I don't like being pitied, but I've gotten used to it since the day I was born, when my parents discovered that their supposed-to-be-perfect daughter doesn't have her sight.

Now exactly 21 years later, I'm standing strong and I don't let people take advantage of me.

But when I was young, I was weak. I used to think it was unfair that I was born this way. So I got bitter and kept pushing everyone away including my parents.

Sure I had acquaintances but I never had one real friend so I was alone.

That all changed in freshman year in high school, when a new girl started halfway of school and she was loved by everyone. Me? I just kept to myself because I knew that she would never notice the cold and disabled pitiful me. But she proved me wrong. She tried starting a conversation with me first but I denied her. For weeks, she was still going and I was so irritated so I agreed to going to the mall with her. That decision was probably the best one I made because we became closer and the fact that she doesn't treat me like I'm so vulnerable all the time meant more praise to her.

"Honey! We're going to be late if you don't hurry up! Charlie also just called and said she'll meet up with you after dinner." I hear my mom hollering from downstairs, breaking my thoughts about my best friend, Charlie Dunham.

Brushing the imaginary lint off my halter top (I don't know what color but I'm guessing red), I then tried to straighten out the possible wrinkles on my skirt (which should be white). It took me a couple of months but I can tell which clothes I'm picking by feeling insignias that my mom put on them. I may sound dependent but I try not to be.

"I'm coming Mother!" I responded as I finished inspecting myself even though I really can't verify what I look like.

After that, I grabbed my cane from across the room (I know my way around) and started to march carefully down the stairs.

Counting till 15, I knew that I was on my last step and I felt fur purring on my lower right leg.

"Hello Midnight, how you doing?" I greeted my little husky helper as I put my cane aside to stroke her.

Midnight barked in return and I found myself smiling.

"Come on sweetie, we'll be late for our reservation"

"Gotcha, come on Midnight, let's go."

20 Minutes Later…

"So how does it feel to be 21 Jade? You excited it's your birthday?" my mom started badgering me the minute we sat down.

"Honey stop trying to treat her like a baby" I tried to stuff my snigger as my father defended me.

"Thanks dad and I don't feel any different at all. Adding the fact that I don't know what I look like, I don't feel old," Our waiter finally came just as my mother was about to retort something back to defend herself.

"Good evening, what may you like to order?"

I was about to submit my order when I guess an unnoticed crowd made a loud clamor outside the restaurant and it seemed to have caught everyone's attention.

"Hey Ma? What's happening outside?

Ughh… this is one of those times I wish I can see.

"Xavier! How do you feel being one of the richest and most wanted bachelors?" A report, I'm guessing, happens to ask the Xavier guy.

"I have to agree on the bachelor part, he is quite a handsome one." My mother commented.

"Minerva, your husband is right here you know."

I chuckled. I know that they love each other unconditionally and no matter how attractive one person is, I know that they only have their eyes on each other.

"What are you planning to do next Mr. Wellington?"

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Is it true that you have billions in your bank account?"

The racket had started to decrease each minute and the waiter finally had the chance to return his concentration on us.

"We're very sorry about the commotion and free appetizers on us tonight for being so understanding."

35 minutes later… (I don't think the eating part would be very interesting)

"Wow, their food is so delicious don't you think Jade?"

"Hmmm totally! We should come here again," I started to caress my stomach since it hurts with all the food lodged in my stomach.

Both my parents laughed at my action.

"Since it's your birthday, what do you want to do with Charlie?


"Can you drop me off at the park? I just want to relax there with Charlie and Midnight will be there with me so it'll be safe." I hoped that they would take it into consideration.

"Of course, just call us when you're done."

15 Minutes later at the park…

"Midnight! Wait for me!" I let out a burst of laughter as I tried to slow her down with her leash.

But no, she kept on running and slowed down to where the swings are supposed to be, because I feel the sand between my toes and I hear the creaks of the swings.

"Good going Midnight" I exclaimed and fed her a treat from the pockets of my skirt.

I was about to sit down when I felt something knocking me down to the ground and I felt pain shoot out to my back.

"Watch it, are you blind or something?!" The moron (which is a guy by his voice) screamed while getting off of me.

I pushed him off of me and stood up quickly to yell back, "I AM blind you fucking idiot!"

"I don't care you—"

Next thing I know, there were girly shrieks everywhere and he covered my mouth and dragged me to a pile of bushes so we could be hidden.

"What about Mid-"

"Shhhh, I'll take care of the dog later. Just do me a favor and shut your mouth."

I listened for his sake and about half an hour later, all the noise went down and all the girls probably went home when they couldn't find the stupid jerk right beside me.

He probably thought that too because he pulled his hand away from my mouth and said, "Thanks, I owe you for that."

"Why would they be chasing after an idiot like you anyways?" I stood up slowly and called after Midnight.

When he handed me Midnight's leash a few minutes later, he at last answered my question with, "Because I'm Xavier…Xavier Wellington."

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