Accidental Vampire

Prologue/Chapter 1

The sun barely peaked over the trees, but in a small yellow house on the left, in the basement, a tall black haired male was punching a black punching bag that hung from the ceiling by a thick plastic chain. Another male, shorter and less constantly mobile, slumped over a bowl of Lucky Charms, stuffed his face sleepily.

"That's your fourth bowl of cereal this morning," the male informed the smaller version of himself.

"Really? 'Cause I'm still not awake."

The male punching the bag stopped. "Riley, what will you do if you wake up one morning to see a vamp standing over you?"

"Ask him to kill me after breakfast."

"No, you stake him. End of story."

"Where would I get a stake?" Riley asked.

"You'd keep one under your pillow."

"Oh, so I can accidentally slice something off in my sleep. Thanks Quinn, really."

"I've never sliced anything off in my sleep," Quinn shot back.

"Yeah, but you aren't me." Piercing gray eyes stared at Quinn's black ones.

There was a pause, where both of them were silent.

"I can't believe you're my brother." The twins said at the same time.

The gray eyed boy stared at his lucky charms. "Who the hell gets up before noon? Seriously. Don't vampires have six o'clock bedtimes or something?"

"Kits—first born vampires—are sensitive to light, so they do. The older vampires and Seri don't. "

"How do you tell the difference?" Riley asked.

"Doesn't matter, though Seri have power of the craft."

Riley sighed. "Aren't there any books called "Vampires for Idiots"?"

"If there was, most of it would probably be wrong—or different enough that it would give you a headache."

"Yeah, 'cause different cultures have different names for stuff and different myths. I know. But if we're helping the world out and stuff, you'd think it'd at least give a little help back."

Quinn just sighed in return and went back to punching his bag. Riley left the 70's styled basement kitchen, and went up concrete steps to the upper levels of the house.

"Are you coming to school today?" Riley asked.

"Maybe later."

"I really don't think he gets this whole "school" thing," Riley sighed to himself.