Jade's POV:

"Ughh work…yay" I grumbled as my mom drove her way to Rockwell Corporation.

Apparently Rockwell Corporation is one of the top music companies for uprising singers to record a hopefully successful album. In my opinion, it's hell where your irritating boss commands his workers to do work that's worth at least a week in a day and a place where your coworkers can sneer at you in your face or behind you yet they can get away with it.

I would never think of such violent thoughts (laughs to myself) but someday I wish that a brave soul will one day destroy this building and the evil ones that inhabit it. Damn these video games, they drove me to this mad state.

"Honey, we're here. Don't forget to call when work is done." My mom informed me as she slowed down where I'm guessing the entrance to the building is.

Sighing to myself, I reached out my hand and opened the car door.

"Do you have your phone with you?"

You got to calm yourself. It's not her fault that you hate your job. You should be grateful she got it for you and you know it's because she cares about you.

"Yes I have it," I snapped. Way to lose your cool, Jade.

Not wanting to hurt her feelings anymore, I stepped out of the car and closed it.

Before she drove off I said, "Sorry mom, I'll watch my tongue next time," into the car window.

I felt the tension ease and she finally drove off.

As I turn around, I am trying to calm myself into a peaceful state before I accidentally insult one of my coworkers again even though they totally deserve it.

With my left hand grasping my white cane, I started to lead myself to the entrance.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

It takes seven steps to reach the handle of the door and I pulled it as soon as I felt it.

The chattering noise and loud footsteps echo everywhere as I stepped in and the cool temperature coming from the air conditioner surround me as usual.

It was only for a few seconds that I just arrived and already I hear the comments about me as I guide my way through the elevator.

Shaking it off, I asked my acquaintance Arty to take me to level 25 when I finally entered the elevator. He was the person that waits in the elevator all day just to press buttons to wherever which level people desired, I don't remember what the job was called as.

Arty is one of my few allies in this hell. He's too old to work and I'm guessing he is more than sixty five. Still, he has a kind heart and I respect him for tolerating the overbearing snots he has to serve all day.

"We're here, young one." His gentle raspy voice informed me as I heard the ding.

"Thanks Arty, I'll see you."

The atmosphere seemed more busy and excited as I walked out on my floor.

I turned left, counted twelve steps, and then tapped my cane to my right to hear a hollow thud.

With my right hand I turned the knob on my office door and I sensed a person relaxing on my precious chair without my permission waiting for me.

"Who are you," I mustered as much cool as I could handle, "and what are you doing in my office?"

I stepped inside but steered myself close to the door so they could not escape. Raising my cane horizontally, my body was preparing into its fighting or as Charlie calls it my "I'm ready to beat the crap out of someone" stance.

"You know after our special meeting last time, I would've thought you would be friendlier to your new handsome friend. Where's the love?"

His tone consisted of arrogance and a hint of amusement. It didn't hit me until a few seconds later but I finally recognized him.

"You! What are you doing here?" I keep my fighting stance hoping for one stupid thing he would do so I have a reason to hit him.

The squeaking wheels on my chair suggest that he has gotten up though I still don't know where he is.

"It's a nice view you have here. If you accept my offer though, your office would be much bigger and nicer."

I think I just stopped breathing for a second, "What are you saying? Does Ian know you're here?"

Ian Rockwell is unfortunately my boss and is the living devil I was talking about earlier.

I heard Xavier laughing like a mischievous child, "No, which made the sneaking in more fun. Of course his security is as clueless as him the stupid git."

"Git? Who uses that word anymore?" I was hoping that would bring his unnaturally happy spirit down.

"If your dad is British then you would find yourself constantly saying git or other words that you would have never known in your entire life. Good thing your new boss is here to teach you all of them."

Giving up, my anger turned quickly into confusion and relaxed my body since I know that this is going to take forever.

Marching myself to the right, I sat on my couch after my cane hit the soft material.

"I think I prefer your cute angry face instead of the lost confused one you have on right now. Maybe I should clear things up for you."

I rolled my eyes exaggeratedly hoping he would notice my impatience.

"Since we are best friends now," I scoffed, "I just know that you would love working with me rather than that idiot you call of a boss." The idiot part was right, but not the working together part.

"And what makes you think I will agree to this little theory of yours?" I challenged him.

"Are you seriously happy in here? I doubt you are and I can see in your face that you're not." How the hell did he know that? "And I saw what happened when you came in here, is that what happens every day?"

I was shocked. No one could easily guess what I usually feel but he just barges in and tells it to my face. Now I am just pissed.

"How dare you come in here and talk to me like we've known each other since forever! You don't know anything about me and I don't want to know anything about you. I think you should get out of here before I hurt you. Don't underestimate a cripple bud because I am not kidding. Out, now!"

In my entire life, I had never blown up like I just did. What the hell is it about him that infuriates me so quickly? Whatever, I just need him out of here before I attract attention especially Ian's.

"I understand why you feel the way you do right now but this will not be the last of me Jade. I will continue to challenge you because I know you are stronger and hiding yourself with the angry masquerade you put on will not fool me. My offer still stands. I left my card on your desk. Call me if you change your mind."

Refusing to utter another word to him, I sat still.

I heard the door open, "You look nice in that suit, it brings out your emerald eyes," and he left.

Ughh he's so bipolar. I hate him.

Still curiosity overtook in my mind and next thing I know my feet dragged me towards my desk.

Feeling the objects on it for a while, I finally felt an unfamiliar brail card around the upper right hand corner of my desk.

Bring out the rebellious and fierce spirit out love and give Ian some smacking, I know you want to. Call me *** - ****.

Even after all that just happened, he manages to bring a small beam to my face.

After all he's right, I want to hurt Ian.

And yes, I just decided to quit as of now.

Before I go, I need to leave him a surprise for all the good years I spent with him.

First, I smashed my desk into a million pieces with my cane knowing it was made of glass. The sound of it shattering has made my heart soar and my adrenaline pumping.

With nothing to stop me; I went crazy and started ripping the couch, jumping and stomping on it as hard as I could.

As I was jumping, I felt something on my foot.

Markers…I just had a plan.

Although I had no idea what colors they were, I drew all over the walls feeling a child.

Last thing I had to do… I called up his most talented potential and told him that the company does not want to record his horrible and grotesque voice. Let's just say that Ian's company has just lost a couple of million dollars. I don't think I've ever felt more powerful in my life.

Feeling more than delighted, I grabbed my cane and slammed the door as hard as I could.

So I realized it's been almost a year since I have updated this story and I am so sorry! I hope this makes it up and I will try to update again as soon as I can! I have no time to look over again to fix any mistakes but I hope it's enjoyable enough. Thank you for sticking with me!