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Chapter two: Master

The girl looks amazed, entrapped and a little frightened. I smile gently at her.

"I'm indebted with you, who have helped me recover. Let me give you something in return for your kindness."

The girl is just sitting there, amazed. I move closer to her and kiss her forehead. The magical flow that ran through the kiss is enough to make her bad memories be less frightening and she will be more enduring to the pain inflicted on her day in day out. She has a heavenly smile on her face, she's beautiful!

"I must request one thing though."

She looks up at me. She's asking me to launch my request.

"Please don't tell anyone that I am an angel."


"Because that will complicate everything and I don't know how y...our Master will counteract."

I tremble at the words and I fold my wings back into my back. The girl nods understanding and I smile back. I look in the mirror. My pale skin is back to its normal marble-whiteness. I give the mirror back to the girl; she puts it into its place and comes to sit with me.

"What is you name?"

"My name is Silenciaricus Lunarialis. Named after the Silence that protects me and the moon (Luna) that mesmerizes me. But I guess it will be better if I go for Silencia Lunar"

The girl laughs and talks with her tinkling voice:

"My name is Halima."

I smile at Halima and ask her a question:

"Halima, are you intimidated by me?"

She nods. I stroke her dark-brown-almost-black hair.

"No need to be, I am your friend and I hope you would want to be mine. You have a pure heart and I'll try to help you as much as I can!"

I see Halima smile and my heart warms up. Suddenly Halima stands up and leaves the cage. I look after her, afraid to follow for that can cause her trouble. After awhile, she comes back and brings me to a room. It looks like a bathroom.

"Undress and wash yourself, I'll be back later."

She leaves the room and I undress. The mark on my abdomen makes me tremble. I wash the dirt of my body and replace the water. Then I wash my body with the soaps available and then my hair. When I was done, I took two towels, one big and one small. I wrap the big towel around me and I wrap the little towel around my hair. Halima comes in and I smile at her. She has new clothes for me. I put them on and look in the mirror. It's a one-piece but looks like a two-piece. It's a long red dress with black ornaments. It has a hole in the abdomen, showing the solar in its whole. Together with a red veil, the outfit is complete. Halima looks at me and nods smilingly. She takes my hand and brings me to another room. There she fixes my hair and puts make-up on me. I look in the mirror to see that she has applied kohl and she has made an artwork around my eyes. I look at Halima.

"Why all this?"

"You're going to meet the Master and you need to be clean by then."

I blush and Halima begins to walk to the ballroom, where the Master most likely is. I follow and my eyes almost pop out. So huge! Halima opens the vast doors that lead to the ballroom. All the gold blinds me and after a minute or five, my sight returns. I see walls of marble with golden edges. I see stairs made of black marble leading to a throne. Am I the slave of a king? Or the slave of an overly-rich guy that wants to sing his own praises? A man, brown-haired and tanned skin, comes forward and announces me with the words:

"Here is Silencia Lunar, the newest slave for the collection of our Majesty the Demon-king!"

A Demon-king?! If he finds out that I am an angel, than I'm obsolete! A chain of slaves comes through the curtains, in their midst there stands a man that looks different. He has red eyes and black hair, his hair reaches his under-back. Black flames adorn his right-cheek. One eye is closed by a scar. He has black pants and a black vest underneath the vest, there is a red shirt. All that is accompanied with a black cape with red insides. He sits on his throne and gazes at me. I blush under my veil. He is a demon, the Demon-king nonetheless! He should be able to feel that I'm an angel! Suddenly he stands up and walks towards me. I shrink in fear. He puts his hand under my chin and tilts my face, so I have to look at him.

"Well, well, well, I have a 'special slave'."

He smirks and takes out a dagger. He turns me around and before I can react, he cuts the back, revealing the scar that marks my wings. He turns me back to him and smirks.

"Take out your wings, my little angel"

My face stays in its fearful expression. I try to trick him with my angel's indifference that allows me to play a role perfectly.

"I...I don't know what your talking about! Wings, angel?! Angels don't exist!"

He slaps me with an incredible force and I fly backwards. I land on the ground and I feel him walk over to me.

"Let's see if you really aren't an angel."

He takes out his dagger and cuts my face. The blood flows from my wound onto my cheek and leaves a trail of blood. The blood flows, but the wound is healed, I can feel it. This is his way of showing my angelic abilities. I don't know how to react, how to defend, how to protect! Oh, High angel Mikhail help me! My pleading will not be heard, because I'm in the layer of the Demon-King! He grabs me and wipes the blood from my wound. He looks at it and smirks.

"Just as I thought, you have healed before the blood reached the ground, you are an angel!"

I close my mouth not making a sound and I look down. Not confirming, not denying. He throws me on the ground and I just sit there, without a word. He directs the palm of his hand to me and mumbles some words. Suddenly a collection of shadows leave his hand and come to me. The shadows circle around me and I recognize the pattern. This is a discovering spell! A discovering of this level, I will not be able to counter it! The shadows undertake me and I feel the spell, trying to release my wings. There is something different to the spell, it feels different. I fight the spell, but it is futile. My wings burst out, ripping my skin and send my blood flying. The white marble is smeared with angelic blood that is mine. A collar appears around my neck, a chain connecting it to a bracelet that adorns the wrist of the Demon-King. I hear gasps and I feel the wound on my back heal. The angelic blood will be impossible to remove, a mark to show the horrible act that had been done here.

"I have enslaved an angel; this is the best day of my life! You will be my 'special slave'; I will humiliate you and destroy your pride as an angel!"

I look at him with my angelic indifference. In this state of mind, I will be able to endure everything, but will suffer later. I try to use my wings, but they don't fly, they just flap but do not lift me up. The demon laughs.

"You will not be able to use your powers unless I want you to!"

Oh no, that means... that I really am the property of the Demon-king! Noo!

"I will humiliate you and make you completely mine! And to begin..."

He grabs my hand and pulls me towards him. Suddenly his lips are pressed on mine. I try to escape, but I'm kept on my place by his strength.

"I will steal your first kiss. You are mine now, even in angelic terms!"