From Different Worlds

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Vampires live in a world that only includes vampires and humans. Meanwhile, werewolves live in a different dimension. Neither knows about the other until one male werewolf is sent to the vampire world right dab in the middle of a war of clans. He is sent for a reason that nobody can figure out. Yet, is it possible to stop the war and unite both vampires and werewolves or will he be mercilessly killed by the female vampire he just so happened to fall on when he got thrown from his life?

Chapter 1:

Mae looked out from the bush she was hiding in. She looked up ahead and saw a clear target to strike down. The female vampire was standing ten feet in front of Mae. The girl was trying to help her fallen friend. She should have followed by the saying, 'Everyone for themselves,' in this war of clans. Once they veer away from that belief, then it's a known fact that they will lose.

Mae got herself ready for this thrilling kill. She licked her lips and bared her fangs, but made sure not to make any sounds that would give away her hiding spot. Mae knew the exact moment the female vampire was at her most vulnerable. She didn't waste any time and leapt out of the bushes. She ran so fast it looked like she was flying across the land. The other female vamp heard Mae's feet running on the ground, turned her head and hissed through her fangs at her. However, the female vamp was too slow.

Mae jumped on her and sunk her fangs into her throat, ripping out a chunk of her skin, while still keeping an eye on the rest of the fight going on around her. She didn't waste any time enjoying the kill. She just dove in with punches, scratches with her talon like nails and teeth. The other vampire didn't stand a chance against the furious female. The kill was over in 30 seconds flat.

Mae zoomed out of the clearing as fast as she could. She knew no one would be able to catch her while she was running because she trained hard for this war. She was the fastest female vampire in her training class and her class was the largest one for female vampires.

Mae hid behind a willow tree. Many of the females training with her would always laugh when she went into hiding. They would call her a coward and a sissy, but she knew that sometimes hiding was the key to winning. She knew that to win this war, the vampires could not risk themselves in forging ahead and putting themselves in constant danger. Mae truly believed in this concept and followed it thoroughly, which in turn worked perfectly for her as she was always the one least wounded.

Mae now could sense a vampire getting close to her tree. She wasn't sure how old the vampire was; therefore, didn't know if she could sense her back. Mae didn't take any chances and, with her natural born speed, ran to the spot she knew the other vampire was in. The vampire turned faster than Mae expected and she got a good look at her eyes. This one had a darker pink color than the former vampire she killed. This meant that she was a little older and smarter. However, this had no impact on Mae since she had dark red eyes, meaning she was part of the older group of female vampires.

Having more strength and more experience, Mae jumped on the female vampire raking her nails across her throat while pushing her head as far back as it would go until it snapped. Mae jumped off and ran in the opposite direction to avoid getting jumped by another female vampire that she hadn't sensed earlier. The vampire chased her with an angry snarl. Mae led her to her willow tree and started to climb it as fast as she could. She jumped off the tree when the vampire was in the exact spot she shouldn't have been. Mae landed right behind her, wrapped her arm around her neck, grabbed her ear and turned her head with all the force she had. It snapped and the kill was over.

Mae knew she should run away fast, but she couldn't resist a taste. She needed all her strength to keep fighting and a little drink of the blood would help her gain back that strength. First, she made sure she didn't feel anyone around and then quickly began to suck that deliciously sweet taste into her mouth. She could feel all her bones renew themselves with more strength and all her cuts and bruises cure themselves. Quickly she finished and left running, leaving no trace she was ever there.

Mae continued her strategic hunt well into the morning light. The sunlight did not bother her as much as it would have if she were a younger vampire. All she felt was a slight tingling burn throughout her body, but she learned to ignore it through practice. It was better now than when she was a young vampire and couldn't leave her house during the day because the sun light would literally burn her alive. A young vamp's skin has never been as durable as an older vampire. Mae shook her head, thinking that maybe it was time for a rest since she was getting so distracted.

She went back to her vampire base. When she arrived, it was chaotic. Many were running around trying to heal those that were hurt, while others tried to heal themselves. Several had fallen into a coma from all the blood loss.

Mae limped up to the cabin she shared with Elspeth, Lilith and Mirielle. They were Mae's closest friends, but they all made sure to fight separately so as not to be distracted by their objective. Mae entered the cabin and found Elspeth tending to Lilith. She had a bloody leg and what looked like a hole through the side of her stomach. Her blonde hair was matted in blood and Mae wasn't sure if it was hers.

Mae limped right up to them and looked down at Lilith. Elspeth looked about ready to cry, but she has always been the more emotional one. Mae commanded, "Who did this? Tell me and I'll get revenge for you." Mae never allowed too much emotion to leak through her facade, but she always made sure to let her three friends know where her true loyalties lie.

Lilith tried to move her mouth to speak but ended up coughing up blood. Elspeth put her hand to her mouth and gasped. Mae told her forcibly, "Get me a cloth, Elspeth. Do it quick and bring that special potion my momma left me."

Elspeth looked at Mae with her wide, scared, dark pinkish eyes and stuttered, "B-b-but… that was left for you and you alone, remember? Your momma left that note, I read it. It said to not let you use it on anyone but yourself because in the future you will definitely need it. I c-c-can't. I can't go against your momma. She was a powerful mage and vampiress. She knew what would happen and said you would need it."

Mae looked at Elspeth for the first time with disdain. Elspeth flinched a little and looked down at the floor.

Mae admonished her, "If I don't use this now, Lilith may very well die. Do you understand that? Are you telling me that I should let that be a possibility when I could have saved her by supposedly risking my future self? Am I more important than Lilith? And how does anybody know that the future is set, that it is not constantly changing? Either way I am doing everything I can to help Lilith and you should too. Get on with it and bring me the potion." Elspeth ran out of the room like the hounds of hell were at her feet. Mae regretted talking to Elspeth that way because she knew that Elspeth was just scared and very emotional, but Mae couldn't take back her words nor did she really want to.

She just went about putting pressure on Lilith's wounds while murmuring nonsensical things to make her calm down. When Elspeth returned, Mae started cleaning up all the blood. She was getting the syringe ready when Liz barged in. Liz was one of the oldest vamps around. She was big muscled and mean, leading to why she was elected as the vamp in charge. Most were scared of her because of her sheer strength that almost rivaled a male's strength. However, everyone knew that males had twice the amount of strength then females, which was why a fight between the two was forbidden in the vampire laws.

Liz stalked in with a syringe in her hand. Before either Mae or Elspeth could move, Liz plunged the needle into Lilith's neck. Mae snarled at her, but was wise to not attack her though she stalked closer. Liz turned to follow Mae's form and hissed back at her, "Don't you dare threaten me again or I'll kill you. Be thankful I just saved her life." She turned around and left the cabin.

Elspeth ran up to Lilith looking down on her. "Oh my! Look Mae, look. Her body is healing itself like she just drank a gallon of blood! What was that medicine? How come we never heard of it before?" She looked over her shoulder at Mae, swinging her long, chestnut curls away from her face to the other side of her head.

Mae was staring down at Lilith with an astonished expression. "I don't really know, but she shouldn't have kept that from us. I wonder why she is bringing it out now. Maybe things are going bad for us in the war," she answered with a worried frown on her lips.

Elspeth looked worried, than asked, "What about Mirielle? She didn't come back yet. You should go find her."

Mae nodded her head, "Yeah, I'll go look for her and get some answers from Liz." Mae looked at Elspeth, "Take care of her and yourself. I'll be back shortly." She walked out of the cabin with her slight limp and stalked her long, lean legs in the direction she believed Liz went in.