How Long Will it Take?

PLOT: It's hard to be best friends with the most sought-after guy in school. Especially when he's the resident playboy. AND you have a massive crush on him. (story told through IMs/texts/notes/phone convos).

A/N. Thought I'll give this format a try. Tell me what you think! :.

/ i want to be UR girlfriend.

11:00 PM.

happyhypocrite is online.

(CONVERSATION with krazyb!tch)

happyhypocrite: I know ur on.
happyhypocrite: UR invisible, aren't you?
happyhypocrite: VICTORIA! DAMNNIT!
happyhypocrite: FINE. I'm sorry.

11:15 PM.

happyhypocrite: Seriously Vic, what the hell do you want from me?
happyhypocrite: I SAID I was sorry.
happyhypocrite: even though I don't know what I did wrong.
happyhypocrite: what did I do wrong?

11:17 PM.

happyhypocrite: call me.

happyhypocrite is offline.

11: 18 PM.

krazyb!tch is online.

(CONVERSATION with tehdahhling12)

krazyb!tch: erik is pissing me off.
tehdahhling12: haha. you are crazy, vic. nothing could make me pissed off with erik. he's too hot.
krazyb!tch: MEL!
tehdahhling12: LOL. nvm. what did he do?
krazyb!tch: it's more like what he didn't do.
tehdahhling12: ah.
krazyb!tch: and he IMs me like crazy after.
tehdahhling12: you IMed back?
krazyb!tch: i was invisible.
tehdahhling12: now that's mature.
krazyb!tch: MEL!
tehdahhling12: what?
tehdahhling12: anyway, it's not his fault uve had a crush on him since forever and hes oblivious.
krazyb!tch: but BELLA!?
tehdahhling12: bella WHAT?
krazyb!tch: id left something in his place. so i go to his house to get it. i go to his room to get it when i run into him and he's like, naked with bella.
tehdahhling12: omg.
krazyb!tch: i know. i hate that slut.
tehdahhling12: noo. is erik not a virgin then?
krazyb!tch: ur slow, mel. he lost it in the eighth grade.
tehdahhling12: to?
krazyb!tch: jasmine. U didn't know?
tehdahhling12: no! who told you?
krazyb!tch: erik. one hour after the deed was done.
tehdahhling12: ah. the woes of being the best friend of a hottie.
tehdahhling12: lemme guess. after he did it with jas, u didn't talk to him for a week and he had no idea why.
krazyb!tch: uhh..
tehdahhling12: and now, after u saw bella and him together, ur pissed off and wont talk to him for awhile and wont tell him why.
krazyb!tch: um..
tehdahhling12: u gotta stop doing that, honey. its not getting u anywhere.
krazyb!tch: can't help it. it takes awhile for the image of bella jumping him to fade.
tehdahhling12: whatever. have u tried telling him u wanna be his girlfriend and not his friend who's a girl?
krazyb!tch: noo. thatll be embarrassing.
tehdahhling12: then have fun moping every time erik exercises his playboy-like tendencies. maybe I'll be his next :p
krazyb!tch: you wouldn't.
tehdahhling12: LOL.
krazyb!tch: whatever.
tehdahhling12: NEway, I gtg. bro needs the comp for 'a project'. yeah right. he and his gf roleplay sex.
krazyb!tch: o.O
krazyb!tch: ltr.

11:40 PM.

uknwuwnabme is online.

(CONVERSATION with krazyb!tch)

uknwuwnabme: hii. vic?
uknwuwnabme: this is bella.
uknwuwnabme: sry for what u had to witness before.
uknwuwnabme: :-/
uknwuwnabme: it was super embarrassing. hehe.
uknwuwnabme: u there?

krazyb!tch is offline.