After greeting Kit back to high school, they took a deep bow. As the calico laughed, he thumped the two boys on the back and replied, "It's lovely to be back, mates." He and his two friends are the most wanted at school. Kit seems to have a dangerous, but fun, personality, not to mention drop dead gorgeous. While the twins are mysterious, mischievous, and sweet, but are equally as yummy.

They're ya go, my little cute minions in the open! Aren't they adorable? Let's have a little flash back on how, when, and where we met, ne? Though it'll be short, cause I have the patience of a bee being swatted at. Kit grins then throws his arm out as to show something.

Kit was scared. "Shitless…" He thought looking up at the new school he had to go to. They moved from Michigan to Ohio because, Daddy got fucked over with his job. Nervously biting his nails he walks through the double doors. Looking left to right he spots the office, which is looking intimidating to him. Trying to think of something happy to be him at ease he thinks up of his Chinese friend back in his old school. A Chinese girl in front of Kit turns slowly around, slits her eyes at him the slowly runs her finger over her neck, threatening him. Giggling Kit feels ten times better, as he walks up to the sectary-women, asking what to do. She tells the little boy to sit and wait patiently till the principal is done. He does as she says and sits down in the comfortable chair, the cushions eating his small build. While waiting two boys who look alike come out of the principal's office looking accomplished. Sitting next to Kit, they both say, "Who are you?" Kit looks at them impressed with their symmetry and replies with, "Nuri, but you can call me Kit." With a small smile towards the twins, he asks for their names. The one on the right looks up a bit so you could see his yellowish eyes and says, "Drake." While the other shows his green eyes and says, "Tye." They both say, "Nice to meet you!" Then with impish looks they question Kit, "Why is your hair all different colors?-Drake Are you a mutt?-Tye My mom says mutts look unnatural-Drake you look unnatural." They ended with the freaky, talking at the same time, thing again. At first Kit looked hurt, but then he got his own impish smile and answered, "Though I do look unnatural, at least I don't look like someone that sits in the corner playing the emo violin."With that he made the motion of cutting his wrist, somehow making it look like playing the violin. Both parties glare at each other for three minutes straight without blink. Then the tension breaks by both of them laughing, "We'll get along great!" all three said together.

Yeah, not how many fourth graders meet, no? We three are evil, for fun, so we got along splendidly. Oh and the Asian girl, yeah she wasn't really threatening me. I understood the concept of terrorists but didn't know there is word for it, so it cracked me up every time. She always did that to make me laugh. Though I feel bad now, I was indirectly calling her a terrorist… Anyway, back to my lovely life…

Walking home I reminisced of the pranks me and my minions pulled, ahhh made me feel so ALIVE! While cackling I didn't take notice of the white looking boxer walking right next to me. Till I got to my house on the side walk, stopping I turned and looked into the same dog from earlier, into the eyes. Now that I think about it, I haven't seen this dog in the neighbor hood till today. "Where do ya live, ya little trouble maker?" I asked the dog like he'd answer me, though he did give me a 'are you crazy' look… shrugging, I made a follow me motion and unlocked the door. I was out till late 'playing' with the demons, walking in, I headed for the kitchen. Grabbing me something to eat, and for 'Spike' I headed to my room for some sleep.

Before falling asleep, I though about kidnapping the dog, hey he lead me to that sexy guy, he can't be too bad. With that thought, I passed out.

Spike was sitting at the bedrooms doorway, with a snicker that went unheard by humans; he jumped on the bed and got comfortable. Ahh humans, so much fun!

Bet you're a little freaked out, like 'that dog, is a dog right!? Dogs can't snicker!' well apparently this dog is not ordinary, or I'm crazy still don't know which for sure…

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