If I were to write you something

It would be a cautionary sign


or maybe even DO NOT ENTER

If I could write you anything I wanted

It would be a rock song

Angry, loud, with it's

drumbeats pushing against the

frames of its existence

If I wrote to you

I'd write you a letter

And in it would be all the

Things you never knew about me

And you'd love me anyway

If I wanted to write you something

It would be a postcard

That said "Wish you were here"

And you'd come looking for me

If I wrote you what was in my heart

It would be an I.O.U.

For each hour

Each day

If I had something I wanted to write to you

I'd spray paint it on a building

In ecstatic disobedience

I would use the brightest colors

If I could put pen to paper

I would write you anything I could

To tell you who I've become

And hope you understood me.