September Challenge

Theme is 'rebound'. Main character gets ditched, gets into a rebound relationship. Whether the rebound relationship succeeds or fails or the MC gets back with the person who ditches him at first or finds another person or ends up with their rebound is all up to you.


Main action must be set in September.

Must use the words: ocean, reverie, smoke, sulky, nowhere, absurdity and frost in any way you want so long they're in the story.

One character must say: "The thing about Georgette is that she's…she's a widespread kind of woman, you know?"


A kiss that makes the reader go 'WTF?!' (whether in surprise or delight or horror is all up to you)


No excessive angst.

No obvious mention of love by a character. Therefore, no 'I like you,' 'I love you' 'My heart belongs to you' etc. If you need a character to let another character know of his love, find a super-subtle/obscure way to put it.

I want everyone to join. Yeah, even those of you who claim to be 'READERs, not WRITERs' because I have the deep personal belief that within every reader there is a writer secretly dwelling, and vice versa. So, no excuses. Seriously, it'll be fun. I'll read and review every entry, so come on. It'll be fun. Give it a try, and even if it's half-assed, just send it. You never know. Writers tend to have this self-esteem issue were they're always thinking: Urgh, I'm rubbish. I'll never be a good writer. I say: pfft, whatever.

Quick note about updates for other stories: I haven't been writing recently because I've been busy catching up with all the homework I didn't do over the summer before college starts again (typical of me, I know). But next updates should be, roughly in order of appearance: Broken Umbrella, BUBBLES, some oneshots, Winter Storms. Love you all :)