How I Spent My Summer at the Library

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You just know your social life has reached an all-time low when you find yourself hiding behind a guy watching porn.

But I'm getting way ahead myself. Allow me to rewind and explain.

I attend a private school during the school year, and it requires every student to do a minimum of at least thirty volunteer hours each year. And, since I, erm, kind of forgot about that rule during the school year, along with the rest of my friends, we decided to sacrifice part of our summer to volunteer at the public library.

There are a total of four people I know that work here. There's my best friend Tia, her boyfriend Jackson, Jackson's friend Trevor, and the jerk I know as Alec. We spend about three hours here, every Wednesday and Thursday, all five of us.

"We're done shelving!" I exclaimed, grinning at the empty library cart.

"Hey Sierra," my brother, Mark said from beside me. "I'm going home first. Do you have a ride?"

"Yep. Tia's taking me home." I glanced at the magazine he was holding between his hands. "I didn't know you read fashion magazines."

"I didn't." He grinned wolfishly. "It's swimsuit season, remember?"

I wrinkled my nose. "You're a pig."

"Aww, I love you too, sis."

I squinted at the magazine again. "Wait, did you get that one on the blue shelf, near the romance novels?"

"Yeah. What about it?"

"Do you remember Tia's cute baby brother?"


"He stuffed that thing down his pants last week."

Mark dropped the magazine as if it had burned him. "I'm going to wash my hands," he mumbled, nauseated.

"Good idea." I watched him bolt toward the bathroom door, grinning. That'll teach him not to act perverted.

"Finally! We're done!" Tia collapsed beside me, feigning exhaustion. "Great, we have…two hours left to kill."

Jackson and Trevor heard her, and the four of us groaned in unison.

"There is no way I'm asking for work from Alan." Jackson declared, throwing up his hands and looking around him. Then he froze.

"None of us like him either, but it's either that or we don't get our hours…" My voice trailed off. "What is it?"

"Alec! Shit!" Jackson hissed, ducking behind the bookshelves. "Run!"


"RUN, DAMNIT!" Jackson grabbed Tia's hand and pulled her behind him as he darted between the shelves. Trevor followed the two as he glanced behind him.

"But we're not allowed to run in the library- "

"It's either that or Alec catches you!" Trevor's hushed voice reached my voice.

That got me going. I ran after everyone else, eyes darting everywhere to make sure no one saw me. I watched as Trevor darted behind the shelves at the nonfiction section and I did the same, breathing heavy.

"Did he see us?" Jackson gasped out.

"I don't think so…" Tia peered between the books. "No, he's asking Alan for work."

I collapsed down in the window seat, gasping for breath. I know what you're thinking. You're either disgusted at my physical incapability (hey, I'm more of a…scholar than a…jock) or you're thinking we're mean for ditching Alec like this. But, in our defense, you don't know Alec!

Alec is one of those types of people that are immediately labeled "dirtball". He hits on anyone that's a girl! The first time I ever met him and felt his dirty once-over, I felt like I needed to shower. Plus, he's pretty much a jerk to everyone.

"Wait a minute, he's not asking Alan for work. That douche is ratting us out for not working!" Trevor exclaimed.

I laughed nervously. "At least he doesn't know where we are, right?"

Everyone exchanged worried looks. Yes, he didn't know where we were, so we were safe for the length of time that we were here. But when it's time to go home…well, let's just say there's no way out that's not being watched by creepy Alan.

Tia took her place beside me on the window seat and looked outside. The library here was probably the biggest library in the city, being three stories high, complete with a coffee shop downstairs and several empty ballrooms where a concert was held occasionally.

We were on the third floor, so we had a wide view of the skyscrapers surrounding us.

I scratched my head and then frowned. My messily-done ponytail was disheveled from the run, so I pulled the elastic back from my hair. Honey blond hair tumbled down my shoulders, ending at the middle of my back.

"Ooh, pretty." Tia rubbed a lock of my hair, examining how my layered hair framed my face.


"Yep. You should let your hair down more, Sierra. Every time I see you, it's always tied up."

"There's someone coming!" Trevor's hushed voice was urgent. Tia froze; ad then she took my hand and lead me several feet away from the guys.

"Grab him!" Jackson hissed. Trevor tackled someone from behind – I couldn't see who it was because we were too far back. Then Jackson rushed forward to cover his mouth so he couldn't scream. I winced – suddenly it struck me that our actions were a bit short of crazy and desperate, not to mention deranged. I mean, we were attacking some guy in the library. It's not like we'll get killed if Alan catches us…

Then I heard a thump. "What the hell are you guys doing?!" A distinctly male voice hissed. Come to think of it, it sounded pretty familiar.

Pulling free of Tia's grasp, I hurried to where I found Trevor and Jackson…lying on the floor. Then my eyes traveled up…and they met a harsh brown.

"Hi Zack," I said nervously. "Erm, may I asked why my two friends are on the floor?"

Zachary Neilson was someone who also went to my private high school, except that he didn't volunteer at the library like the rest of us. He could be pretty intimidating sometimes, especially now, with that freaky expression on his face…oh my gosh, even I'm scared right now! I mean, who gets scared in the nonfiction section?!

He glared at the two angrily, pausing to brush dirty blond hair out of his eyes, but to no avail, since it moved right back anyway.

"You tell me." He snarled. "Mind explaining why they decided to play convict for a day?"

"Well, you see, they kind of thought you were Alec…" I began, and I winced. That just made things sound even worse. Well done, Sierra, well done. Next thing you know I'll be stuck in the loony bin, rambling on about how everything wasn't my fault, I just mistook Zack's tall frame for Alec's short one…

I'll just shut up now.

Trevor tilted his head. "Wow, Sierra," he mumbled dazedly, and he grinned lopsidedly. "You look different from this angle."

…You mean he expected me to look exactly the same upside down?

Jackson winced and got up, dusting his shirt off. "Fucking guy thinks that just because he has a fucking black belt he can just fucking flip us over," he muttered. "Can't even take a fucking joke…"

I applaud you on your choice of vocabulary, Jackson. I'm proud to call you one of my very best friends. Not.

"Umm, is everything okay right now?" Tia asked from behind us. "Because we're kind of attracting attention…"

Our heads shot up. Sure enough, everyone at the computers had looked up from whatever they were doing and watched us warily. Zack raised his eyebrow and waved.

…I can't believe someone actually waved back.

They were still watching us, so I did the first thing that came to mind. I lifted my index finger to my lips. "Shh…"

It worked? They actually went back to their computers? They're ignoring us now?

I know; it's hard to believe for me too. I could have thought of something smarter. But come on, it's a library! Who doesn't think of doing that in situations like these?

…Don't answer that.

"So what do we do now?" Trevor asked.

Jackson stared at Zack with suspicious eyes. "We can't let him go now. He's seen us."

"Drag him back to home base!"

…Since when did the window seat become our home base?!

"You guys are psychos," Zack hissed. "All crazy psychos."

"We know," Tia replied ruefully.

"I'm sorry, Zack, I really am!" I wailed in hushed tones. "But please, just cooperate with us for a bit, please? Bad things will happen if we get caught!"

He opened his mouth to retort angrily, but then his eyes froze on my face. I patted the side of my face confusedly. What; was there something on my face?! Why is he just staring like that?!

"Since when did you let your hair down?"

Say what? "Since now," I replied indignantly. "Do you have a problem with that?"

"Nah…" He grinned. "It actually makes you look pretty"

Is that a smile I see? Gasp! Zack's actually smiling! Call the news reporters! Journalists! Channel 9 news! We have breaking news here!

…It actually makes him look good.

WHAT?! Where did that thought come from? Out! Shoo, shoo evil thought! I have enough craziness to last me a lifetime without that plaguing my nightmares!

Jackson slammed his hands down on the wall. "Look, Zack, we're desperate here, so either you cooperate with us or…"

I could practically hear the unspoken question coming from Zack. Or WHAT?! Because apparently judo master here can flip him ten times over and make it hurt.

"…or we'll make you read Hot Stuff!"

Immediately all eyes darted the bottom shelf. We were in the section where most of the cookbooks were stored. I know that it's supposed to signify spicy food and all, but honestly, who calls a cookbook "Hot Stuff"?!

"There's actually a book called that?!" Zack asked incredulously, his brown orbs practically bugging out.

"There's actually a book with fuck in the title," Trevor offered.

"No way."

"I'm serious! It's even in the library catalogue and everything!"

"Look, I'll cooperate with you if you want," Zack sighed, massaging his temples. "So how long is this going to last?"

"Until Alec leaves the place." Tia answered promptly.

His eyes widened dramatically. "But that's not for another two hours!"

"Would you rather have Alec following you around instead?" She offered.

That shut him up. He sighed, taking out his cell phone from his back pocket. My hand twitched, and finally I sighed, and recited, "There's no cell phones allowed in the library."

He cocked an eyebrow. I rambled on, "If you need to make a call there's pay phones downstairs."

Zack just shrugged it off and ignored me. Then he muttered something under his breath, which sounded suspiciously like "goody-goody".

I rolled my eyes. "There's also a 200 dollar fine if you get caught."

Yep, that got him going. The cell phone disappeared, back into his back pocket, as if with magic. Trevor looked around, and then he said, "We need someone to check and see if Alec or Alan's nearby." He looked around at us. "Jackson, Sierra, you do it."

"Can't Tia come with us?" Jackson implored, like a lost puppy.

"No," Trevor answered wryly. "If she did, then you two wouldn't come back for a long time."

Tia blushed, but she didn't say anything. Zack looked up. "I'll come with them."

"But- "

Zack growled. Trevor backed away, eyes widened. Someone might as well have painted I'M SCARED OF MY OWN SCARY-AS-HELL CAPTIVE on his face. Seriously, he should never become a convict. He'd never survive for even five minutes.

Zack got up and stretched, his shirt rising up for just a minute, exposing his stomach. I looked away politely, a light blush staining my cheeks, while following Jackson as he navigated his way through the bookshelves.

He stopped when we passed the art section. Several posters of famous houses decorated the walls. "What is it?" I asked.

When Jackson looked back at me, he was grinning goofily. "This is where Tia and I had our first kiss."

"…You had your first kiss in the library. What if someone saw you?"

"Who cares?" Zack asked; his head several inches away from my ear. "It's a library. You could barely get any more private than that."

"But what if someone saw them? Wouldn't it be a little kinky?"

He rolled his eyes. "It's not like it's out in public. I bet you think the only place proper for that is in the privacy of your own home."

I opened my mouth to protest, but then I stopped short. Wait; that was exactly what I thought. He shook his head, muttering, once again, what sounded like "goody-goody."

"Coast is clear," I muttered, looking around. "Where's Jackson?"

I looked around, and then spotted him by the computers, or more specifically, the library catalogue. "Jackson!" I exclaimed. "What are you doing?"

"Hold on, Sierra, I want to show Zack something."

He quickly typed in "fuck" in the search box. I froze, eyes darting around to make sure no one was watching, and then I watched him press "Search".

"Hmm." Zack mused. "So there is a book with fuck in its title. Is there any book with shit in its title then?"

…It was there that I realized my social life was practically dead if we were stuck at the library, looking up cuss words in the library catalogue.

On the top of the screen it said "showing results 1-6." I winced, and then I stood up straight. Then I heard Trevor behind me, panting, "Guys, guys!"

Wait, why do I hear Trevor behind me?

Maybe because he was. "What are you doing?" Jackson hissed. "You're supposed to be back at home base!"

Just…I'm not going to say anything. Nope. Not at all.

"Alan…was right there," Trevor panted. "He was looking for us. Dude, we can't stay back there anymore."

There was a short pause. Then Jackson hissed. "Guys, split up and run!" He grabbed Tia's hand and dragged her off. Trevor followed them, waving at us.

Zack tugged on my hand, snarling, "What is wrong with you? We've got to run!"

On impulse, I recited, "There's no running permitted in the library."

"What the hell is with you and these rules? Come on already!"

When I wouldn't move, he sighed, his mouth set in a thin line before he picked me up, princess-style. My eyes bugged out, and then they shut tight, my arms wrapping themselves around his neck. I must have held on too tightly, though, because he gasped.

"What are you doing?!" My voice sounded pretty hysterical.

"What does it look like?! I'm moving your-slower-than-my-grandma-when-she-has stomach-cramps-ass away from here!"

Please don't let me fall, please don't let me fall, PLEASE DON'T LET ME FALL!

"Zack, if you even dare try dropping me, I'll- "

"You'll what? Bore me to death while reciting nursery rhymes? Because at the rate you're going, you'll become a pushover at the sad age of fifty."

I racked my mind for anything even potentially threatening. "I'll go grab Hot Stuff and read it to you ten times!" I shrieked, because it felt like he was lurching forward.

"You know, that threat is really getting old. It's just a cookbook with a bad name, for heaven's sake! Besides, relax, Sierra, we're just in the elevator."

I opened my eyes. Sure enough, we were in that tiny box we called an elevator. "I think you can let me down now," I squeaked.

"Uh huh." But he still didn't let go.

There was a small ding and then the elevator doors opened wide. Zack stepped out, me still in his arms, and then when he reached a window seat identical to the one in the floor above this one, he dumped me on the ledge.

I scrambled until I was standing in front of him. Unfortunately, I was tiny compared to him. The top of my head only reached him mid-shoulder. Now if only that made sense…

He was grinning, although it looked more like a smirk than a smile. "Now be a good girl and say thank you."

"For WHAT?!"

"Well, if it wasn't for me you'd be stuck with either Alan or Alec."

"I would've gotten there eventually!"

"Are you speaking in terms of minutes or decades?"


"I'm sorry, but I can't seem to find that in the dictionary. Wait, this is an English dictionary, not a caveman's dictionary. My bad!"

…I'm not even going to elaborate on how bad that joke sounded.

Zack sighed, glancing at my watch. "So we have a lot of time to kill. How exactly are we going to kill time in a secluded corner of the library?"

For some reason, that sounded really wrong. Eww! Perverted thoughts! Go away!

I smiled mock-sweetly at him. "The bathroom's right next to the elevator. The water fountains are there too."

He shot me a look that , when they're translated into actual words, practically said "Do I look like I'm constipated to you?"

...I'm afraid I can't possibly answer that question in any way with a completely straight face.

Zack was now lying on the window seat, feet propped up on the other end. I made a weird-sounding noise. He cracked open one eye. "What?"

I pointed at the poster hanging from one of the bookshelves. "Please keep your feet off the window seat."

He sighed, taking the poster off the wall and pushing it under a pile of books. "There! That rule no longer applies."

"But- "

"You know what your problem is, Sierra? You're too uptight. You follow the rules way too closely. You're practically the living definition of a goody-goody! Loosen up a bit, you know?"

"But- "

"Come on. I always see you wincing whenever someone cusses, or says a word like bitch- "

As if on cue, I cringed at that. I can't help it! It's a habit.

"You even flinch when someone says stupid! Hell, you can't even tell someone to shut up to save your own life- "

"Okay, I get the point!"

"All I'm saying is that you need to let go. Even a tiny bit, you know?"

I made a choking noise. "Fine," I huffed, following his example and sitting on the window seat, propping my feet on the other end. I felt like even maybe shaking my fist and shouting "I'll show you," like an old man, but in the end I decided that it might be going to far.

His cell phone rang and he pulled it out of his back pocket. Automatically, I said, "no cell phones in the library."

He just looked at me, an eyebrow raised. Oops. I didn't mean to say it! It just came out impulsively, out of habit. Maybe this was going to be harder than I thought...But I continued on smiling, and nodded at the phone. "200 dollar fine."

Gone was the phone. Yep, 200 dollar fines are definitely the magic words.

I checked my watch. It was 1:00. "Are you hungry?"

His head shot up, his eyebrow still cocked. "Are you even willing to leave the library?"

I hesitated. "Alan's going to kill me if I leave without signing out…" And then I stopped. Bad, Sierra, bad! I was supposed to let go, remember? I should just start writing this stuff on my arms, so I won't forget it. But then again, wouldn't everyone be able to see it? Arghh.

"Then sign out."

I paused in my mental rampage. "Hmm?"

Zack was watching me with amusement dancing in his eyes. "Sign out early. This library has too many volunteers to take care of anyway, so it's not like they'll notice."

I chewed my lip. "Fine."

He followed me toward the information desk, and then I froze. Because, right in front of me were the very two people I was hiding from. Luckily, though, they didn't notice me.

I plopped myself down at a table, the table being right next to the desk of some guy on the computer. "What are you doing?" Zack hissed, and then I tugged on his sleeve, signifying that he should sit down across from me.

"Lower your head."


I placed my hand on the back of his head and pushed it, so that it banged off my head. Oww! Dang it. We both winced, rubbing our heads. I whimpered, as loud as it could be allowed in my present circumstances.

"Alec's right there so bend your head…oww." I whimpered.

Luckily, he understood me, and he did as he was told. "Is he gone yet?"

I looked out of the corner of my eye. "Not yet." Zack moved his head a little bit, and then he froze, his face a picture of incredulity.

"What is it?"

"That guy's watching porn."


"The guy. Right next to our table. He's watching porn."

I paused. "Who watches porn at a library?"

"Evidently him."

People these days. They have no decency whatsoever. Then again, I don't really have a right to say this anymore, what with my crazy day.

Then my eyes wandered, until the landed on a power plug, and the thing it was connected to...the guy's computer. And then my lips curved in an evil smile. Oh, I was going to be a bad girl today.

I nudged Zack's leg with the tip of my foot, and I motioned toward the power plug with my eyes. His eyes flickered, and then he nodded. So I sank to my knees and crawled over to the scene of the crime, all the while making sure he didn't notice me. When I finally reached my destination, I paused, and made sure he still didn't see me. Nope. Good.

And I pulled out the plug. Incredulous pause. "Fuck!" Cringe.

Honestly, what's with all the vile language? Does he kiss his mother with that mouth or something? Then again, he had to learn those words from somewhere. Just what exactly are we teaching our children these days? Sheesh.

I looked at the information desk again. Alec was gone, good. I stood up and grabbed the binder with all the timesheets. Then I scribbled the information required. "Can you sign this please?" I asked, and then I froze.

This was just not my day. And just what made me feel a tremble rack my entire body, from head to toe, you ask? It's because, standing right in front of me, was Alan, the other guy I was hiding from.

Oh fudge.

Luckily, he didn't mention the lack of work. "Sure," he stressed, giving me a once-over that was even worse than Alec's. "Just let me grab my pen – oh – I'm sorry!"

His hand had knocked a water bottle over, and somehow the water had soaked my white blouse. His tiny, beady little eyes seemed to lock on my chest, and he grinned wickedly. "Nice bra, by the way. It really matches your eyes."

I trembled. My shirt was now practically see-through, exposing my baby blue bra. That pervert probably didn't even mean it when he apologized. And I get the weird feeling he knocked the water over on purpose. My hand twitched, itching to slap him, but I held back.

"Now, where were we?" He sneered.

"Just sign the damn paper," a voice snarled from beside me.

Alan's eyes traveled to over my shoulder, and he froze. "Yes sir," he mumbled, eyes wide, and hurriedly scribbled something on the timesheet before folding the binder and putting it away.

Wow. Alan was actually afraid of Zack. Well, at least I have a way to go home now. I'm freeeee! Ah, freedom never tasted so sweet.

And it certainly never sounded this crazy in my head. Note to self: after this, make sure to call up that therapist Tia recommended.

Zack looked like he wanted to go on, but I stopped him. "Let's just go, Zack," I muttered in his ear.

"But- "

"Look, I know he was a bastard and all, but let's just go before I get angry enough to kick his nasty little ass!"

Zack's brown eyes widened, probably because of my choice of vocabulary (It was the first time I cussed…what a proud moment, isn't it?) but he nodded and followed me while I hugged my arms around my chest.

And then we were back at the window seat. Zack eyed me warily, and then he pushed me into the lady's restroom. "I'll go get something for you to change into," he called, before he left.

I bit my lip, and then I sighed, running my hand through my hair. It was disheveled, so I took a comb out of my bag and ran it through my honey blond locks.

My bra didn't match my eyes! It was baby blue, and I liked to think of my eyes as a more exotic color, like the color of the sea when it's not all dirty and such. Grr, that stupid Alan was color blind. I'm so not coming back here to volunteer anymore. Nope, it was the animal shelter from now on.

"Sierra?" Zack materialized right beside me. "I brought you a new t-shirt to change into."

"Where did you get a t-shirt?" I asked, stretching the material out. Hmm…it wasn't exactly fashionable, but it'll do. Ooh and just my size. How thoughtful of him.

"Coffee shop sells t-shirts now." He smiled crookedly. I raised an eyebrow, turning the fabric around so I could see the front. Sure enough, there was a huge picture of a coffee mug and cocoa beans. Well, it's definitely not Starbucks, but it'll do.

And that was exactly the point when I started cracking up.

"Oh my gosh, how cute…" I gasped between giggles. Yep, he was probably thinking that I finally cracked, and Zack was probably ready to call the mental institution as we spoke. Sierra Adamson has finally lost it! Men in white suits, here she comes! And she had such a bright future in front of her too…all she needs is a little treatment and she'll be right back on track…

What Sierra Adamson needs is to stop talking about herself in third person.

But, to my surprise, Zack wasn't watching me as if I had turned into a deranged psychopath after all (I think I was already halfway there, what with my friends and I practically kidnapping him and all). No, he was regarding me with amusement.

"Wait a minute; this is the ladies' restroom!" I exclaimed, eyes darting about. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

He rolled his eyes at that. "Everyone's out to lunch," he explained patiently. "Food's going in people's mouths, not out the other end."

I held up a hand, cringing. "Please refrain from the potty jokes until after I've eaten. Now out! Out! I have to change, you know!"

When I came out again, Zack had two coffee drinks in his hands and a box of cake rested on the window ledge. But his expression seemed to change…it was darker, angrier.

This doesn't look good.

Maybe he was angry that I chased him out? Come on, I was switching shirts; he couldn't have possibly expected to be allowed in there while I changed, did he?

"What's wrong?"

"Hmm?" He answered; his eyes still angry. "There's nothing wrong."

"Yes there is, so just spit it out."

"No there isn't. It's nothing, anyway."

"Zack- "

"Sierra," he began. "I've been thinking. Normally you would've told that Alan guy off. Now why didn't you?!"

A spark of anger erupted inside of me. "Because you told me I had to loosen up."

"I told you to loosen up over the little things, like those petty rules and the cussing, not the freaking big things! You know you're allowed to be a tiny bit uptight on occasion, right?"

Huh. Now he tells me.

"Well how was I supposed to know that? You kept on calling me a goody-goody all day, and it just got annoying!"

"Well have you ever thought that you are?! I bet if you happened to walk in a couple like your two friends making out in a library corner, you would've freaked out!"

"No I wouldn't!"

"Yes you would!"

"Fine! Then try me." I held my chin up indignantly.

"Oh really?" Zack glared at me, and then it was replaced by something...different. Different as in this does not look good. He stepped closer to me.

"Yes really!" I stammered. He was getting closer again.

"I mean it!" I repeated.

He was smirking, but still getting closer. "I know."

"I won't freak out." I insisted.

And then we were only a few inches apart. He was smirking, voice husky. "I know." He lowered his head to mine. We were literally only centimeters apart now.

Then he kissed me.

Oh. My. Gosh.

His mouth was surprisingly soft, and they were gentle as they moved against my own. He tasted like cake from the coffee shop and whipped cream and…

Then he broke away. I blinked; the whole time I hadn't even known that my eyes were shut. He was grinning so much more than I've ever seen him grin, and somehow something about it tugged at my heart. Zack licked his lips, staring right into my eyes. "Hmm. Whadd'ya know?" He mused. "You were right."

Zack sat down on the window seat, propping his feet up and he opened the cake box. "Want some cake?" He offered.

"Mmhmm. Thanks," I mumbled, taking the plate he offered me. The cake was covered in mocha frosting, with tiny little vanilla swirls decorating the edges.

I licked my lips. He had tasted like…oh. I stared at the cocoa beans on my t-shirt. Zack's mouth had tasted like coffee.

I glanced down at my slice of cake, and my eyes darted from the cake box, to the coffee cups on the window ledge, to Zack, while the words "You're allowed to be uptight on occasion" rang in my ears.

He seemed to have noticed me staring, because he looked up and asked, "What?"

I bit my lip and shook my head. "No, it's nothing."

"Just go on and say it."

"No, it's alri- "


I hesitated. Then, sighing, I answered.

"There's no food or drinks allowed in the library…"

A/N: So...did you like my latest one-shot! I just figured that since school starts tomorrow (for me, at least. Ugh.) I'd post this as a sort of a tribute or a goodbye to summer. Sniff. Goodbye, dear summer! I'll miss you! Okay, I'll just stop talking now before I start sounding like Sierra.

So this one-shot was actually based on something that happened to me and my friends recently, while we were acting sort of childish (using words like home base. I'm just glad no one heard us use words like that). Except there wasn't any romance in my version, and real-life Alec was nicer than the one in this story (I think we were just hiding from him for fun, not because we wanted to avoid him).

And yes, I realize that certain parts of this are completely childish. But hey, everyone's entitled to their own opinions, right?

Oh, and since school's starting again, my updates on my other stories will slow down. So...yeah.