Life does not always turn out the way you plan it to

My Cousin – My Light

Life is not always full of happiness. Look at me. I lost my favorite person in the world. She was always there for me and was like my second mother. She gave me hope and strength in times of difficulty and distress. She helped me in all aspects of my life and made me what I am today. I'm not giving her all the credit because my mother and father also helped in that aspect but she was always there. Her smile made me feel as if I was in my happy place which I can't find anymore because she isn't here anymore, though I always try and remember her smile its no use because it's like someone erased it from my memory. I have to let you know we weren't the closest of all people but I still went to her for advice. All of us cousins were disturbed and affected the most alongside her mother at the news of her death.

A remarkable person is someone who has an affect on your life. Someone who is so unique that you want to be like that person. A person who teaches the morals of life, not by words but their own character and actions. That remarkable person is my cousin, Amna. She was my aunt's daughter who sadly passed away.

She was so sweet and gentle. So kind and such a perfect person. I know no one in this world is perfect but in a way she was. She was good in her studies, was very religious and never thought ill of any one. I never heard her use any abusive language. Instead, she would wish all of us to have a good life. She was happy with whatever she had and always respected and listened to those who were older than her. She never got into fights with any one, loved children and always played with them, not caring about her age. If someone she knew was ill you would see her praying for that person. She loved her parents and family, and thanked God. She never wanted anything more.

If accidentally a bad word would slip out of my mouth, she would always stop me there and tell me that using bad words was wrong. I still remember those words she had said to me, "Say something nice, if you can not than stay quiet but never let a bad word slip out." Those words had an effect on me the day she had said them. Every time I opened my mouth to say something, I would always think back on her words. She was remarkable and unique in her own way. Always there for everyone, always smiling and making others happy. She was an obedient daughter, a perfect cousin and a loving wife.

I learned that giving a smile to someone can always make a person happy. In fact her life was an example for my family and I. Always playing with me when I would ask her too and always supporting me if I were on the right.

Today I feel really sad that I can not thank her. If only she were alive! There were so many things I wish I could say to her. That she has made me into a different person, thanks to all her ways of life. I feel sad and lonely that I lost my guide. I'm also deeply sorry for her parents and siblings who loved her so much. She passed away due to 'cancer'. Truly she was the most remarkable person that I have ever met. May God bless her soul!