Jove Station. A sci-fi epic in the making, featuring a pool of writing talents from across the US, is now on . Started as a writing tool, it has been given life of it's own.

We tell a story of love and danger. Join us, on Jove Station.

In this round, the authors are, in order: Katie Eickhoff, Athena Riveria, Emily Butler.

The rating is for anything that happens in the future

Round One

Yeah, I'm Ari...Arianna Cassidy. Got a problem with that? That's the problem these days...not one person is nice enough anymore...and we all expect them to be so I try to practice what I preach. But not everyone can be a goddess.

I'm not completely perfect, no one can be. But baby, I try. So here's a story for me to tell. It all happened in the month of May 2215. Rilanna, more commonly known as Rila and I are making local trade runs back to Io, and the rest of the Jovian moons, one of the more least exciting runs, unless your with friends like us.

"Rila, get your butt over here unless ya want be stuck here for the rest of the day. Jove 1 is getting impatient and so am I!"

We're heading to Jove 1 this time, one of the more exciting places that doesn't revolve around the sun. Myself, I'm a Jove girl, so I know it's exciting. Born and raised on Io, I was, and this Jove 1 station is heaven to me. That's why I love the Earth-moon-Jove 1 run we see earth travel through the belt and land near home. Of course it's not as if I have much to go home to. The bubble on Io, is home, but don't get me wrong it's great. There were a lot of nice people there. But it was on the station where I met Rila.

"Alright alright Ari, hold your horses. Bridge this is Tiller, coming
in, over." We glided in, a smooth landing.
"Woohoo Rila. Up for a drink? I'll park The Star Stuff" I thought it
over. "And you dear can pay."
"You just don't wanna see that cute waiter guy at the counter knowing you have money."
"Yeah yer point?" I shook my light red hair. "Every guy thinks I'm
cute, I think it's the eyes. Guys dig violet eyes."
"Whatever, I'll buy that drink anyway...sunspot sound okay?"
"5 gallons of it? With little umbrellas in it? Fine fine, go ahead and
buy me a drink."

We walked down the hall, oh say a whole 10 feet without getting into a fight. The man trying to break the fight between us two and these really piggish guys is really cute too...until I realized he's the commander of Jove itself. I met him once before on Io. He was a junior when I was a freshman in high school. I had a crush on him, and I still do. Oh man, what if it had been the Captain. She would have killed me!

"Commander...I...sorry. Commander Nalko."
" again? I'm sick of seeing people getting hurt. Even if
it's you." Said the cute commander.
"Personally, I just ran into these two young gents...they decided that we were inferior because their ship is better looking. Yeah like that red thing is going to go anywhere without...say this wire?" I replied.
"Sigh, Rila, you say the same? Yeah? Gentlemen?"
"They'll be fine, once they wake up of course."
Rila added, "They wake up every time."
"Well, some dome keeps stopping us." I smiled. "Hello Mr. Dome."
"Hey Ari...we gotta unload the junk. I just realized we be carrying food." Rilanna remembered.
"Alright...later Commander. I suspect that Jove Residents would like some food...any pizza in those boxes Rila?"
We chatted as we started to unload boxes, more boxes, and even more boxes.
"So how's the weather, Rila?"
"Haha, we haven't stepped onto land since Tranquillity Base. And that was to load this food...not that good looking food."
"Yeah not so good food since we left Earth." And as we chattered the station rocked, a couple of screams were heard, as was the announcement from Nalko.
It blared, "All armed Ships, launch in half hour. Let's see if the fighters can get rid of this group."
We finished unloading, and rushed back into MY ship (no matter what
Rila says, it's my ship.) Because, per usual, fighters were overwhelmed, and my ship was pretty well fitted for some reason I dunno, one really big trade run. And because the small Mars group, very radical...I don't know how they could do it...wants to take over earth. Yeah, Mars is a nice place, but I wouldn't want to live there.
"Alright, bridge, this is the Star Stuff, ready to launch and kick butt. Ari-over."
"We got ya Star Stuff, go for launch, now. Nalko, over."
And Woohoo! We were Gone, Rila flew, I fired. We wowed, got hit once, landed in MedBed for a half-hour (Note Commander James Nalko is still very cute), but we were good to go, and oh yeah, we kicked butt and won!
What Happened starting in MedBed...was another story...Rila? You can tell this part...


Yeah, sure, whatever. pops her gum So like, we were lying around in MedBed, right? I was chatting up one of the kuter docs walking around.
Heh, told him my stomach hurt, see... I could tell Ari had a thing for that commander whats-his-head. It was easy to tell. Ari didn't fall for alot of guys, but when she sees somethin' she likes, then honey, move outta da way!

So then in comes the commander hisself! Heh, alright, I'll admit it.
That man is one fine cookie. Mmm! I casually propped myself on my elbow and caught the gist of their conversation.

"So, how's the battle goin?" Ari asked, flicking her bright red curls.
Her big pretty violet eyes were doing that thing they do, dazzling any
guy who looks at her. Oy.

Nalko was kule about it, though. He sat in his chair, looking at her casually. "We're holding out, our forces have pushed them back and we're making repairs and rescues at the moment."

I had to say, he's a pretty good commanda'. Knows his stuff, you know what I'm sayin'? So anywho, they were talking, it was kinda kute.

Then what happens? Something always happens, you see. It's a fact of life. An alarm starts going off right then and there. All loud and stuff, and a computer voice comes over the comm.

"Warning, hull breach imminent... 30 seconds..."

Nalko ran to a console and hit a few buttons. "Bridge, what's going on?"

"Commander, one of the enemy ships, we blasted it but when it shattered
a huge piece of it slammed into the hull right on top of MedBed! The hull is rupturing!"

Nalko frowned darkly. "Get all the staff you can down here. NOW, people!" He turned to us. "We've got to get all the wounded out of here!"

Course, I was all for getting out of there, but there were some hurt soldiers and all.

Know what, my gum is like, gettin' kinda stale. I'm gonna run and get another piece. Let Nalko take it from here, eh?


Commander Nalko took off running down the corridor of the MedBed. Damn! He thought. Why now? As always, his flirting with Arianna had been interrupted by some disaster. Nalko rounded the corner and nearly collided with one of the officers from the control deck.
"Excuse me, Sir!" the young man said. Before Nalko could reply, the kid was gone. Nalko took off again, and when he reached the hull, he knew what all the commotion was about. Hundreds of soldiers and deck officers were struggling to seal the breach in the hull. Nalko ran over to the control display pulled up the diagnostics display. It wasn't good. They were losing oxygen fast, and the life support was failing. Nalko looked out the front viewport, and suddenly had an idea. He reached over to the transmission board, and typed in an emergency message. He hit the SEND button, and the message was gone. Now all he had to worry about was it getting read.

Caledon Baytes yanked hard on the yoke of his brand new XP-97 starfighter, and sent it into a downward spiral. His trick had worked, and he saw the two warships above him collide with each other.
Cal grinned. He loved being in the pilots' seat. Cal pulled his starfighter into a loop, and let out a bombardment of proton missiles. Each one hit its mark.
"Whoo-hoo!" Cal let out a whoop of delight.
Pulling the yoke back, Cal glanced at his display board. He scowled in annoyance when he saw a distress signal coming in. He sighed.
This had better be good, he thought to himself. He reached down and pushed the receive button on his console. A moment later, Commander Nalko's voice resonated throughout the cockpit.
"Commander Baytes! This is Commander Nalko, aboard the MedBed. We've been hit, and our hull is breached. We need you to send in a squad of Escorts, and a few of our fighters. We're going to transfer all personnel from here onto the other ships. Hurry! Our life support is failing. Nalko out." Cal let out a cry of frustration.
Can't Nalko do anything for himself? He thought bitterly. He really hated Nalko. Had hated him since the day Nalko had gotten the highest score on his simulation testing. And had hated him even more when he had been promoted to Commander before him. But still. It was his duty to help the MedBed.
Cal threw his starfighter in a tight spin, and sent out the message, telling all fighters and Escorts to get back into formation. When all of the ships were assembled, he headed towards the wounded MedBed.

"Not a bad bit of rescuing, huh, Rila?" It was later that night, and Cal,
Arianna, Rila, and Nalko were all sitting in a small bar on Lo. He reached down and took a sip of his Jupitarian Ale. He slid into the seat next to Rila, and smiled one of his dazzling smiles that usually got him female company at night. Rila looked into Cals' dark eyes, and smiled.
"I've seen better." Rila turned away and began talking to Arianna. Cal scowled. He wasn't used to rejection. It usually only took one look, and women would go back to his apartment with him in a minute. He'd been working on Rila for months now. Cal looked around the crowded bar. It was quiet tonight, unusual, seeing that this was their most busy time of the day. Cals' eyes fell on a beautiful woman that was sitting across the room.
Smiling, he grabbed his drink and stood up.
"Well," he said. "As much as I'd love to stay and chat, I have to attend too." Before anyone could answer, Cal walked over and began to talk with the young woman across the room.
Rila looked at Nalko and Arianna.
"Can you believe him?" she asked. "He's been hitting on me for months now.
Will he ever know the meaning of the word 'no'?" Nalko laughed.
"Cal? No way. I've known him since the first day at the Academy. Little rich boy knows how to use that flashy smile of his, and it's one of his worst weapons." Nalko looked up as Cal walked out the door of the bar, young woman in tow. "Looks like rich boy is going to have some company tonight."
"God, he is such a player," Arianna said in disgust.
"Yeah," Nalko replied. "But he's sure one hell of a pilot." Ari snorted.
"Yeah, right." Arianna picked up her drink. "Well," she took a sip, and swallowed. "I'll see you guys later. I better get back to my apartment."
Rila nodded and yawned. "Yeah, I'm pretty tired myself. I'll see you guys later." With that, Rila walked out of the bar.
Nalko stood up and offered his arm to Ari. "You wouldn't mind an escort home would you?" Arianna blushed.
"Sure." Nalko smiled, and taking Arianna's hand, walked out of the bar.

End round one

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Round One completed April 16, 2001