Authors Note and Disclaimer.

30/10/09: Ick. That's the sappiest I've ever gotten. Ackkk. I'm dying but I'm also like Yay! I actually managed a happy ending? Because that's been impossible with me. They were supposed to have gotten together last chapter but I just went on typingtypingtyping and they ended up going in CIRCLES and I just died. I almost decided that maybe she should just stay with Marcus when something Erik said made me realize that would suck. And now I'm talking like I know these people. Aagh. It's 3:31AM and I actually finished this story two days before NaNoWriMo and I don't care how annoying and sappy this story got, I'm really really proud of myself =P And you know, the characters just wanted to be this way. Really. I couldn't do ANYTHING.



4 months later
(Ha ha)

It's 2010 and I've finally finished uploading all of this! I'd really like to thank all those who reviewed, favorite-d and story alert-ed this story! HLWIT wouldn't have grown beyond the first eight chapters if it hadn't been for you guys =] I hope it didn't... you know, suck.. Yeah. R&R :)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Facebook, twitter, IM, Twilight, Enchanted or any of the other things mentioned in this story that I don't own. My friend let me use her screen name happyhypocrite for Erik. I do however own Melina, Erik, Victoria and all the other characters and storylines.