Icebergs or White Horses? Thoughts at High Altitude

At 37,000 feet, looking down
I can see white in the water. I think
It must be melting icebergs, not white horses
And if I can see them from here
They must be big.

The clouds, way down below
Look like corrugated brains
Blowing east.
So much blue
And infinitity.
I want to trampoline on them
And bounce into space.

And looking up
I wonder how high
You have to go
Before the blue turns black
And the earth turns round.

The stewardess passes
She looks like Cati
But not as pretty.
"Beef or veggie?" she says.
"Chicken?" I say .."
"Nah luv, finished"
and I wonder why wherever I sit
on the plane
The chicken is
always finished ..
So I have beef
And it's okay in an
aeroplane kind of way.

There's something on the screen,
Looks like Toy Story on acid
And I crave sleep.
I shut my eyes.

And I think about 9/11
and idly wonder how long it'd take
To hit the sea if the plane blew apart.
I imagine the sucking out
Into the -55C air.
I think the shock of that would
Make the rest
Pretty painless.

I think it would be fine.
Just fine.

And, if it ever happened,
I hope I said goodbye
To everyone who mattered.
It would be terrible to die
And your last words not be loving.

But that's not going to happen ..
Not today ..

2nd July 2007