Sorry it took so long guys! I got a serious WB-attack and wasn't able to write a word! And did anyone else notice that most of the chapters of SS end with Silenciaricus sleeping or fainting? XD

I slowly open my eyes and glance at my surroundings. I'm in Master Millael's room… I gracefully slide out of the bed and tenderly test out my legs. They keep my weight. I'm glad they do! I notice my attire, someone changed my dress! I'm wearing a pure white, slightly see-through one-piece, my feet are bare. I slowly make my way to the door and open it quietly. I gaze at the sitting-room at the other side of the door. Master Millael is sitting and reading something at his desk and his brother Michael keeps jumping around him, asking him various questions:

"Yo Millael, you know that the angel you're keeping is hot, right?"

I blush brightly at his comment.

"Can I please have her? I always wanted someone interesting to talk to and have fun with!"

I somehow can't help but feel flattered. Masters brother seems very kind for a demon. He's cheerful and energetic, he somehow reminds me of a human child. I slide through the opening of the door and walk to Master Millael. He looks up at me and smirks.

"You finally up? Come here."

Master pats his lap, ordering me to sit on it. I do as I am instructed and sit on my masters lap. Michael somehow seems a bit… jealous… Maybe he doesn't likes the fact I'm sitting on Masters lap so familiarly… but this was an order… Master suddenly touches my head. I unconsciously yank my head away from his grasp.

"Sit still."

I freeze. I feel Masters hands caress my head, searching for something.. I hear Master chuckle. Suddenly Master's lips are brushing my ear whispering:

"Your headache and all from before are the result of my blood-sucking, It seems I'm getting addicted…"

Master moves away and throws me on the ground as he stands up. Master glances at Michael and smirks.

"Okay, you can have her, for a week, you may not feed from her. No one may feed from her…"

My eyes widen and Master Michael seems very excited. He jumps up and down with a huge grin on his face.

"Yeah! Thanks bro!"

Master Millael walks away, granting me not even a glance. I'm happy to have a break from the feeding ritual of the Master and I am also very flattered that Master Michael seems so happy with me.

But why do I feel so lost?