You and I are Made of Stars 4th September 2007

We are made of stars
You and I
Hearts evolved long ago from that
Explosion of matter
Random fusion caused by
Some cosmic accidents
Trails of ancestral stardust
Miraculously unbroken
From then until now

Why are you here?
Why am I here?
Why are we here?
Only the sounds of space echo back ..
No answer
White hot suns and
Freezing moons
Have no feelings

You are made from stars, sister
You dance falteringly to the music of time
Swaying slowly sometimes to barely audible
Imagined whispers of angelic lullabyes
Straining to grasp the beauty of it all
And sometimes twirling
Frenetic ecstatic volatile
Weaving your patterns into
Coverlets for future unborn children
Dreaming of kisses

While the world spins relentlessly
And I inexorably turn
To dust

And you, brother
Biding your time
Waiting for freedom
Look on watchful
Observing all silently, lovingly
At times immersed
In your own solitary world
Fearing to turn
Into something else
Dreaming of lost perfection

Look up, children
Look up
Never down
Below lies the earth
Bound by gravity
And sighs
Above, only the heavens
Inhabited by comets
And astronauts
And other worlds
And infinite possibility
And those things
To which there are
No answers