It was the night the sky turned red

Destruction (in the end)

By Erika Cowan

It was the night the sky turned red. And it wasn't just any red; a mix of blood, smog, and tears glistened in the horizon. The combination of the three seemed deadly to anyone civilian: an innocent bystander standing on, looking at the disaster. But it wasn't just any disaster. It was one that involved her, and her alone. Her mind, soul, body, and life were all consumed in this one disaster, as if it was what she lived to destroy.

But of course, disaster is just a euphemism for what really happened. Catastrophe? Apocalypse? Could those be the real words, the ones that really describe this event in full?

It was more like destruction of one's soul.

Behind those clouds came the source of the blood red sky glistening overhead. On her knees, strips of blood marked her legs where thorns of the gods had slashed her skin. The sound of the whip cracked through her screams of terror, mute to the ear of humans below.

Who could she turn to for help? She couldn't pray to herself, that would be pointless. So would praying to Him, for he was the one in charge of her terror…

…the one cracking the whip with his hands of marble, and body of steel. A body that went with the wind, and controlled it with his every might of life.

Or in this case, being.

But it was different with her, she was no longer made of a body as hard as steel, with the ability to move with the wind.

She was human.

She could die if he didn't stop this soon. 'What would dying be like?' she wondered, a constant trail of salt staining her cheeks. She shook those thoughts. At that moment, it was just key for her to stay alive, whatever that actually meant.

It's not like she didn't deserve the treatment though. It was she who had destroyed the peace in their so carefully calculated kingdom.

And had taken the majority of human civilization down with it.

All that remained were those that had been smart to hide, or had been blessed by one of them.

And the dead.

She turned her head around, searching for a clear view of her attacker. She didn't want to remember him like this, but she knew that she'd gain sympathy from him.

He loved her, after all.

Her violet eyes caught his, and there was a moment of silence. A long pause in which their eyes served as the contact between their hearts.

A look of shame flitted across his face, but was gone before she recognized what it meant for her.

'Nox,' his voice pleaded to her, 'You know I have no choice. Going in there, you knew there was a chance I would have to do this to you.' He looked down. 'You knew, and you did it anyway.'

A silent tear slid down his face.

'It is the law of our land Nox, remember?

In betrayal and lies

A young one may brew

But when they defy

Punishment shall ensue

For eternity granted

In human-bred form

A sentence that pains

The ones who may mourn

And when time is caught

The final bell rings

When the lover shall beat

Their own who will sing

The hideous cry

of terror and fright

Do not show mercy

Or suffer the might

Of the terrible being

Which cowers from light

Received is the consequence

That had been already given

To the lover

The beauty

The one held so dear

The one not forgiven

'Don't you see Nox? I can't help you. The law won't allow me to,' His crystalline eyes filled with feelings of hope and despair.

The next blow came hard. A scar of lightening marked her forever un-perfect human face.

The one she will have for eternity and beyond..

..if this is where she will remain..

'Do you do everything the law tells you to?' Her muddled hair stuck to her face, covering up the beauty that once radiated from her skin. 'Why don't you care enough to not hurt me?' It was a low blow, but she knew it would gain her some time and sympathy to think up an adequate plan of survival.

'I've always cared about you, Nox…' his head was bowed, staring in a slow disgust at his bloodstained hands. 'I supported you through you're rebellious period, and even helped you get the attention of the Council to modify laws.. It was all for you..' His voice faded away into his own oblivion.

By this time, his voice was barely that of a whisper, 'How could you believe that you could change things for the better? No one was every capable of doing it before. Why you? Why now?' A steady stream of tears flowed down his delicate face. 'You had to rebel now; when we started to work in perfect harmony with each other. Where everything that I did complimented everything that you did. When we fit together. Why Nox? Why?'

Her eyes, looking more like a watery violet, stared up at the stars in the midnight sky. They always seemed so beautiful to her. Twinkling with a mysterious glint of magic. But now, they just seemed to be annoying reminders of what could never be. Of what she ruined.

Of what someone, somewhere, will never experience.

This thought sealed her fate. She had made the plan.

Her final plan.

She peered into his clear eyes once more, for one last time. A cloud of smoke blew around her head, a signal of what was to come.

He looked at her for a moment with stunned curiosity, and slight confusion. Her knees knocked together, unsure if they could hold her weight, and she lifted herself up, and stood an inch away at eye-level with her mate.

Her lips pushed themselves to his, and with a feeling of elation in the pit of her stomach, she whispered 'I love you,' pushed a small locket into his hand, and said, 'Don't use it until you're ready,' and, adrenaline pumping, ran to the edge of the sky and threw herself off, ready to face the unknown.

The dangerous.

The dead.

A stunned look passed across his face, but he slowly whispered to the wind,

'One day.

I vow this to you my darling.

We shall meet again.

And this time

I won't be letting you go.'

He opened the locket. It contained a stone.

The only piece of her he had.

Her power of night.

This would lead him to her.

And one day, my love.

One day…

AN: This was a writing challenge that a friend challenged me to.

I had to pick a random song, and then use that as inspiration for a story.

I chose: I'm Not Okay (I Promise) by My Chemical Romance