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…- Knight Love Chapter One: Caged Love-…

About three months ago I was your average ordinary 16 year old (Research Location, particularly with large forest region/big city, half & half is best.) girl, with "everything" with the best low grade hotel, to the best thrift store clothes. My mom was a stripper, in case I forgot to add that in my charming little life chronicle. Sure, I have more than all those kids in Africa who are starving to death, and being what can only be referred to as plagued by genocide. I should be thankful I have even the crappy "roach motel". Sure mom is trying and I respect the ole' girl for giving it her best, but still it would be nice to have enough to actually brag on. I'm not a prima donna, really I'm not, but it would be nice to have something to rub in those stuck-up bitches faces. You know what I mean right?

So, like I said, I live with my mom, the stripper. Yes she pleasures men every night to pay for me to live, and yes, guys poke fun at me and constantly expect me to give them an f-ing lap dance. Oh, I'll give them something to get all "pricked" up about all right! We'll see how you walk after that, pervs! The saddest part in all of this is my mom… has absolutely no clue who my old man is, and another is that she isn't too confident in my future. My mom's idea of my future is: Find some rich old guy, get her out of the slums, then live my life as a fucking con artist while she finally lives the high life she says I owe her. There you go, my life in print, nice and pretty!

It's not like I blame ole' mom, but seriously, I don't want to be the next Anna Nicole Smith. Not that I don't believe it was "true" love or anything…

All I ask is for something good to come my way, like Mandy Moore, how more fucking lucky can you get than to fall for a hottie you later find out to be a prince! Oh well, call my tale a Cinderella story with out the prince or evil step family. Which I am thankful for!

I live from day to day with the simple fact that I'll have to live up to mom's expectations. I know this because the characters in all those wonderful books and stories usually find "Mr. Perfect" or "Mr. Vampire-Perfect guy" by the time they're 16. Damn, I'd go for a vampire if he'd sweep me away from this hell hole! Yes it is hell on earth and no, it's not just because I live here. They should put up a sign with a huge warning label "Welcome to (Location), Warning: This is hell, turn back now, or suffer. Mwhahahaha! signed The Devil" I can happily chuckle at the image of a red faced mayor with devil horns and an old silent movie bad guy mustache-beard combo. Ha.

Not to bore you with the details of my immense hatred for this "lovely" city. Here's the introduction you've probably been expecting, "Hello, my name is Anna Lisle "Anna Li" Charlotte Maria Charleston. I go to the "wonderful" school of (location's high school). It sucks the end." Ha. Ha Ha Ha.

If you thought I'd actually be that pleasant you must be on some screwed up period. There is nothing about my life that even reads "Be my friend, I'm cuddly!" and if it does "…and lethal" will always come after it.

Even though my life seems to be a complete hell hole there's always something good that comes out of it. For one, I have no curfew, my mom really doesn't care, and how just at midnight, the very hour after Friday, January 9th my whole world did a 360. That's when I met him, Troy.

A good 17 hours earlier I had gotten up like any "ordinary" day, slept in because I can't afford a working alarm clock. Spent nearly an hour making myself look decent, I ran a hand over my extremely almost gaunt form. I hadn't eaten decently in days, it showed. My ribs protruded almost painfully and I posed like a model, sucking in my cheeks and blowing kisses to myself in the mirror for a good laugh.

I rushed, picking out a nice black shirt, black jeans, and a nice black hoodie that my grandmother had bought me just a year before. It made me look even frailer than I was. I slipped into an old pair of Mary Jane's, and bolted for the kitchen area. My mom hadn't been there, as usual. More than likely she was off getting some extra cash or bothering poor old Mike to death about raising her actual "pay" considering she had more than most of the other stripers to take care of, me. A growing girl who needs to go through college, you know spilling all that bull. She always used me as an excuse. I shoved a small bagel into my mouth, untoasted, and pushed the impossibly heavy, torn, black backpack on one shoulder and rushed out the door. (Location's high school) was within walking distance, even if it wasn't I'd have to walk there anyway. It was maybe two or three blocks away from "The Sleeper Inn" where I subsist.

I passed a CVS then half a strip mall before I hit the intersection; I waited impatiently for the light to change and then bolted across. I made it. Two hours after the bell. Mr. Allbor the principal was waiting outside, his hands crossed over his chest, which wasn't visible through folds of fat. His disappointed stare was not the first thing I noticed, it never was, after all how could anyone notice anything when you're blinded by his shiny balding head. He tried so hard to move what little hair he had over, it maybe made it 1/3 of the way then it looked pretty futile.

"Miss Charleston, do you know what time it is?" he said, in his usual I am an adult, fear me voice.

I checked my watch that I somehow remembered to wear today, "9:34 am, sir." I said answering his rhetorical question.

He rolled his eyes, which was what adults usually got so pissy about. "Detention. Monday. Class. Now. Go." He pointed to the double doors as I walked past, mocking him from behind, it's not like I didn't try. I slid in to Geometry, ignoring the instant stares as the teacher was interrupted by my entry. Mr. Masey stood there tapping his foot like a house wife wondering where her husband was all night.

"Late again Anna Li?" he said and snorted when I sat down and pulled out my note book. My best friend, Lilly Thompson, the only person in the world that actually cared if I lived, sat beside me. She had already made copies of the notes in a spiral notebook labeled "Notes for Anna". I smiled at the name; she had colored it in a dark red, almost blood colored and decorated it with hanging chains and spider webs. You had to love the girl.

I whispered my thanks to her and she smiled back, her blue eyes looking directly at me through soft, perfect, blond curls. She winked and turned back to Mr. Masey, listening intently and then raising her hand like some over confident gymnast after she had just stuck the landing. She gave him the perfect answer, with the perfect smile. She was just perfect, so what the hell was she doing with me? She was strange, instead of going off with the preppy cheerleaders and dating the star quarterback she spent her after school days teaching me all that I'd missed, voluntarily sitting in detention for an hour. What a pal. Math was a bore, I took the left over notes to humor Lilly and then the bell rang for biology. After that, I fell asleep in French. All I learned was Bonjour anyway; I could live with just hello. I wasn't much of a talker.

Finally, graphic design, something I could relate to, I loved working with computers and morphing president's faces. I had managed to snap a pic of mom sleeping with Lilly's old camera that she had given me. She said she'd rather me have it considering I liked taking pictures and I had a class to take

that involved working with pictures. I had morphed my mom with a gargoyle and dyed her dirty blond hair blue. I loved it. Mom, not so much.

At lunch, I sat as usual between Lilly and Sam. Sam was the only guy at school just gay enough (he is bi) not to pull the whole "Come on sexy, I'll pay ya" bull after I walk by. He was descent, and just straight enough to not naturally be too feminine. In truth, you couldn't even tell at all. At least not until he decides to do a Martha Stewart impression, he does it a bit too well. I sat there while Lilly handed me a sack lunch she'd brought me. Lunch was my only good meal where I actually got to eat. The best part is that it's good food!

"Anna, you're looking really thin. She hasn't been feeding you?" Lilly looked over at me, again with those perfect blue eyes.

I shrugged, "Has she ever?" This just made Lilly furrow her brow in worry. God, I hated that it ruined her perfect face.

"Whoa, Ann seriously, eat something!" Sam sat there pulling out an apple and frantically shoving it in my mouth. I glared over at him and pulled the apple out, taking a chunk with a satisfying crack.

"I think I know how to eat Sam, thanks." My mouth was full but I had to say something before he shoved whatever else in there.

He smiled apologetically and Lilly rolled her wrist, gesturing me to hurry up and eat. I finished the well packed lunch, thanking Lilly and running off to Business Tech. I didn't actually hate this class as much as everyone else, they were all moping around typing slowly just trying to get class over with, not wanting to move on. There were only two classes I excelled in on my own; my own being without Lilly's very valuable lessons everyday, Graphic Design and Business Tech. both dealt with computers.

I believe my dad must have been some kind of computer whiz; mom can barely work the mouse. Either way I can hack just about any system, anywhere. My mom keeps pushing me to get some bank account numbers but I tell her I'm not that good, in truth I could hack the government's secret files and never get caught. I was to a good person, somewhere underneath the hard, anorexic, care-free exterior that is me.

I zipped past Business Tech. and after English; I was in the main detention room, I sat there for a minute and waited for Lilly, I tapped my fingers on the table and then I heard the door knob turn. Usually I was the only one in detention; my school was free of misfits, usually. With the exception of me, so I figured it was Mr. Allbor, at first. To my surprise it wasn't the overweight, balding principal, it was a kid I'd never seen before. He was tall, more than likely taller than most of the teachers. He was well muscled with short, almost spiky brown hair that kind of floated around his head. I watched him carefully, his eyes looked over at my suspicious gaze, and his eyes were a vibrant moss green that reflected everything in the room. He sat right across from me, staring.

"So what are you in for?" I grunted like an inmate who'd been in here for years, in truth I had.

He continued to stare before the question registered and he sat up, "I sprayed graffiti all over the back wall." He began to smile.

I grinned too, "What did you put?"

He leaned forward, "Allbutt has a gut." I laughed hysterically at the childish phrase.

"I bet he loved it!"

"Oh yeah, he loved it so much I got three weeks worth of detention."


"So what are you in for?"

"I was two hours late, not real glamorous."

"If I didn't have my mom breathing down my neck, I'd come late too. Or not at all."

We both laughed, "Oh, I'm Anna. Anna Charleston."

He nodded, in the typical, what-up of teens, "Chris Height"

"Cool." I noticed he had one ear pierced all the way up and his pants where lined with chains, his shirt read Korn and I could just barely make out a tribal necklace. I didn't think I'd ever seen him before, though I didn't really look. Lilly might know him, she knew everyone. Speak of the devil or in this case the angel as she enlightened the room with a perfect smile. She came over and opened up her bag at the desk beside me.

"Sorry I was late; Mrs. Carnagy had me organizing her classroom again." She smiled apologetically and then turned to Chris, "Oh hello, who are you?" she was friendly, I was just shocked. Never has anything, man nor creature even touched campus without Lilly Thompson knowing it's name, birthday, and each class they/it is in.

"Chris Height." He repeated and looked at Lilly with a kind of smile, not as bright as before. Then his eyes shifted to me and his brow lifted in a questioning and disappointed manner.

"Oh. Well you must be new, I'm Lilly Thompson, and you've obviously already met Anna Li."

"Anna" I corrected her.

"Oh, sorry, Anna." She hesitated, "So, Chris where are you from?"

Chris peeled his gaze from me and looked up at Lilly robotically, "Canada. Quebec." He said plainly and Anna attempted to look interested, it was as if he was trying to bore her.

"Ah, well welcome to both America and (Location), Chris."

He smiled and looked down at his cell phone texting away to someone. "Thanks." He said and then Lilly turned back to me.

"Shall we start our lesson then Anna?" she smiled and then pulled out all the math I'd missed, yay. Every so often I'd look up to see Chris staring at me and then he'd give me a friendly smile in return. Lilly didn't look back but when she caught me, her voice would go just a little higher, or she'd clear her throat until I paid attention.

After I'd gotten it down she packed up and asked if I wanted a ride, I shook my head I figured at least I could walk myself home, she didn't have to do everything. I practically lived off of Lilly. She was rich; her father was the cities' best surgeon. Lilly drove some model of fancy foreign sports car and she loved to buy me things, even if I insisted I could live with out it. She was truly the best thing that ever happened to me. Her parents adored me and were always asking if I wanted to stay over or if I needed anything. I would love to live with Lilly, damn, I die to live with Lilly, and she had everything she ever needed and more. I barely made it by.

I picked up my tattered bag and slung it over one shoulder and exited, heading towards the intersection. Someone grabbed my shoulder before I crossed, it was Chris. "Hey! Anna, I live up this way want to walk together?" I shrugged in an "Ok, why not?" manner and we walked across. He stopped at the strip mall, I didn't wait up, to accustomed to walking past all the fancy stores that I would probably never be able to afford. I looked back before I crashed into something strong in sturdy. I really had gotten frail, just barely hitting whatever it was had knocked me on my ass. I looked up to see a man standing there, holding out his hand. It took a minute to register.

"I'm sorry." I croaked as I reached for his hand and I practically thrown past and then before him when he pulled me up. I tried to walk past but he moved over. "Excuse me." I said trying to push past. He kept moving in front and I looked up at him in confusion. It's not like I didn't love the whole "None shall

pass." Monty Python gig but I wanted to get home and sleep, damn it! Today sucked and I need a weekend of recuperation. Apparently the Black Knight here wouldn't see to it.

I was beginning to become very frustrated and then I looked over at Chris for assistance only to find him gone. I looked around. Did he go back to school? Maybe to get help? I tried to go the other way towards school but then I was stopped by another tall man. I looked over my shoulder to see the other standing there idly. There was only one way out now and that was either, attempting to climb the gate to the strip mall or against traffic to cross the street to the other sidewalk. The two men where closing in, so I had to make a quick decision. I chose traffic.

I first looked at the oncoming cars and then when I saw a break between a red pick-up and an SUV I took it, bolting across as fast as I could. I made it to the other side, out of breath, bent over looking over at the two large men. They were gone. I shivered, wondering what they wanted. Then someone grabbed me. I spun on my heels, my heart beating out of my chest and then let out a deep breath Chris looked at me with a furrowed brow. "You ok?"

"Not really." I panted, "Two guys tried to jump me back there." I pointed to the place across the street. The word jump made him twitch uncomfortably. Something caught my eye; I looked around Chris to see one of the unknown men stare at me, coming closer. I grabbed Chris's hand and pulled him forward, "Come on they're back let's go." I couldn't pull him. It was starting to get late. I had lingered to long it was already near 8pm. I was jerked back with hard force and Chris's hands wrapped around me, I was immobilized. I tried to jerk free but wasn't strong enough. "Chris… let go!" I commanded but he held firm.

He put his head on my shoulder and in his charming husky voice whispered in my ear. "Shhh," he hissed, "soon it will all be over. Then," his tongue flickered against my throat and I shivered, then his lips brushed the sensitive skin, "you can have your happily ever after." I felt something hard on my neck, sharp and pointed, and then the blood left my face. You remember what I said about that I'd be fine with even a vampire if they'd take me out of the hell hole? Well, I think I will have better judgment when confronted with the situation. In this case I was frantic, my heart beat wildly like the increasing sound of warrior drums and then I swear it stopped, for in that same instant there was a quick blur and then I was weightless, in someone's arms.

I felt and heard the soft thud of a landing and blinked hard trying to let everything register. What the hell had just happened? I was being cradled by someone's strong arms and it wasn't Chris. This man was different, he looked more like an adult, his face was well defined and he was gorgeous. He had thicker muscles and his hold wasn't harsh and sadistic, like Chris's had been. There was a low deep rumbling and then everything went flying and I just looked up aimlessly at another mysterious man, and oddly enough, or maybe I was just that out of it, either way, I wasn't afraid.

Eventually, I had lost track of time and drifted into a temporary sleep, we stopped and he looked down at me, his eyes were a soft amber color and he seemed to take extra precautions in lowering me. I looked around groggily and then I blinked wildly. There I was in the middle of a huge forest, trees at every side. Where had the paved streets and stoplights gone? I was disoriented and checked my watch, it was midnight.

"Are you ok? No injuries right?" the man asked me and I looked down at my self and shook my head. He smiled and then grabbed my hand, "Come on, let's get you to Troy." He sounded like an adult to a small child, cooing and slowly guiding them somewhere safer. Soon he picked me up and everything blurred all over again and I had to look only at his charming face to keep from getting sick. After a few more minutes we stopped again and this time it was at a house. He reached into his jean pocket for less than a second and unlocked the door, turned the knob and walked inside.

We reached a tall winding staircase and he was up it in half a second and as we turned the corner down some unknown corridor, I was out like a light.

I awoke, maybe it was next day, and it was all so dream-like. I realized I was on a bed; it was soft and fluffy, definitely expensive. Was I at Lilly's? I felt to my side a little ways and I froze, there was someone with me. I looked over and blinked in the darkness, my eyes not properly adjusted. I felt again, the arm was well muscled, it wasn't Lilly. It felt like 13 going on 30, maybe I was zapped into the future, or maybe my whole life was a dream. That would be nice, my whole life was twisted screwed up nightmare and then I was married to some hottie, Cinderella type of guy. I felt down my form and grimaced, I was still gaunt, my ribs protruding through the skin, and I was sore too, easing up, to sit in bed. I realized when I did that whoever's other arm was cradling my head. I looked over at who I hoped was a guy and not some really burly woman.

I crawled closer, curious. Whoever it was, was indeed distinctly male, there was a nice musk about him and I didn't need to properly see to tell that he was well toned and my first thought was he was that really handsome charming guy that I guess saved me from Chris before. I smiled at the thought, not bad but then I shivered. What the hell! Did I… then he shifted and I looked down where I guessed his face was. Then something flickered and his eyes opened, and within a second he was but two inches from my face. His eyes weren't the same as the other guys, they were a soft silver color and somehow he saw in the darkness, I guessed it was because his eyes were so light they glowed.

He slid up against the headboard and then whispered in the darkness, his voice was husky and charming. Damn I felt like a slut. "You ok?" what is this the third fucking time someone has asked me that? Maybe the fourth. I nodded softly in the darkness and I heard a sigh of relief. I pulled away and tried to crawl

for the end of the bed. He grabbed me and pulled me back by the color of some sleepwear I'd been shoved into, which was pretty much just an old t-shirt. I bet the sick, hot, bastard had fun with that.

When he pulled me back I tried the other direction, again he pulled me back, "Look, I don't know what you offered to pay, or maybe I got a hold of some large amount of alcohol, either way this was some kind of mistake. Sorry I got to get home; my mom is probably worried sick and all that." Well at least mom was useful for something. Excuses. He just chuckled, my god I hate that. I hate it when a guy can carelessly chuckle when a girl is panic. I hate that guys don't have periods and don't have to give birth and somehow women in the end are still treated like dogs even though they go through a hell of a lot more pain. I'll be glad when women get some power then we use it to make fake sperm then we can wipe out the whole male population. Ok, that's a little harsh, I'm not sexiest or anything. I'm just really freaked and irritated and should be in bed at "The Sleeper", on the couch, ignoring everything except the T.V. which would be playing softly, drowning out the sounds of moving cars.

That wasn't the case. "You and I both know she won't care." I froze at his words and stopped my attempt at escape long enough to stare blankly into is cold silver eyes. How did he know?

"How do you know?! She loves me just like every other mother!" I tried again, frustratingly I was held back again.

"Maybe in the fantasy world you want to live in she does." I winced; of course I wanted the perfect loving, caring fantasy mother. He probably just over heard me once, when he was inevitably stalking me. He reacted quickly to the wince and wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me against him and rubbing my chestnut colored hair slowly. I was too shocked by the sudden action to remember what Sam had taught me. Was it, Kick him in the balls, and then gouge his eyes as hard as I can, or was it elbow him in the gut, kick him, then gouge his eyes? His head was on my shoulder and something shook me, my mind went blank and was completely relaxed my head fell back against his chest and I felt a bit sleepy. He put his nose in the crook of my neck and I fell limply in arm. God, that felt good.

Then something occurred to me. This was fucking creepy. I looked at my hand and then shifted it slightly. I tensed then plastered it right on his face as best I could. He leaned back in pain and I crawled away slowly. Shivering at the power behind the blow. I don't know how I had managed that, but it felt great to sock something!

"What the hell was that for?" he was annoyed, oh hell. I stumbled in the dark and I heard a footstep behind me, I tripped over something hard on the floor and then I was caught just before I fell. I squirmed.

"Let go." I tried to worm my way out of his grasp but he held firm and he seemed to growl in frustration.

"Stop squirming!" he snapped and I looked up at him defiantly. What the hell? I'm being held captive by some crazy pedophile and I'm supposed to not squirm?

"LET ME GO!" I struggled as hard as my lithe body would allow. I was about to scream but suddenly he clapped his mouth to my face. Then I bit him. He grunted in pain and let go as I bolted, aimlessly in the

darkness for the door. I again stumbled but reclaimed my balance before I fell again. I jerked open the door and then ran again into someone. God I needed to look where I was going. Who ever it was caught me before I had time to bust my butt.

"What's going on Troy? You two are so noisy I swear…" the voice was kiddish, not as husky and charming as the other captor, or the strangely beautiful amber eyed man who carried me the night before.

"It's none of your business Leon!" the man I now knew as Troy snapped back at the younger stranger.

I suddenly felt kind of relieved I'd ran into this Leon, maybe he was the weak point in there defenses. He looked down at me and smiled, bending at his knees at me, of course like everyone I've met in the past 24 hours he was tall, probably 6' 5" but he looked exceptionally young. I was maybe 4'6" tops, I was always so depressed about being short I really didn't keep up with my height anymore. "How are you today Anna?" I heard a grunt from Troy, but Leon just continued to smile at me sweetly.

I didn't know how to answer, "I've had better mornings." I managed, still in shock that I'd run into someone during my dramatic escape, mainly the shock was that he was asking me how my day was when I was obviously panicking. He chuckled at my response.

"Are you hungry? I'm starved." Another grunt from Troy. Then he was behind me and I came to a scandalous revelation, he was wearing nothing but black boxers. I kind of wondered what would happen if I fainted right now. Maybe I would go back to the hell I had been living my whole life in. I thought about. I didn't know which was better, and I was in such a delusional state I didn't know where I'd go if I managed to escape. I followed this Leon guy through the corridor I sort of remembered from last night, very vaguely. Troy followed behind me having somehow managed to put on pants in the two seconds it took for me walk out the door.

I was ok, the T-shirt touched my knees and I didn't have to think about it to know it was his. I didn't even want to look at him; I don't know what he wanted from. I couldn't be that appealing, I was anorexic, well sort of I was borderline at least. I wasn't the most diligent student, I was dirt poor. Oh damn, I bet mom sold me into being a sex slave or something, that's just like her too.

After we walked down a long flight of steps we stopped in the foyer for a moment and I clung close to Leon who was definitely my scapegoat. We went through a formal dining room before we made it to the kitchen. I was already mapping the house plan in my head like a puzzle, filling in every available exit, so far there were four, two French doors leading to covered patios, a front door, and then a garage door. When we made it to the exceptionally large kitchen there fully clothed, was the strange amber eyed guy that had charmed last night. I took in a breath, he really was hot, even more so with the lights on. Troy behind me grunted, obviously noticing my interest and I shot him a glare from over my shoulder, which he caught and smirked. I don't care what my mom told him, he doesn't own me. The guy with amber eyes turned and smiled Leon smiled back, "Hey Vince!" he raised his hand in a dismissive hello to Leon and then looked down at me.

"Did you sleep well?" his amber eyes sparkled, a hint of playful banter behind them, it was if he were about to bust out in laughter. I bit back a snappy comment about how "pleasant" my sleep had been. I just nodded once and he quirked a brow up at Troy. "You were nice weren't you Troy?" Troy glared at him, burning holes in his head, and then possessively put a hand on my shoulder, which I shrugged off. Leon decided, thankfully, to break the silence.

"So, Anna what do you want to eat? Anything in particular?" he pulled open the double door refrigerator and pulled out some eggs and bacon. God, I wanted Lilly, I missed her. Especially being that I seemed to be in a home from hell with my "master" and his roommates. But I'd be damned if I was going to bow down and wear a leash. I shivered at the thought. I shook my head at Leon's question.

Vince chuckled. "Does she speak? Or did Troy scare her that bad?" I heard a deep rumbling from behind me and Vince held up both hands in front of them in a "Just kidding" manner.

Leon looked over at Vince as he popped some bacon on a skillet, "She talked to me this morning, so she can't be too shocked." The bacon sizzled and as if on queue a shapely red head twirled into the door. She smiled politely at everyone in the room and glided over to Leon taking the skillet out of his hands.

"Good Morning everyone! I hope you all slept well!" her voice was beautiful and I gaped at her beautiful hair. It was thick, and wavy the kind of hair I'd kill to have. Her striking hazel eyes caught my own, though I was never really sure which one was hazel, whether it was brown and green or blue and green but her eyes seemed to have more green than brown and I'd always been told that both mixes were hazel so I didn't think about it for to long. "You must be Anna! It's so good to meet you! I'm Rosemay, you can call me Rose, or May either is fine." She was so perky; Lilly couldn't compete not even on her best day. She was so motherly, not that I knew what that felt like, but I could guess this was motherly.

She flipped the bacon on a plate that Leon had set beside the stove. Vince reached to pick up a piece and I almost busted a gut. She slapped his hand away with the wooden spoon she was using to stir the bacon and he retracted his hand in surprise. "Anna eats first, she's our guest, and you should be more considerate Vincent." Vince winced as he was scolded like he wasn't two times her size.

"Yes dear." He said and my laugh was caught before it managed. Dear? They were married?!

The still silent Troy grunted, damn that was bothering me, and Leon chuckled playfully poking his elbow at Vince. "You leash licking lap hound." He said and Vince "scooped" his head in the playful banter of brothers or close friends, by this time I didn't know which.

Troy was the only one who didn't crack a smile, and it made him ominous. I didn't want to be close to him and I shook, edging closer to the lighter crowd in the room. How many people lived here? Another thing, why was I not taking this chance to bolt for the door? Just as I thought this I saw a pair of glaring brownish-red eyes in the shadows of the formal dining room. They were aimed directly at me and I backed towards Rosemay who had already started on the eggs. Then from the shadows, I was kind of imagining big foot or The Joker, steps a snarling black haired beauty. Everything about her was gorgeous

and she'd put good ole' Lilly to shame. The only problem with her was that her face was twisted in a snobby fashion like she'd smelled something rotten and her shrill voice made my skin crawl.

"What's for breakfast Rosemay? I'm starved." I shivered again.

"Good morning Misty! Eggs and Bacon!" Rosemay had the most beautiful voice I'd ever heard, I already loved her. Misty walked past and glared at me and Troy twitched as he looked at her. She looked up at him and when their eyes locked there was this horrible aura about them. Leon pulled me away and put both hands on my shoulders.

"Misty, this is Anna. Anna this is Misty." Misty turned and stared down at me with a smug smile.

"Oh good, another woman, how many has it been Troy?" she turned to Troy who tensed and balled his right hand into a fist. Rosemay jerked around and frowned, quirking a brow.

"Misty! Don't be boorish, she's a guest!" Misty snorted, not to say that all the Misty's of the world are evil, but this one was a total bitch. I wanted to slap that smug look off her face. Leon of course tried to lighten the situation, I liked him too. It was sad how I just met them all and I was already picking favorites. Leon squeezed my shoulders.

"Let's eat!" the once silent Vince said aloud, breaking the crowds glaring silence. Rosemay brightened and handed me the first plate.

The food looked so perfect, the eggs were sunny side up, just the way I liked them, and it was as if she knew. I looked up at her with surprise, she shrugged. "Lucky guess?" she smiled and showed me where to sit at the table. I sat down and looked at the food like I didn't know how to eat. Troy came in through the doorway and sat beside me propping his elbows on the nicely polished table.

He looked over at me expectantly looking at the food, "You can eat you know, it's not like we poisoned you." I swallowed in surprise at the new revelation. He looked annoyed, "Would we really tell you if we had? Why would we anyway?" Yes, why? Why did you bring me here? Why am I eating next to you? Why is everyone so nice, well excluding one? Lastly, why was I here, and in bed with this Troy guy? I picked up my fork and poked at the egg yoke until it bled on to the well cooked white. I turned my fork to the side, cut an edible chunk and took a bite. It was the most delicious thing I'd ever tasted.

…- End Chapter One -…