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Chapter 5

"Ah fuck," Quinn swore. "I'm so sorry." Please stop crying he begged mentally. "It's okay. I've just been overworked and I don't sleep all that well. Not that I need much, I mean, I am a vampire—" Blah Blah. God the man spoke more than a chick. Eh, at least he'd stopped crying. Damn near gave Quinn a heart attack. Suddenly Quinn was smacked on the head with a rolled up piece of paper. "Geez. If you were planning on fucking me instead of paying me, you're out of your mind. You haven't even been listen to a damn thing I'd been saying." The doctor got up with a "hmph" and stalked away, leaving Quinn reeling in the swirl of emotions he'd left behind.

Riley peered up into the face of his lover. "Hey Rade." "Hey. You feeling all right? Scared the hell out of me, coughing blood like that." The human appeared bashful, hiding his face. "Yeah, I'd been feeling sick for a little while and I guess when we—uh, you know—it triggered something. I have a shitty immune system, got sick all the time when I was younger."

Rade laughed low in his throat. "So, because you weren't accustomed to our bodies entwining you became ill? We shall have to make it a common occurrence then." Riley answered with his own laugh. "Figures you would somehow lead my current condition to us having sex." They shared a short, but passionate kiss. One that echoed the fear of mortality and separation. "You can not leave me, my love, for I fear we would not go to the same place at death," Rade whispered, folding his hands on top of his loves'. Riley sighed. "The same goes for you, you know. It's a smaller world every day. Don't go getting staked by some noob," Sighing again. "Ugh, this is going to hurt. You. What's the deal?" The taller male looked down at his counterpart curiously. The mortal sucked in a breath, "I've known you for what, three days? You go and make love to me—" Blushing, he pushed forward. "How do I know you're not trying to trick me? That the first second my back is turned—or the third, or the fourth—that you're not going to slaughter me and my brother and turn us in for some boon?" Rade froze—his love coming dangerously close to hidden half-truths. He bent down. "My heart, my love. You are my Coeur de chanson—heart of song—you, your essence, your being, moves to fit mine. I was made for you. You were born for me. I can never betray you, it would kill me."

Riley stared at his raven haired partner and giggled a little, "Like, true love or some shit? Sorry, I can't say that I believe." Rade took the male's hands. "Look into my eyes, into me. Know that I speak the truth. You feel for me, you can not fake that." Fingers, twisting together, Riley was hit with a blast of heat that had he not been lying down, would've knocked him over. It curled around his body and entered him in every way. "Oh my god, what is that?" He was hit with another heat wave that rocked him. "It is the Coeur de chanson. I'd been blocking it. I didn't want you to be frightened." "Holy—on a scale of one to ten, how upset would you be if I asked you to have sex with me right now?" The young male asked in a rush, breathing through the wave of—whatever this was—crushing him. "Because I'm about to uh, finish."

Rade turned his companion around, placing him in his lap. Expertly undoing his pants, Rade pushed inside his ready and more than willing beloved. Trying not to bruise his human, he went at a (slow) steady pace. The teen huffed, annoyed, and got off of the other male's lap. "Get on the bed," the teen ordered impatiently, hurriedly climbed on top. "Wow. You're even better looking than I remember. When did you get so much muscle? Quinn works out all the time but he's not nearly like this—I bet its cause you're tall. There's more to look at." He sat, sliding Rade inside him without much warning. The latter hissed in a breath, holding his mate's waist as he slid up and down. Riley stripped off the rest of Rade's shirt, tearing it. "Oh my god. I can't tell you how—amazing this feels. Thank you…" Leaving hickie after hickie on those lovely, broad muscles Riley entangled his fingers with Rade's. "I love you." Rade jolted at the confession but before he could respond, the mortal gave another thrust, pushing them both over the edge of their climax.

"What the hell am I doing again?" Quinn interjected, as he'd been moved outside.

"You're chopping up firewood. I knew you were a simpleton but I thought you would understand when I put an axe in your hands and placed you in front of a pile of wood, " the doctor commented, bored.

"I understand that," Quinn bit back, irritated. "I meant why am I doing this?" The good doctor sighed. "Do you remember my crying bout earlier? Yeah well it was a cover for me stealing your wallet. You have about forty dollars, all together, which doesn't even cover my co-pay. Not to mention the miscellaneous things I used to patch up your fraternal twin and the bed that's being currently soiled. You could've just gone to a regular doctor. I'm more expensive. I'm the only one up here, you know. All the others who've tried to set up base have gone mysteriously missing. Now, if you'd like to leave here with all of your organs intact, I suggest you move your nicely toned ass."

Rade laughed, beside his cute smaller counterpart. "What?" his Coeur de chanson asked. "When two mates make love in the full heat of each other—it's said to bind you to that person to eternity." Riley blinked, not finding the humor. "I suppose that would make you my wife, mon amour." The teen sat up, pouting. "Why do I have to be the girl? Why cant you be the girl?" "Because no one would believe that," Rade answered, laughing. The teen suddenly got a smug look. "I don't know if you happened to be here ten minutes ago, but I believe I fucked the shit out of you; not the other way around."

Rade laughed. "True, true." He kissed his mate's head. "It is almost dawn, I must return home. Good morning, my dear wife." Riley gasped in surprise—oh no he didn't! But Rade vanished in a whirl of wind, his laughter left behind.

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