The Glow of the moon is overwhelming.

The Mountains in the distance are brought together in a light not yet seen

A soft breeze floats through the trees.

Through sight, they are still.

But through feeling, however, are where they lay.

A New World is before me.

One that is hidden to all.

Except I.

Why can I not seize it?

A restriction that hides in me.

From me.

For me.

But is my confinement only within society's walls.

If only it were a different time.

A different place.

I would be free to go.

And live.

But not here.

Not in these walls.

One would think that upon this discovery,

I would be happy.

Be benefited.

But no. Why assume?

It has graced me with more chains that I could bear.

bear alone

I see only the bars the keep me from myself.

Nothing else.

The pity I hold for myself,

And the miniscule things that I think.

Why is it so great?

It shouldn't be.

Is it possible to be free from these chains?

Free from society?

Free from me?

AN: This is old. Probably a year old. I just found it when I was sifting through my computer.