BUT YOU, the rewrite of CLIMBING TREES & CHASING CARS, has been posted as of yesterday! Go check it out, please :)

The rewritten summary: Aiden Carlisle: 1. Object of my rejected fifth grade affections; 2. Now object of my jerk-filled day-nightmares; 3. Requested that a love song be played on the radio…for me. Six years too late, much? -CTCC Redux-

And... an excerpt from the first chapter!

Usually when someone destroys her radio for no apparent reason, people will start asking questions. Usually the person who destroyed said radio will continue going on a random rampage and demolish everything in her path, whether it be going on to smash a vase that got in her way or kicking her cat. Usually that person would be put in a straight jacket.

Well, unless she was conducting a scientific experiment. Then, depending on how that went, she might get a medal. Or, you know…a straight jacket.

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- kte-wonderful

posted as both the first and last chapter of CTCC, for new and old readers alike