Master Michael is kind to me. His smile never wavers and it doesn't look like he possesses anger of any kind. He smiles kindly at me and speak, his cheerful voice swirling around me.

"I never heard your name, may I know your name?"

I blink. Is he asking me? But... he is my Master now... he doesn't need to ask... I curtsy slightly, cautious of the short hem of my attire, and introduce myself.

"My name is Silenciaricus Lunarialis, a former fighter angel student. Most call me Silencia"

Master Michael grasps my hand and kisses it chivalrously, making me blush in response.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, My Silencia."

He then releases my hand and turns to a large chest. He opens the chest and takes out a white dress, a white cloak, white shoes, a golden headband and a collar with chain. He hands the clothes and the headband to me. He smiles as he orders me for the first time.

"Go back into the bedroom and put these on."

I nod obediently and quickly walk to the door of Master Millael's bedroom. I enter the room and pay no attention to my surroundings. I remove the light gown I was wearing and quickly put on the white dress. The dress reaches only the middle of my thighs, a sundress of some sorts. The dress clings tightly to my upper-body and swirls freely around my hips and legs. I quickly slide my feet into the shoes and wear the headband. I slide the cloak around my shoulders and walk back to Master Michael. He grins as he sees me.

"You look beautiful. The color white really suits you, must be because you're an angel..."

I blush slightly at his compliment. He reaches to me and clasps the collar around my neck and attaches the chain to his bracelet. He grins widely at me and shows the chain and his bracelet.

"Now you're mine, and others will not bother you!"