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"Please help me"

She turned around and went pale. "What?"

"Please hide me."

She blinked pointed at an open a door. "You can hide in the garage if you want."

He smiled gratefully. "Thanks."

Just as the door shut a mob a girls ran around the corner. "Have you seen James from Silver Lining?" One of the girls called to her.

"What? Like the real James?!" He heard her reply to the girl. Damn he should have kept running – she was going to let them in.

"Yes!" Squealed the girl who was part of the mob.

"Sorry I haven't! OMG this is so exciting!" His so called savour squealed back. Damn second thought let them in.

He didn't hear anything after that – it was silent for about three minutes then the door opened. "They've gone. Close the door after you." His savour said as she walked back towards her easel.

"You're not going to ask for an autograph or tickets?" He was surprised.

"Nope, I don't need an autograph and as much as I would love to go to one of your concerts I don't think just because I let you stand in my garage for a couple of minutes I deserve tickets." With that she turned back to her painting.

"Wow that's really good."

She smiled. "Thanks." She gestured to A3 file next to her easel, "There's some of you and your band in there."

"So you really are a fan?"

"I really like some of your music. So if that's what you mean yes I'm a fan."

He flicked through the portfolio. Almost all the pictures were of him and his band or of a man. "Who is he?"

"My Dad," He saw her smile but it was a sad smile. He gave her a questioning look.

"He has cancer and he just got readmitted back into hospital."

"Are you an only child?"

"No – an older brother and a younger sister, both are a bit upset at the moment they didn't know they found more cancer a year and a bit ago."

That sounded familiar. "Do you have MySpace?"

"Yes..."she replied uncertainly.

"And you've sent us a couple of messages?"

He eyes widened "You read them? I didn't get a reply to first one so I assumed ..."

"We didn't want to embarrass you."

She laughed, "I hate Murphy."

He gave her a funny look, "What?"

"Ever heard of Murphy's Law? The unlikeliest things always happen after you've told yourself there is no way they could. Like the only day you don't take an umbrella it rains or sending messages to people that your sending them to because you will never meet them and then you meet them." She paused, "Sorry I don't usually spill my life story; I must be boring you. You should probably go."

"You weren't boring me."

"I'm sure you're just saying that because you're polite. Can I ask for one thing for hiding you from the mob?"

He looked at her curiously, "What?"

"You can day no if you want but can ... can I have a hug? Just so I can say I've hugged someone famous."

He chuckled, "Sure."

She blushed. He liked how her cheeks went a pastel pink. She placed her arms around his neck and he looped his arms around her waist. She was so petite and delicate. He couldn't resist pressing his lips to hers.

Her lips were so soft and free of gloss. She hesitated then started returning the kiss. He broke away a while later. Both were breathing heavily.


He chuckled, "Yeah, wow."

That was how an average girl got together with a guy that was in one of the top bands. Murphy and luck – the best combo ever.

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