Goodbye, I Love You Too

She stood in front of her bedroom window and watched as the wind pushed away the gloomy clouds. It was finally getting sunny again after a whole day of pouring rain. Maybe she could even catch a beautiful sunset tonight. For once all her clothes were neatly hung and folded as she reached for a knee length, V-neck dress covered in green and blue prints. Her bath robe glided off her bare body and was substituted by the dress. She unwrapped the towel on her head and let her hair drape over her shoulder. Instead of leaving her hair down, she clipped her hair up into a bun, showing her long neck. As usual, she put a little bit of make up to add some colour on her face. She twirled around in front of her full body length mirror and was happy with the reflection. The skirt hugged her upper body, the blue-green print hid her little tummy, and the tie on the side accentuated her waste line. She loved the dress from the moment she saw it at The Banana Republic and she still could not keep her eyes off it.

Just then a familiar ring tune broke the silence in her room. She knew exactly who it is since she programmed designated ring tunes for most of her friends.

"Hey, how is it going?" She picked up the call as she started to throw her wallet and keys into her purse.

"Good. I will be there in 5 minutes." A male voice came from the receiver

"Okay, see you." As always, the phone call was short. On her way out, she slipped into a pair of black heels that went perfect with her dress.

The sun came out as she waited in front of her apartment. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sunshine and the warm breeze on her bare skin. By the time she opened her eyes, his car was right in front of her. She opened the door and took the passengers seat.

"How long have you been waiting?" She gave him hug.

"Not long but enough for me see that a l girl is day dreaming." He teased her a little, "And did I mention that girl was gorgeous?"

"Well then why don't you pick her up?" She played along as always.

"I thought I did. Isn't she sitting right beside me?" He kissed gently on the back on her hand.

"You are awfully sweet today." Every girl likes complements, so does she. "Did you drink a whole bottle of honey this morning?"

"I am always sweet and awesome. Didn't you know?" A evil look flashed across his face as he spoke, "So, do you want to go for dinner? I am perfectly fine with just skip dinner and chill in your house."

"Pervert!" She lightly pushed him away, pretending to be mad, "drive! I am hungry!"

"Can't blame me for being a guy." He shrugged and gave her a childish smile.

He started the car and held her left hand as he drove. Every now and then, he would give her a light kiss on her hand or her forehead as they were waiting for a green light. Soon they arrived at a seafood restaurant, "Provence". Hand-in-hand, they entered "Provence" and sat by the window so that they could enjoy the view and the food. They ordered a seafood platter and a bottle of Pinot Noir. Red wines usually do not go with seafood that well. However, both of them prefer red than white.

Soon the waiter brought their food and drink. After having a few sips of the wine and eating crab legs, they start to get creative like two 5-year old kids. Maybe that was why they gotten along so well because they have a child creeping underneath their adult look, waiting to come out at anytime. In everyone's eyes, they were a sweet couple. However, only they knew that they can only be a couple and enjoy each other right there and then.

As they finished the bottle of wine, her face turned a little pink. His heart skipped a beat as his eyes were captured by her sweet smile under the candle light. Even though she was not the most beautiful women, he could not move his eyes away from profile. Her pink cheeks added a little more feminine and childish to her feature. The smile in her eyes and the curvature on her lips light up his world.

"Hey Andre," Her voice pulled him back to reality, "look at the sunset. It is so beautiful!" Her eyes lit up.

"Yes, it is beautiful." He agreed, "want to take a walk later by the beach?"

"Sure!" Her whole face lit up as she looked at him. "What about your car?"

"I am sure they won't mind if we leave it here for a bit."

"See, you could've parked your car in my parking lot then we take the sky-train down here. Then we don't have to worry about the car and it saves you gas."

"Shhhhhhh" He leaned over and kissed her on her lips, "we'll figure it out."

"But the gas is expensive." She argued like a wise old women.

"Don't worry about it! Now eat up. It is an order!"

"You dictator!" She sat back and wrapped her arm around her, "not talking to you anymore!" Only in front of him, she let out her inner child because she knew he wouldn't mind and he would even play along with her.

"Sure." He shrugged and laughing inside, enjoying the moments. Of course a minute later, she was back talking to him, completely forgetting that just a minute ago, she swore she'd never speak to him.

They walked along the beach, digging their bare feet into the sand. She stopped, let go of his hand and chased after the tide. He watched her as she ran back and forth from the tide. The ocean final caught up to her and covered her bare feet.

"It's so cold!" She cried out and ran back to him. He laughed, holding her in his arm and swing her around.

She turned around, leaning herself against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her waist, resting his head on her shoulder. Silence fell upon them, as they simply enjoyed each others. Time stood still. He turned her around and kissed on her forehead. She wrapped around his neck and leaned her head against his chest, listening to his heart beat. He held her closer to his heart, as if she'd disappear once he let go. An awkward silence soon fell upon them. She sighed.

"Andre, have a safe flight tomorrow. I have to work so I wouldn't be able to go to the airport with you." She murmured, holding her tears back. There was no answer.

They had to face it sooner or later. They were two people from two different worlds. She met him on her friend's birthday party. They both knew that he was on a one-year exchange program offered by his company, so they simply wanted to be friends. However, they became more and more attached toward each other as time passed by. Now his term was over and he had to go. His new position back in London was waiting for him.

He pulled her away and took out an envelope from his jacket. "Here is an extra ticket, come and fly with me tomorrow."

She remained silent and simply shook her head. They both knew deep in their heart it was not going to work out if she went. She didn't belong in his world just like he didn't belong to hers. Her family, career, and life remained in Vancouver where as his was in London. Neither of them could give up everything and take this risk.

"You seem to forget another person in your life?" Her voice was so quiet but enough to be heard.


"She is your fiancé, Andre." She continued, "she is waiting for you. You can't simply call off a wedding."

"I don't love her. I thought I loved her but then after I met you, I realized that I see her as a little sister." He buried his head in her hair. "I will resolve this once I get back."

"No, Andre. I don't want you to break another girl's heart because of me. She is innocent. You can't be so irresponsible." She stared into his eyes and cupped his face with her hand. "Go back to London, marry her and care for her. Let this be a beautiful memory. Let me be an old friend who brought you happiness. Don't let me be this woman who broke a wedding."

He held her and slipped the envelope into her purse and whispered, "Just think about it, Eva." And that was the end of the conversation.

As usual he sat beside her bed and watched her as she fell asleep. He often spent his night at her place but he had never done anymore than a kiss on her forehead. The moonlight crept through her blinds and lit her face. He stared at her as the time passed by. This may just be the last time he could look at her. Tic Toc Tic Toc The sun was finally peaking out its head and it was time for him to leave. He stood up and left a little box her bed-stand. Silently, he kissed her one last time on her forehead and he closed the door behind him as he took a last glance at her.

She opened her eyes when she heard the start of his car engine. She knew he watched her the whole night. She knew when he left. She didn't make a sound because she didn't want to break the perfect moment. She reached for her bed-stand and opened the little blue box that he left her. It was a necklace that captured her eyes when they went to Tiffany's the other day. She didn't know he paid attention. Unlike the one she saw, there was a ring attached to the necklace. The design was simple and there was a writings carved inside of the ring. It said "I love you". This was the first and the last time he ever said that. She cried.

At the airport, he kept on looking back as if he think she'd come; as if he had felt her presence. He waited and waited, until the PA finally announced his flight and his name for the final boarding call. He had to go. He had a feeling that she was there and he even had a feeling that if he look around, he'd find her. But, he respected her decision. If she didn't want to show up, he wouldn't force her.

He knew her too well and she was there. She was hiding in the store right beside the gate. She waited until she saw his shadow walked disappeared in the gate. As the plane took off, it took everything away from her.

"Farewell, I love you too." Her heart whispered.