The Beginning

I see this girl, I want to reach out to, because everytime I look at her, I see myself in her...I can see through her mask and her disguises. I look at those hard, cold eyes...only to see myself staring back.

I try and reach out to her, but everytime something pulls me back.

I see her looking at everyone, trying to sort them out, trying to find out with whom she may fit in with.
She seems so lost, when everyone's so engrossed in each other, none of them noticing a lost soul amongst them...

She doesn't see me. She doesn't notice me looking at her so many times.

She doesn't find her place among friends who are nothing but strangers to her. She settles down under a tree with a book. I smile and think, That's exactly what I'd have done.

As the day goes on, I can't help glancing at her direction and think, I should do something for her. I try to think of a way to approach her, to start a conversation to cheer her up.

I look at her again to find her glittering black eyes locked with mine, her stare cold. It seemed as if they were saying "Leave me alone!"

I then feel that she had after all noticed me looking at her but she failed to notice the curiosity in my eyes.

I can't leave her alone...Something seems so familiar...

I say to myself, I'll do something for her...

As I walk home, I notice her walking a little in front of me. She seems so forlorn with her head cast down then, without any particular intention, I catch up to her and say "Hello" with a sweet smile.

And with a single smile and a "Hello" began a beautiful friendship.

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