Take me away
to an oceanus place
where the patterns of night
know nothing of race

And where we can dance
A free lover's dream
And where we survive
Or so it would seem

When we can look down
From the clouds so alight
In which beauty above
was never so bright.

The sea of mist,
It passed by my eyes
With the stars all above
I see no lies

My chair rocks a breeze
As slow as the wind
The deep winter sky
In a slow descend.

With the depth of the night
And the twinkling abyss
And the cloud in their flight,
Nothing to be missed

The horizon is seen
The endless wonders,
May them that they be.
A clouded vision,
your eyes behold,
that take you away
to the new and the old.

A sail with you
The fish as the stars
The clouds as the waves
the ships from afar.

And as we shall learn
how to fly a great flight
how to soar with our hands
up into the night.

And the breeze through my dress
And the sky through your hair
Please tell all the Gods,
and Goddesses,
a solemn beware.

For we have come
to frolic their land
of mystical seas
and footsteps that ran.

Of nymphs known as stars
and lights seen so large
of things observed
in a dream from afar.

To the lovers of sea
and lovers of night
and lovers to be,
beware and goodnight.

AN: Written in April. But I still love it.
I still love this poem.