-Knight Love Chapter 16: Forever Love-…

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Part 1

I stopped at the door to our hotel room and turned the lock slowly and quietly and the very second it was opened I was jerked inside by the collar of shirt, in almost the same instant the door was slammed and I was forced against it. "T.V.?" I looked up as T.V. stood holding both of wrists now, pinning me there. He shifted towards my neck and nuzzled softly against the tender skin. Then he growled deeply.

"Why do you smell like him!" he spat.


"Skyper! Who else?!"

I looked back at him as his eyes shifted in his anger and were bright green in his display of emotion. "I went to talk to Nata and he came and picked her up."

"Then why do you smell like him!"

"Nata hugged me, maybe the scent rubbed off!" I didn't want a war waged between Skyper and T.V. As much as I now hated the bastard, I wasn't about to see T.V. hurt because of some stupid little threat. T.V.'s bright eyes faded slightly and more gradually until they took on a kind of deep forest green and as his grip released I leaned in to peer into those softened eyes as if I were in a trance, as if I could see the world with in them. "You know I'd never leave you." I lifted up on my toes, which still wasn't enough of course but he complied and met me halfway in a deep passionate kiss, wrapping his strong arms around my waist.

He kissed along my jaw as he asked more casually, "What did you talk about?"

"I was wondering if… after last night.. if I was…" his eyes flashed and he pulled away.

"Anna I…"

"I'm not." I said quickly, and the silence between us became steadily more awkward. "Nata said I had to be claimed first before I can become pregnant."

"Claimed?" he lifted a brow curiously as if he'd been told he was a boy after pretending to be a girl too long. I looked back at him and nodded, he sat down on the bed. "I've only heard of linking, but perhaps claiming…" then for the first time T.V. bit his lip, pressed a hand across his mouth and cheeks and hid away his slightly reddening cheeks in embarrassment. "I always figured claiming was the sex portion of it and didn't even think about it." He looked over at me and held out his arms, "Come here." He said slyly, enough to coax me to him. He pulled me in and shifted only slightly, catching me off guard. He had me pinned again beneath him to the bed. He kissed my neck slowly. "Do you want it?" he breathed seductively against my ear.

Every part of me shivered as his words sunk in and I wasn't sure of myself. Did I? Really? All I knew is that I loved him but the desperate thought of my mother and father began to tear through the silken layer of lust and love he'd draped over my eyes and mind with his soft seductive words. I looked deep into his eyes as they gradually shifted from green to brown as if the earth was mixing with the deep green of leaves and trees. His presence against me proved to be a reminder and beneath the awkward silence that now consumed a dark room I could feel something painful as if the deep wounds of everything had finally settled and were being rubbed too hard.

I took in a soft breath and tried to collect ever bit of my power, to make a decision. But I didn't know, I didn't want to see it happen, not that way. Not yet. "Anna! Don't cry baby. Hey, it's alright!" he sat me up as I came to a form of realization, touching my cheek with my hand and looking to examine the wetness that covered it.

"I…" the words were to gone within my lungs and I couldn't form words as they were delivered in muffled sobs and he made shushing noises and held me tight, steadily rocking.

"It's ok love, we don't have to. Shhh, it's ok. Calm down." I couldn't identify with his comforting words they were a distant friend among a sea of abusive relatives, standing there as I was slowly beaten and my wounds were ripped open and left to bleed. I kept thinking and the more I thought the less I knew what I was really so scared of, what I was really feeling. I held on to T.V. and cried, there was no real reason. I just needed something to release. Years of stifled emotions, painful consequences and all those memories I thought I'd forgotten slowly crept back.

It began in kindergarten, each memory flashing towards me like a strobe light, my mother always forgot me, forgot every birthday, every school play, every minute I was fending for myself. I saw my grandmother, how I'd had to watch her die because my mother had no decency to shield me. How she always had lied and told me my father had left, how I'd spent so long begging him to come back, spent so long hating him for leaving me with her. Leaving me at all. When my mother would leave me on the streets in shopping areas, or outside of strip clubs because she couldn't take me in. How many times strangers on the streets, drunkards, and pedophiles, and just honest civilians had all tried to make sense of why a girl was so alone.

Lilly had been all I'd ever had, Lilly, she was like an angel. She had found me on the streets, she'd taken me to her house and given me everything I'd ever needed and more. And then T.V. I froze and stiffened at the thought, T.V., gave me love. He was like a knight in the dark, coming to save me, from what had become of me. I cuddled up against him, and we stayed like that, unmoving, just in eachother's arms. Until I cried myself to sleep.

I woke up, my arms still tightly wrapped around T.V. who was carefully running his thumb on my cheek to sooth the swelling there. My whole face stung and I looked at him carefully as I sat up, "Sorry…"

"For what love?"

"For crying and being so weak."

His face grew serious and he took my chin in his hand, "Crying isn't weakness, you've never been weak, you are the most wonderful, most beautiful being in the world and you can cry and make it rain."

"Make it rain?"

He gestured out the window and it was pouring, "You make it rain when you cry, because the world is sad."

"T.V. I love you, but you're bad at that."

He grinned sheepishly and took my face in his hands, "You turn my world around, you make me do things I never thought I'd do, you make me stronger, and when you cry and I can hold you, when I can do that much I am the strongest man in the world." He kissed me softly and then rose steadily out of bed, I forced my stiff limbs to release his body and he took my hand in his and lifted me up with ease on to my feet. He kissed me again subtly, and then smiled, "There's someone I want you to meet."

We'd left the hotel and the rain had slowly cleared but the ground was still sleek and puddles consumed the pot holes and indentions and ditches along the roads. We passed by pubs and buildings and then out through country roads, green and thick and lush, open pastures and dense forests. Into a world I'd never though existed, when we got out we'd stopped in front of a stone building, older and smaller than anything in the city. Its old curtains and shudders slung lifelessly from the windows, the lamps looked too old to burn. I looked back at T.V. who opened the door for me and as I stepped in I could hear the soft sound of my shoes hitting hard wood and the steady creak of an old house. It smelled of an old world, like an ancient forest that still lived on.

There was an old leather couch and matching chair, a deep faded rug, and a stone fireplace the flame steadily flickered as in welcome to us and I looked about the old house and then back at T.V. who took a brief look about and closed the door. "Quinn!" he shouted as the house echoed it back and throughout the rest of its interior. "Quinn it's T.V.!"

"T.V.?" I heard an older male voice come from upstairs, and then the house seemed to groan in protest as heavy footsteps sounded through its corridors. Through the doorway came an older man, not much older though, perhaps in his late 30's or early 40's. He was tall and strong looking, taking on the features of a lumberjack. "Well, damn lad, it's been ages! Come over here!" the thick Irish accent took me back for a moment, he was bigger boned than T.V. not taller, but bigger, his muscles protruded from his thick arms and he wasn't a bad looking man either. He might could have trimmed or shaved the stumble that darkened his features.

T.V. walked over casually and hugged him heartily. "It has been awhile."

"And who might this young lass be," he smirked and winked at me, "I see you finally got yourself a little girlie." He looked at me for a few more moments and his eyebrow twitched, "Say lass, have I seen you before?"

"Quinn," T.V. got his attention easily, "this is Anna." He said with a gesture in my direction, "Quinn, this is Nolan's daughter, Anna." The older mans smiled twitched like his brow and then slowly faded into a stern line.

"Anna…" he said the name as though he was testing how it tasted on his tongue. "Anna my girl, come here." He said and motioned for me, I looked over at T.V. who gave me a kind of half smile and nodded, I came closer and Quinn almost held a pained look on his face, "Do you know who I am Anna?" he asked as if tears would come to his eyes.

"I'm sorry, I don't." I said shaking my head in assurance of my words.

He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tight, "I'm your uncle lass, but you were too young then. To remember me, I've been waiting for you to come to see me for years now. I'm finally at peace." I looked at T.V. in shock, Quinn was my uncle? My uncle? I never knew I had anyone besides my mother. I wanted to cry again but I managed to hold back, even if it was sudden and unexpected, I had a family, a real family. When he released me he smiled and held me at a distance for a moment, "Aye lass you've grown so beautiful I would have never recognized you otherwise. How did you get that ole' mother of yours to let you come to see me?" I looked over at T.V. and he followed my gaze and turned. "Lad?"

T.V. smiled back at my uncle in reassurance, "Anna and I are linked." Quinn's brows went up and he looked from me to T.V. quickly.

He let out a hearty laugh I expected from a pirate or Viking, maybe even the lumberjack he looked to be, "So, I see, well that's a relief, I was worried for so long she'd never even get to see this side of her family, she'll get to live in it! Very good lad!" he smacked T.V. on the back and to my complete surprise it made T.V. shift forward and have to reclaim his steps. "Well then let's catch up!"

We all sat on the couch and T.V. and I told him "all" that had happened, we of course for T.V.'s sake left out the extravagant nights and the cruise, and the fear of pregnancy. I could feel everyone of T.V.'s emotions more clearly now, he seemed at peace, happy even, a happy I couldn't give him, a happy I didn't understand. In turn he felt my happiness, one that was far stronger than even his, the open wounded void left to brace the world alone was slowly healing, being wrapped tenderly. I looked back at T.V. and smiled and he gave a curious look and smiled back.

"What are the two of you up to now?" Quinn said looking at the both of us.

"Nothing." T.V. said casually and winked at me. "Well I figured I'd leave you two to catch up, I have some stuff to take care of." I looked at him curiously and he leaned down and kissed me softly, I looked back at Quinn and blushed a little as he grinned at the two of us.

"Be careful, ok." I said grabbing the edge of his shirt.

"I'll be ok Anna, I promise." He said softly and I let go as he walked through the door and I heard the car start and hit the gravel road onto the paved one.

"So, lass, would you like to meet your dad?"

I gave him a questioning look. "My dad? Isn't he…"

"Aye lass, but only in mind not spirit." He smiled and opened the door for me, "Coming?" he said with a slight gesture to the door. I went through and he lead me down a steep dirt road that lead to a winding wooded trail. The trees seemed old and peaceful, their branches curving a kind of tunnel about the path to protect the travelers from the harsh sun in summer. I looked ahead of us and I could see an opening of green and as we approached the open clearing there within the tall grasses and beautiful white flowers was a gate. We crossed the clearing slowly, admiring the most beautiful place I'd ever seen.

He unlocked the gate and let me in. I swept by the graves, examining them closely, the dates extended far beyond any graveyard I'd ever seen, but remained just readable and well kempt. When I reached the end of them dead center, a break from the rows and rows of distant beings was a tall statue of a wolf, standing and staring back, the carving was gorgeous, the intricate details and elaboration made it almost seem real. I gazed down to see the name I'd never have recognized less than a year ago:

Nolan Charleston

1853 – 1993

A legend.

I stood there nervously, and Quinn stood behind me, "He's been waiting 16 years to see you." He said with a smile and walked over towards the grave. I fell to my knees and graced my fingers against his name.

"He was 140?"

"Aye, we live for a long time lass, we don't age like you either, it's the wolf in us, as long as we keep changing we'll stay young. We do get older eventually and we too do die, but we live long lives. We see more than we need to."

"Then, how old are you?"

He gave a hearty chuckle, "387, I haven't changed since Nolan died though, it ages you quite a lot." I held back the shock and realization, T.V. was going to outlive me, he was going to go on without me. I pushed the fear away from me and shook myself as I looked back at my father for the first time.

"Dad," I whispered to low, I hoped for Quinn to hear, "it's nice to finally meet you, to finally know that you didn't just leave." A tear fell down my cheek and a soft wind blew against my skin. "Thanks, dad."

"Hey Nolan." I looked over to see T.V. standing there, smiling down at the marble stone. I blinked at him as he addressed the stone and I looked around quickly but couldn't find Quinn anywhere. "There's something I want you to be here for."

I looked back at him curiously, "What T.V.?" I stood up and as I did so T.V. bowed his head for a moment looked over at me and took my hand, he collapsed to one knee, and faced me.

"Anna Lisle Charlotte Maria Charleston, will you marry me?" he said and my breath caught, I looked deep into his gentle brown eyes and I choked back the tears until my restraint was strained and they flooded down my cheeks. In that same moment I managed to nod, wavering only slightly as I tried to hold back from making my cries audible. He fanned out my fingers and held up the ring to the light, it was beautiful in shimmering diamonds and as he slid it carefully on my delicate finger it fit perfectly. I wrapped my arms about his neck and kissed him. We held each other there for what seemed like hours, and I could feel a wind against my back, that seemed to swirl about me. It seemed to leave shortly after, and a strange weight lifted off of me and brushed the trees as it made its exit.

Goodbye dad, thanks for always being here.

T.V. held my hand and I looked back at him as he pulled me along back through the doors of our hotel lobby and carried me up the stairwell far faster than if we'd taken the elevator. He had slid the card in and out of the lock and I feared it wouldn't catch but the light turned green even in the rapid movement and he pushed the door open and slammed it shut. He kissed me passionately as he was quick to remove my clothing, and then his own sparing no time between, he pushed me against the bed and pulled my leg up to his waist, kissing softly down my collar bone, brushing his lips against my skin down to the sensitive skin of my breasts.

I gasped and gripped his hair within my slender fingers and his mouth consumed the nipple and sent waves of pure pleasure through me. His hands wound their way down as my body became consumed with the heat of his touch. He spent no time teasing me, he didn't take the time to slowly shift his way down, instead he shifted on top of me, kissed me briefly and slid in. He caught my lips again before I could lean my head back and moan. As we made love again, there was something softer to it, something eager but less certain than before, and the ring that held on to my finger the whole time proved that it was final. We were one together and each moan, each sound was muffled by the slow caressing of our lips. Each thrust in desperation of everything, creating a white heat that flowed through my every nerve.

When we'd finally finished and both of us breathed hard and heavy I could still feel each nerve twitch, my body exceeding myself and craving more. T.V. had more self control than I did and he managed to pull away and lay on his side, as I instinctively curled against him, and he wrapped his arms around me, and as we slowly went to sleep, it felt like we'd been married already. I just wish I knew what tomorrow would bring for us, what would happen if we didn't make it until tom. I'd be happy, to still be with T.V., but what about the rest of the world?

We had awoken to a call from Nata that Troy and his council had delivered a ordinance of war upon the World Council, and as foolish as that was, me and T.V. knew something was up. It was unlike him to do something amazingly stupid, and we both held aside the lasting thought that's he'd survived.

We met at the building where the meeting had been held and there on the steps that led up to the beautiful building was the council from North America. They sneered at us, as Troy, in the center glared back at me and then looked me over several times and spat in T.V.'s direction. T.V. looked back, unphased by his childish insult. He pulled me close to him protectively and then smirked at Troy whose eyes narrowed. "Let's finish this." Troy said in a hiss and leapt off the remaining steps with a loud thud.

"Lets." T.V. pushed me back and moved back a few steps, then forward after he was assured I was at a safe distance. Troy was just as powerful as T.V. and it hadn't taken just his conquest of death to prove that. They circled each other like vultures and as they circled they shifted and I noticed now all of Troy's sealed wounds, they'd been burned closed. The once thick beautiful coat of black fur now hung in patches around his deep scars. He looked like something that crawled out from a horror film, some kind of twisted experiment gone wrong, something that crawled out from hell. His head was slightly turned and his eye was piercing with rage and blood lust.

"This is what you've done to my son, now you and your slut shall pay!" I looked on the other side of the circle to see Troy's mother wearing a beautifully twisted smile. Her smugness was bothering me and at the insult on my part T.V. growled at her, she kept all composure and that damned grin I wanted to beat off her face. I felt helpless amidst the confusion that now grabbed the attention of passersby.

"T.V.," I pleaded, "the people, they can see it!"

T.V. looked around sharply at the humans that approached what looked like a dog fight to them. He faked out a dog bark, snapped at Troy to increase his agitation and burst through the forming crowd into the city streets as Troy followed intently and they both became blurs that burst into the trees with nothing but the sound of snapping twigs and crunching leaves. The people simply looked about and dispersed, leaving not even a questioning glance behind.

The council stayed with a smugness and I saw an intent in their eyes too as I backed away slowly. Troy's mother chuckled, "I don't believe we've formally met. I am Callide," she smiled viciously and I tried to back away, "my son may end that dirty little mutt of yours, but he left the pleasure of your murder to me." She checked about her, and in turn my eyes darted to where the people had been, there was no one, and the area still only partially hidden in the streets was bare, not even the sound of a blaring horn. How could they all be gone?! How could they just walk away?! She closed in and along the way shifted, her wolf form smaller than T.V. and Troy, but still held the same sense of power. She spared no time and leapt at me, everything began to slow, I could hear my heart beating in my ears and feel it in my chest, as is slammed against my rib cage in distress. I couldn't dodge it, my small space in time to escape I'd wasted in shock.

My eyes slammed shut instinctively and I awaited a blow but there was none, I awaited the pain of her large teeth baring into the tender flesh of my neck, but there was no searing pain, only a hot wind, that swept against the back of my neck and an ear splitting rumble like that of thunder. My eyes peeled open and I saw her back away, her tail between her legs and I saw a shiver go through the council, and then the hot wind subsided and in it's place within my peripheral vision there was vivid white fur, and the large form of yet another wolf came within my view.

The white wolf's lips curled and revealed large teeth and clear blue eyes, that held the set of an arctic tundra within them. "What do you think you are doing!" there was a deep rumble and the voice was distorted like two voices voicing over each others, one was feminine, the other was deep and baritone but still held a similar tone to the first. It was less surprising that the wolf spoke than was her size, larger than any I'd ever seen.

"Syn, try not to spill their blood all over the steps." I looked over to see Nata coming towards us.

"Nata!" I said thanking the stars that's she'd come. She smiled and stood beside me.

"You've been warned once before." Syn growled deeply. I looked over at Nata in confusion and remembered who Syn had been, she'd defended T.V., Nolan, and I against Vera's harsh words, I hadn't expect so much from her.

"That's Syn?!" I whispered to Nata and Syn's ear twitched. Nata nodded.

"She is what our species calls dire wolves, or royalty to the wolf line. They are far stronger and more influential than any other of our species." I let that soak in, more I didn't know.

Now the council shifted back and Syn took steps forward to meet them, "You have betray your honor for the last time! Now by the power of the ancients I sentence you to your deaths."

Callide's eyes grew, as she took in the information and slowly backed against the doors of the large building. The council stood in shock as well, their bodies too stiff to move. T.V. burst back through from the park I'd been so sure was a forest, and skidded to a stop, his claws barely able to catch on the slickened flag stones. He growled at them too and looked over at Syn who bent down slightly and then within a second, a few barely audible quick cracking noises and she was human again, strangely enough fully clothed.

"An ancient form of magic." Syn said coyly answering my question before I'd asked. She turned back to the council once more. "You shall wear a veil of scarlet in the house of the ancient moon where you are condemned."

Something cracked beneath the surface of the road and something seemed to crawl beneath the pavement like in a Scifi movie. I was forced back and grabbed behind me, latching on to T.V. who seemed to curl around me possessively. He released a sound between a bark and a growl and Syn looked at him with a quirked brow before her hand stretched open slowly and the ground ripped apart. What was this? I sat there awe struck for several moments, placing my gaze where they'd been, just in front of the steps. There was nothing, the pavement had slowly sealed itself leaving a small crack that resembled wear and erosion.

"What was-"

"There are only four of us at a time, each of us control one of the four powerful elements." Syn looked back at me and smiled.

"Then, where are the other three?" I asked, T.V. now taking on the traits of a dog, nuzzling against my arm for me to scratch him. I gave it no second thought.

"They are on other sides of the world, we have lived since the dawn of time despite our human appearances, there have been those subordinate to us, but never those as powerful. We have remained hidden until humans have ruled this world and we had no other choice." She said nonchalantly. I sighed in my confusion and hugged on to T.V.

"What about Troy?" I whispered in T.V.'s ear. He nipped my ear gently and I looked back into the wooded park, I noticed four other wolves emerge from it's depths dragging along the body of a fifth, bloodied and limp. The body was thrown before us, and I could see no movement or soft struggle of breath. I peered down at the body curiously edging as close as I dared, as I approached the lid flew open the eye twisted back to stare at me and within a breath he lunged forward.

I closed my eyes again and I recognized the absence of warmth at my back. I opened my eyes slowly and T.V. held his neck within his jaws. He bit down hard to a sickening crack and then twisted until several more sounded. I shook as he dropped the now permanently limp body and turned to me walking steadily closer as I latched on to him. "Thanks." I whispered still shaking.

"They won't be bothering you again." Syn twitched her fingers and his body became submerged beneath the concrete as well. She began to walk off and stretched she smirked as she walked and then people began to appear again. Slowly walking by, witnessing nothing but two girls and their dog. The others had disappeared again and I held on to T.V. as Nata took us home.

I had been tired but the reassurance that it was all finally over and the bit of trauma that had become so common in my new life, meant that there was nothing left to put my mind at ease, not simple coaxing words, or a hot cup of tea, not even a nap settled me. As me and T.V. lay afterward, my head on his broad chest I felt reassured in a way I knew I'd never had before. It was those moments that kept me close to him, his comfort, how he could make me forget all the pain and fear so easily, with just a touch.

Part 2

6 months later

There was a kind of new nervousness within me. I'd just turned 17 a few months ago and the new age still felt rough, like it needed time to be sanded down and smoothed. I took in a deep breath as Kimiko jumped about me and Cecelia adjusted the dress to my size. "There, it fits like a glove!" Cecelia said with a smile, wiggling her finger down at her new baby.

"Thanks Cecelia" I said nervously and she held my shoulder and smiled.

"Don't be nervous Anna, it's just you and him and all the other people aren't really there." She said reassuringly and I smiled at her, a genuine smile. I patted her baby's head and pulled at the dress to keep it from hitting the floor. I peaked outside the door, and the door was pushed open and I was pushed back by Lilly. She had a huge grin on her face as she spun me around excitedly. I'd already been to her and Leo's wedding, and it dwarfed mine completely, but really I had no problem with it. She had offered to plan it, but I knew what that meant, and frankly, I didn't want doves and people I didn't even know coming.

Her wedding was ridiculously extravagant and her parents hadn't minded the expense. At least her parents had come. At least her parents were high society. A piece of me wished mom would come. A piece of me wanted someone to look up at me and think 'That's my little girl!' and cry. I wanted that, just like I had always wanted a dad, and I'd always wanted a functional family.

"I'm so excited!" It didn't have to put into words for it to be obvious. She was smiling so hard I thought she might break. I sighed and pushed her along, finally feeling like the adult. She moved on and got into place I could hear the church bell chime and I stepped out of the room as the music began and as the bride's maids stepped out, consisting of Lilly, Celia, Kimiko, and Nata, accompanied by their husbands and groomsmen, the best man of course was Vince, while Leo had been a close second choice Vince and T.V. had more history.

I walked towards the door, and I felt alone, walking out there, I'd have no father like Lilly had, no one to give me away. I took in a breath and started for the door but stopped as an arm looped mine. I turned to look, and I felt like crying.

"Didn't think I'd let you just give yourself away did ya lass?" Quinn had come and I smiled at him and shook my head with a smile, failing to suppress the tears. He wiped them away, "Now, now lass, you'll ruin that pretty face of yours with all that crying." I smiled as he led me out the door into the groups of people I'd have never known a year ago.

We'll do it all
On our own

It was then that I knew everything, it was then that I had everything accounted for in my head, and it wasn't until I turned around after being led in and given away that I turned towards the mass of people and I looked up to the door, and I saw a man there, standing and smiling, leaning against the door frame, he smiled at me, and I blinked and he was gone. The man had caught my attention now and I panned the back row. There hidden among the people I saw her there sitting properly in a purple dress. She was crying, she was holding back with everything she could but she was crying and smiling and the piece of me was whole again.

We don't need
Or anyone

The vows and rehearsal were all quick and "painless" as we were practically thrown into a limo at the end by everyone and as it drove away T.V. smiled boyishly, "Guess we didn't save much left for a Honeymoon, huh?"

"Ever since I met you it was like one big Honeymoon." I smiled playfully and we kissed softly.

"I don't know about you, but I'm kind of sick of England and America."

"We were only there for 8 months and we haven't been to America in that long too."

"I know, isn't it great, I've always preferred Europe anyway." He said with a grin.

"Uh huh, so where are we off to now, Mr. Knight?"

"Where ever you'd like to go M'lady."

"Well aren't you especially noble today?"

"I should think I'd have to be, after all the knight always saves the princess and wins her heart with his words."

I smiled and laughed, "So, my brave knight, you think you can save me again? This damsel is always in such distress!"


If I lay here
If I just lay here
would you lie with me and just forget the world?

I don't quite know
How to say
How I feel

Those three words
Are said too much
They're not enough

"Germany then?"

"Germany it is, princess."

If I lay here
If I just lay here
would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life

We spent the next years of our life together with more love than any fairy tale can muster. As I matured and managed to return to school I found a kind of love in teaching and children and taught English to the German children. It wasn't hard, T.V. had shown me everything, taught me how to speak in German, the culture, showed me the world. I wanted to cry with joy every day we were together, of course nothing was ever perfect, every once in awhile we'd bicker, and I'd go off to stay with Lilly and Leon in Paris, or Nata in Spain. She'd finally told Skyper off, and he had simply smiled and told her that he loved her and she was free to go. They were happier now, even if he was still a little rude to me being of mixed blood.

I hang out with mom every once in a blue moon, when she's not off somewhere else. When she's not we can sit and talk for once, even if I don't really agree with her most of the time. T.V. and I spent our days in the garden and soon we decided we wanted children of our own. He'd marked me on our honeymoon but we'd never actually tried until now. I hope we can soon, I have nothing to worry about any more, not a care in the world.

Let's waste time
Chasing cars
Around our heads

I need your grace
To remind me
To find my own

Soon enough I tested positive, we went to the doctor yesterday and we are going to have a little girl. I'm so excited!

If I lay here
If I just lay here
would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life

When she was born I was never happier, we named her Aurora, it's Latin for dawn. I hope to see her grow up, even if she's difficult, I can smile safely. T.V. spoils her, there isn't a thing she can ask for that he won't give her. She is so beautiful, long brown hair and beautiful green eyes. Quinn often comes to visit, when he does he spoils her too. She'll be rotten by the time she's a teenager and I almost feel bad for nagging T.V. to death about it. He just brushes it off and jokingly says I sound like an old woman. I just wish he knew how much that really hurt.

Everyday, I'm reminded that I'm still human, that I won't age gracefully like he will, that everyday I'll look older and older and he'll stay the same.

All that I am
All that I ever was
Is here in your perfect eyes, they're all I can see

Aurora is so beautiful, everyday she has become so more and more and soon enough she will be off having her own adventures. She has enough wolf blood in her now, she is showing slight characteristics, but she's still only 6.

It's been a few years now, she's 13 and god, it seems so long, and I feel so old, T.V. tells me everyday how beautiful I am, how I don't look a day older from when we first met and I laugh and punch him saying it's a bad example, lying in front of Aurora like that. Then he'll become serious, he could always see that it bothered me. He'd hug me and hold me, it eased the pain. But still I held onto those feelings and soon enough when Aurora was old enough she changed, her wolf was beautiful, she was solid white, and Syn, who'd come to see her told me that she would be very strong and powerful, and I was jealous.

I was angry and jealous and ashamed of it. She was my daughter and the piece of me that would have loved to stay young with T.V. hated her. But how could I, I was her mother, how could I look into her beautiful eyes and think that?

I don't know where
Confused about how as well
Just know that these things will never change for us at all

My life is like a song now, it's had its climax, it's reason, and it was coming to a close, I prayed it would end softly, not a distant sound, but a soft ending with a purpose. Everyday as I get older T.V. stays the same and he looks at me with those same eyes. Being 30 is difficult for me, while many women would laugh at me, I would cry in worry that soon I would be 40 and 50 and then the end of my life would come and T.V. would barely look 30 himself. I guess in all those fairy tales, it never says the true ending, even though it's happy, they never say what happens afterward, what about when the knight and princess get old? What about if the knight never ages? What about the princess, would he leave her when she got to old?

I can't help these feelings, but I'll smile. Oh yes, I'll smile and I'll hold them all close to my heart and never let them go. All these feelings will entwine with those of love, and I will be at peace again. I will be with my knight until the very end, and in this knight love, I will be the princess who is fearless as she awaits her knight in the tower, oh yes, the dawn is coming, and on the horizon my knight in shining armor rears his white horse and saves me, and after a day of fighting we ride off into the sunset, forever our love will blossom, forever in a fairytale. Forever, in our Knight Love.

If I lay here
If I just lay here
would you lie with me and just forget the world?

-Snow Patrol

She closed the book softly and stared back at the solid stone, two halves of a whole, two stones melted together. She stared at them adoringly, tracing her finger on the names and words of each. She smiled at them and brushed away a tear. She placed the book in front of the first stone and replaced the flowers with fresh roses.

She blinked away another forming tear and brushed away the weeds that had begun to infest the stones. She rose up slowly and continued to stare at them for a moment. "I read it all Grandma, and I added some pages of my own." She said holding back the tears, "I hope I can find someone like Grandpa." She looked over the other conjoined stone, "I miss you grandpa, thank you for giving me Grandma's book, I'll take really good care of it I promise!" She picked it back up and held it to her chest.

"Anna! Hurry up we're going to be late!"

She turned towards the direction of the voice and yelled, "Coming mom!" She looked back at the two stones and kissed each one. "Goodbye Grandma and Grandpa! I'll see you again soon!"

She placed the book gently in her mouth and ran, shifting into a beautiful white wolf, she looked back at the graves with deep green eyes and gave a wolfish grin as she bolted off into the forests. A wind pushed through the trees and the sun shown on the conjoined stones, revealing and aging stone against a new, the seal between them noticeable but the carving in between stole the attention.

Anna Lisle "Anna" Charlotte Maria Rogers


Trevor Venice "T.V." Riley Rogers V


In between them were the words:

Bound by their love, a knight and his princess, forever.

The wind that picked up through the trees now spun around the two stones, it circled and circled and danced in the sun, and together again the two forming winds departed, and there was a weight lifted from that place. Beneath the shade of a large tree in that brief moment, there were two, holding each other as the sun went down and they rode off into the sunset.

-End Knight Love Chapter 16-…

"Then must you strive to be worthy of her love. Be brave and pure, fearless to the strong and humble to the weak; and so, whether this love prosper or no, you will have fitted yourself to be honored by a maiden's love, which is, in sooth, the highest guerdon which a true knight can hope for." ~ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

See you in our Knight Love.