Dreams of a Mountain Pass

Mountain faces saturated with grey
Beneath a sky of similar hue
Once gave way to grave paths
Hewn along their visages
And leading to solemn valleys.

The wide river churned languidly
While life hid beneath silver waters.

With a band of fellows, I returned
When the sky lay crystal blue
As though it had been hidden
At the bottom of a chill pool,
Now thawed and renewed to its vigilance.
I noticed a cool azure stream
Bending grass to rejuvenating green
Set beside a yellow, packed path
Of beaten gold and gems dissolved to dust.

Toward the sky it beckoned
Through a gateway of monolithic stones.

Another time, among red mountains
I dashed upon cobbled paths,
The earth granting unlimited energy
As I ran through caves, past low brush
Driven by a pull to the heights,
Slowed only by thoughts of limitations.

Here, green grass blades were lined with gold,
Beaming and translucent like an entryway
Leading beyond anticipation
To where reason will be left behind.