February 20, 2010

BUT YOU, the rewrite of CLIMBING TREES & CHASING CARS, has been posted as of yesterday! Go check it out, please :)

The rewritten summary: Aiden Carlisle: 1. Object of my rejected fifth grade affections; 2. Now object of my jerk-filled day-nightmares; 3. Requested that a love song be played on the radio…for me. Six years too late, much? -CTCC Redux-

And... an excerpt from the first chapter!

Usually when someone destroys her radio for no apparent reason, people will start asking questions. Usually the person who destroyed said radio will continue going on a random rampage and demolish everything in her path, whether it be going on to smash a vase that got in her way or kicking her cat. Usually that person would be put in a straight jacket.

Well, unless she was conducting a scientific experiment. Then, depending on how that went, she might get a medal. Or, you know…a straight jacket.

I hope you enjoy the rewrite! Don't forget to review; I always reply to them.

Until then, have a wonderful day. You're awesome.

- kte-wonderful

posted as both the first and last chapter of CTCC, for new and old readers alike

February 17, 2010. Ish.

News! I come bearing news!

All right, here's the deal. As some of my readers may have noticed, I've taken most of my stories off FictionPress. This is for somewhat personal reasons, namely that I want to publish in the real world some day. Even though the stories that I have had posted are generally ones that I wouldn't want to get published from the get-go, since the ones that I took down are stories that could turn into full-length novels, I didn't want to leave them up. For all I know, I might change my mind.

Therefore, I've made the decision (I actually made this decision a long time ago) to not post long stories on FictionPress. However, I've also made the decision (I made this decision a couple days ago) that I will post short fics on here. That is, stories that are about six/seven chapters or fewer. Probably a few one-shots, too. Because I know that those have no chance of getting published, and I need to practice writing short stories anyway.

That's not to say that the stories I post on here will be suck-ish/rejects! No sir. I'll actually put thought and things into this; you guys won't be getting stuff I pull out of my reject pile. I'll also probably be a bit better at updating, since the stories can wrap up faster.

Now, onto different business.

As some more of my readers have noticed, CTCC (also known as this story, also known as my most popular story on FP) is kind of suck-ish. I agree completely.

Which is why CTCC is getting a complete rewrite.

It'll be about the same length, I'm guessing, with a sort-of-same general story line. However, some things have changed, but to see what, you'll have to read the new version. Just as a forewarning, though, Taegan's name changed. As did Dirk's last name. But I think that was all the name changing I did. You'll be able to tell who's who really easily, in any case.

It will also suck a little less, hopefully. I was rushing to finish CTCC because I'd taken forever just to update, so I'm aiming for this rewrite to take less time and be of a little more quality.

With CTCC's rewrite, I also wanted to set up the tentative sequel, SNIPPETS & SNIPERS, a little bit better. That story will be tightened a little more to fit into about seven-ish chapters, but I won't be posting S&S until after the rewrite of CTCC is finished. Things will change in that story, too.

So there you go! Check back in the next couple days or put me on author alert if you want to read the rewrite of CLIMBING TREES & CHASING CARS, which has been given the new title of BUT YOU.


- kte-wonderful