There is a boy miles away across the bedroom Sleeping shrouded in sheets of pure midnight His arms and legs stretched out and bent, a broken marionette with no strings to guide him I sit opposite in so many ways Small and slender, quite and covered in pale white Where he takes up a room with his dark eyes and black moods Nothing connects us but our skin Our hands that grope and take and grab, handfuls of each other torn between us Our lips and teeth and tongues, always talking circles around each other Stalking with words and looks, walking the perimeters of indecency and public displays of greed Our drunken words and smoking breath pouring over each other as our eyes strip down all the layers between us Dancing on the catwalk of our barriers

In his arms I writhe and roll, riding the waves of our electricity He hisses words to me as we make love, telling me he hates me as his mouth climbs over my skin My nails and mouth and hips leave marks across him, graffiti on his body, tagged We sleep knotted together, a tangle of limbs and hair and sweating breaths Our ribs and knees digging into soft flesh and the mattress and we heave and gasp, suck in the thick air above us Tied up and tousled in between thin planes of cotton and desire We claim what isn't ours in the name of the passion and moment that brought us together And dream of the minuscule mistakes and missed meanings that will throw us apart some day

He charms and beguiles my smiles away from me with his quick words and stolen strokes Running his hands and eyes and mind over me as I gaze at him over my glass, letting my sips say everything In the neon lights and low lamps of the bars we duel for dominance, neither willing to give any more ground than we already have In the dark nights and cool breezes from the windows in his room we joust and wrestle and hold nothing back

Wild abandon is our code in the privacy of our sweat soaked world we've dug in for ourselves And while everyone looks on we hurtle head long, side by side, racing for the finish line of an unending marathon Chomping at our bits and tossing our heads, our feet dancing on the track, sidling around for better placement We are heading for a crash of monumentous proportions, both knowing there's nothing in the future for the both of us So we toss ourselves around and let loose great cries of pleasure and agony And steal hand-fulls of memories of sensations and eye contact and bruises and missed chances to connect in other ways We bounce against the walls and floor and cling to each other as we streak along

A life worth living is full, and love worth giving is overflowing But we drizzle little drops of our privacy onto our canvas and watch the colors bleed together Making mud out of rainbows and molehills out of mountains Making love to ourselves in each others eyes And missing our next stop