people counted on him kicked the lock very hard and lept off the log cutter.

Then he began to punch and kick Tornado into the railing.

Tornado was only a few feet from the machine when he created a tornado.

He sent it out to Rodlin and Rodlin sent flames into the tornado absorbing it.

Rodlin then sent the flaming tornado towards Tornado.

He then fell into the electric control console and was electrocuted to death.

Rodlin then stood panting sweaty and tired.

It was over for now.

When darkness has finished recovering itself, it will fall.