There are times where crying is acceptable.

Not right now, but there are times. Like at a funeral, or maybe a wedding. But having your best friend tell you that she's going out on a date with the guy you've fallen in love with- I mean, had a crush on for a while is not one of those times. And I understand that completely.

But boy, are these tears flowing. And not those pretty little trickles that slowly bead out of your eyes and slide down your cheek, no; these are the full-on, mess-up-your-makeup type of tears. Which, you know, sucks but not as much since I don't actually wear makeup.

Still, the effect is still the same. As my friend babbles on, I do what all bawling girls do: I slam my locker door against my fingers.

"OW!" I exclaim (with the occasional curse), tears flying off my face. Annadale, my oblivious best friend, stares at me with an incredulous look on her pretty face. Which is well placed seeing as how I usually am a very graceful person. Dancing and skating regularly help.

"A-Amelia...?" Annadale pronounces my name slowly, as if I've suddenly developed a mental rash. "A-Are you... okay?" She reaches for my fingers but I do everything just short of actually pushing her down onto the ground. I quickly duck, make a turn while squatting, and back up slowly, all while cradling my throbbing fingers.

She stares at me as I laugh nervously. "Yeah... It's all good. I'm just gonna... go to the nurse now," I told her, practically sprinting away after sending her a nervous grin.

I sighed as I turned the knob of the nurses' office with my non-injured hand and quietly walked over to an empty cot to wait for a nurse to come. I've had much better ideas. I sat down and let my thoughts and feelings take over. That didn't sound corny at all.

Why did Anna telling me that she'll be dating him affect me so badly? I mean, sure I've gotten crushes before, but eventually, they faded. That's how I got most of my guy friends; I used to harbor secret feelings toward them. But this was different. I've liked (and still like) this guy for almost two years, which was waaay over my comfort limit.

If only my heart actually listened to my mind. That'd actually be awesome, I thought, blinking my eyes a few times before wiping them with my good hand. I turned my body and laid down on the futon-on-wheels. To be honest with you, I absolutely hate getting crushes; it makes you feel weird when you see them and it hurts when they show interest in someone else.

Covering my eyes with my arm, I peek under and observe my purplish fingers. Chuckling softly to myself, I mutter, "Some people get tattoos. I just get my skin colored differently."

"Talking to yourself there, Amelia?"

That voice made my heart jump in my chest. That voice made all the air in my lungs rush out in a single breath. That voice belonged to the guy I like, Brennon. Moving my arm and quickly sitting up straight, I manage a small smile at him while fighting a huge blush down. Brennon sat down next to me. Why is he looking at me like- oh.

Finally remembering that he said something to me, I hastily replied with: "Well maybe I am. Maybe my fingers cut off all the blood that was supposed to go to my brain." I shrugged good-naturedly. "Maybe I'm just insane. The doctors say it's too early to tell." Then I remembered that I wasn't that close to Brennon and that he may just think that I am strange.

But no, he laughs and I thank the lord, the gods, Buddha, whoever is up there looking out for me. "You've always had a sense of humor, I can say that much," Brennon says, giving me and smile that involuntarily stops my heart. A sharp pain shoots up from my fingers and reminds me of the truth; he and Anna are going out on a date later. I frown a little.

"So, why are you in here?" Brennon asks, not noticing my change in mood. Which is a good thing, because I don't think I could actually find a locker in here. Plus, I don't know how successful I'll be going through life with only half of the fingers on my left hand. Speaking of fingers, I lifted mine and said, "Slammed them into my locker."

"Ouch," he replied, wincing a little. "I thought you were a graceful person?"

"That's what people tell me," I say, "but there's a first time for everything." He nods like it's happened to him before and gets up off the cot. "What're you in here for?" I ask him.

He shakes his head. "Nothing. I just saw you and thought you could use some company. It gets lonely in here, doesn't it?" He smiles at me again and this time I couldn't help but smile back.

"Yeah, it does. Thanks for talking with me, Brennon."

"No problem," he replies, with his heart-stopping smile. "It's what friends are for, isn't it?" I immediately notice the word 'friends', but it doesn't bother me. It feels right.

"Exactly," I tell him with a smile of my own. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we've got a girl who's gotten over her crush.

Brennon gives me a small wave before heading out the door. I suddenly remember something else.

"Brennon!" I say, stopping him from leaving completely. "Have fun on your date with Anna." He looks confused.

"Uh, thanks? I thought she was going out with Brenton but I'll keep that in mind." He winked at me. "See you later, Amelia."