I used to carry your words with me
(you love me)
Talismans in the darkness
When I travelled the world
(you will always love me)
Amulets in the abyss of loss
Safe in the knowing there was a rock
Solid in the rough seas of doubt
(you will never be too busy to care)
Charms against the daily grind of life
I kept them close to me
Because I believed you
(love me, always and forever?)
You asked me that
I said yes
You were content
In that knowledge
Knowing I meant it

And now
Your words taunt
Empty and hollow
The rock covered by
Quicksands and shifting tides
The warm safe place replaced
By a yawning chasm
Of cold indifference.
How could this be so?
I will never understand

There is no protection now
And I am vulnerable
Was the magic only an illusion?
A cheap trick .. not real
Night thoughts make
Me become invisible
Until I become a ghost
Haunting you in
Your dreams

I used to carry your words with me
(You will love me always and forever)
In my heart
In my head

I still do

21st October 2007