Mainly Haiku in the Night

Do not fear being odd
Odd people are far more interesting
Than sheep

Pat phrases
Reek of insincerity and brainwashing
What's the truth?

Say what you want
Say what you feel
Whatever it is
It's real

In that moment
It's real

Mean what you say
Say what you mean
Does truth matter?
I happen to think so ..

But in the end, friend
You are just three quarters
Water ..

Seventeen syllables are
Just not enough
To be succinct
But I'm not

One of us is insane
And it's not me
Crazy mad
I really don't

Or is it me?
Floats in flowers
Like Ophelia
Daft as a brush

(As we say here)
But not dead, no
Just from the neck down
Lies between lines

"shifty look"
But .. if I was really mad
I wouldn't know it
Would I?

Life hurts
Love hurts
If God is love
Does God hurt too?

Don't ever
Ever ever
Play games
With hearts
Ever again
Never again
You hear?

No false promises
No hope
Where there is none
Words look strange
On the page

The balance has tipped
Too far now
And I fall
Down deep
No safety net

"Falls into the abyss"
"Looks back but
It's too late"
She was quite nice ..

Then the sun rises
The dawn birds sing
The endless circle
The day begins

6th June 2007