I remember you.

You, with the deep, knowing eyes.

You, with the sweet, piercing voice, so often raised in Song.

You, with the warm smile.

You, with the gentle laugh.

You, the one who stood beside me for time out of mind.

You, with the strong, beautiful wings, of deepest, blazing red.

You, the one who guarded my back.

I remember that day.

The day when your eyes grew cold and hard.

The day when your Song turned to bitter, twisted melody.

The day when your smile turned to a bitter, loathing sneer.

The day when your warm, deep laughter turned to cries of impotent rage.

They day when you turned from friend to bittersweet foe.

The day your wings were torn asunder and were forever parted from you.

The day when you Fell.

I remember you, my brother. I remember that day. And I weep. For I know that we will meet again, and I must take everything from you, even your very existence.

I remember.

And I will never forget you.