Once upon a timeā€¦

The valiant prince jumped over the cart, landed on his feet and continued to run. He unsheathed his sword, before tackling the man in front of him.

'Surrender, vermin and I may just spare your life,' he said harshly, placing his foot on the man's stomach and his sword at his neck.

The man groaned, 'please your nobleness, spare me! I know my mistakes now, forgive me.' He started sobbing.

Mercifully, the hero re-sheathed his sword and kicked aside the thief, who, not believing his stars, made a hasty retreat. Leaning down to pick up a bag, the hero handed it to the onlooking maiden, who gazed at him with admiration. 'Thank-you my lord,' she murmured, tripping straight into his arms as she reached for the bag. 'Now it's time to wake up,' her breath suddenly smelled of stale bread and cheese. The hero recoiled in disgust.

'What?' he asked confused.

'I said wake up!' Cold and foul smelling water poured over Raoul's head, 'NOW!' shouted his older sister, throwing the bucket at him as she stalked out of the room.

Raoul groaned and unwillingly dragged himself out of bed.

'Someone's not a morning person.' he huffed grumpily. 'Bloody hell, I was just getting to the good part too!'

'What good part?' Asked his twin brother, Reyer, from the doorway.

Raoul jumped in fright, 'None of your business, why is Annika in such a huff today?'

'If you had to wake your ugly butt up every morning, you wouldn't be all that chipper either,' retorted Reyer,

'Ha ha and ha, that was so funny I forgot to laugh. Try looking at your own reflection some time.'

"Whatever," said Reyer. He froze suddenly, seeming to have remembered something. "The lord's aid visited earlier by the way. Our darling 'prince' wants to see you immediately, he has company, again," he said.

That explains Annika's mood, Raoul pondered. Everyone around the castle knows she had a thing for the lord's aid. He repeatedly and publically refused her and now those two being in contact with each other for even a short space of time means hell for all in contact with them.

Raoul jumped out of bed and threw on the first thing that he touched, a clean but ragged tunic and grey breeches. He quickly cleaned his teeth and face before asking Reyer what the lord's son needed.

'I'm not sure,' Charles replied, 'I think it's about arrangements for his soon to be wife's stay. He wants to see you in the hall," Raoul muttered his thanks as he quickly walked out of the room, smoothing down his hair as best as he could. He knew first hand what happened when the lord's son was kept waiting.

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