It seems to me,
That I've been searching for a long time.
For the one of my own,
Who would love me for being me.

For the one who understands,
For the one who cares.
For the one who loves me,
For the one who comforts.

I've been searching for so long,
Feeling incomplete and alone.
Searching through the dark,
For the one to give my love to.

For the one I know in my heart,
That belongs to me and me to him.
For the one to make my agony go away,
That holds me close in his embrace.

For the one to kiss the tears away,
That fights away my fears.
For the one that holds my hand without shame,
That holds me when I'm scared.

For the one I give my heart to,
Without having to worry about him breaking it.
For the one that I can tell anything to,
Without him thinking bad of me.

But alas, it seems that my mission is complete,
For I've found him at last.
The one to call my own,
Is mine at last.