Chapter One
Hate At First Sight

Mondays. I freaking hate mondays! And as I stared to the sky from my New York apartment building I cursed the rain for falling while I was stuck inside working on a damn term paper for my history course. I wanted to be out on an afternoon like today, hitting on some pretty chicks or hangin' with the guys, but no.

The importance of America's shitty past is what I'm stuck thinking about today.

I love rainy days and grey skies and right now I'm just sitting around wasting a perfect drizzle! And guess what... I'm not even close to done! My cell phone buzzed in vibration on my coffee table and the name Cole flashed on the screen along with one new text message. I hurriedly picked up the phone, anything for a quick distraction, though I know not doing the work is going to bite me in the ass later.

Hey wnna hang w/ me & sme frnds. U cn meet my new bf

Hmmm... so I can stay here and get a good grade in history or I can hang with my friends and flunk the hell out of this paper.

Is it wrong that I got up and walked to my closet looking for something to where. I guess so.

Hey Alex, I'll take the flunking grade for 200.

I ran to my room and pulled on my favorite grey and black hoodie that had two pistols on the back and the word "Affliction" over some faded jeans and a t-shirt. I ran to the bathroom to brush my teeth and quickly assessed my appearance, tanned skin with my messy brown hair that reached a little lower than my ears. My golden brown eyes stared right back at me as my reflection also scrutinized my apearance. I probably should shave a little but I kind of like my little 5 o'clock shadow.

I bared my teeth at the mirror and glanced at my large canines, bigger than a regular human's but not overly noticeable. And right now you're probably wondering, a regular human? Well ladies and gentleman, the truth is I'm a werewolf. To put it plain and simple.

Or what humans deem a now let me guess, you're a little skeptical, ok let me clear up the myths. Yes we turn into wolves. No we don't hunt random strangers... who the fuck wants grandma as breakfast. Yes we do have mates, no we don't just magically get guided towards them. If you happen to find that one chick out of millions of american girls across the country. You are one lucky bastard.

Yes we do like the moon, no silver doesn't kill us. I have a few silver chains and I didn't melt in the store that I tried them on in. But the biggest opinion of us that is true is yes, we do hate bloodsuckers! Those freakin' worthless leeches. They're all pale faced weirdos who get paraded around in fantasy novels as perfect men and flawless. Bullshit! Vampires are the bane of my existence.

I mean I won't just outright kill one but yes I will be hostile, I'll kill if necessary, stay away from them, and hate them with every fiber of my being. But I digress.

Back to being a werewolf, no not all of my friends are like magical creatures of some sort so don't expect some harry potter shit to go down. I promise you it's not going to happen

Anyways I quickly brushed my teeth following with a little mouth wash and put on some tag body spray. I know that sounds pretty commercial but I love the smell. Sue me!

I tried dragging a comb through my hair and pretty much gave up after the tenth tangle. Screw it, real men don't need to comb... or at least that's what I keep telling myself. I took one last glance in the mirror and then ran out of my apartment after grabbing my wallet and cell.

I waited at the new cafe' just three blocks from my apartment, at the spot where Cole told me to meet him. Late. Again. I swear, this guy can't get anywhere on time unless there's food and guys involved. I sighed to myself, and here I thought I was leaving the house to do something interesting...

A few minutes later Cole walked through the door with our friend Will and they quickly shuffled over to the table I was sitting at. Dan immediately fell into the seat across from Cole, leaving Will on the other side next to Dan and cole to my left. Will and Dan flipped through the menus on the table looking for something to eat while me and Cole talked.

"Chase, you like tired as shit, what the hell happened to you?" he asked quickly. Well... that was a little hurtful to my ego, and here I thought I looked nice.

"College is what the hell happened, I hate classes almost as much as mondays." he gave me an amused expression "Good thing I don't go to college! Who needs education to become starbucks cashier!" he exclaimed.

"Oh yeah Cole... that's the job I want to be working in 15 years. Seriously you're going to be like the only 35 year old gay guy working for a starbucks as cashier. You'll be old as hell serving chai tea and cappacinos!" Cole let out a rather obnoxious laugh and looked at me with excitement gleaming in his eye.

"Whatever, at least I'm not homeless. But anyway guess what?! I have a new boyfriend" he squealed in delight and I had to look at him weird because he was acting really hyper today

"You know, you didn't sound this girlie back in high school and junior high. What the hell happened?"

"Guys and hormones. Speaking of which my new boyfriend's name is Austin and boy is he a hottie! He's coming to meet us in about 10 minutes. Ooh I can't wait for you to see him! And he's bringing his best friend Ryan with him. I hope you don't mind"

He stared at me with an "I don't care if you mind" look and moved on. "Geez Cole! When did you break up with Dylan, didn't you get with him like a week ago, and now you've got a new boyfriend! You're more of a man whore than I am!"

He looked pleased with that last comment and looked at me with a mischievous smile on his face "Not every one can just settle down with one person like you! I mean, how long have you been going out with Vanessa? Like four months, that's decades in guy time! When are you going to propose to this chick?"

I arched my eyebrow at his stupidity "Look Cole, I mean Vanessa's hot and all but she's not like wife and mother material. I mean maybe if I'm with her for like a year or two more, then I'll ask her. But right now, she's more of a college fling, I mean everyone's entitled to one!"

"So basically she's a good fuck, not much of a wife... and you call me a man whore. Oh well, that's what you get when you go for blonde haired, big breasted women." "Whatever, you make her sound like a whore or something. We've been doing good together, it's just that well... I'm not fucking proposing to anyone at 23!"

He gave me a skeptical look and then turned to the cafe' door just as a tall guy with medium black hair walked in with a petite little girl beside him. I will admit, as gay as this might sound, Cole had definitely upgraded. I had to re-assess how I looked for a minute just to make myself feel a little better.

The man quickly walked over to our table and his small friend followed in suit hiding slightly behind the guy's tall frame. "Austin, where's your friend Ryan? And who is this lovely lady?" Cole said giving the small woman his award winning smile that charmed all the gay guys he ever went out with. And that's a hell of alot. Now if only I could master that trick.

The tiny girl moved into view smiling awkwardly with a light blush splayed across her face. "Umm... actually I'm Ryan" she said in a small voice looking at the floor quickly as if embarrassed by her proclaimation. "Oh well aren't you the cutest thing! Come, you and Austin sit down. Chase, get the fuck up so Austin can sit next to me."

"No, I didn't happen to sit here first" I said, my voice dripping with sarcasm. "And manners, it wouldn't kill you to get some"

I grumbled while moving one seat over at our six person table. Austin sat right between me and Cole and his friend Ryan sat across from me. I didn't think anything of it, until my canines grew a bit in my mouth and a growl reverberated through my chest, so silent no one else could hear it.

I glanced around the cafe' I was in, searching for some type of threat because my teeth only came out when danger was near.

My instincts kicked into high gear as I searched the building using my smell to find out what the problem was. And then it came, a faint scent of something I never wanted to get near in my life. A vampire. I had never met one before but I knew that smell right off the bat. Something in me recognized the danger.

I narrowed my eyes suspiciously as I scanned the cafe. And realized the scent was close... like very close. At our table, it was one of the new comers because I knew Will and Cole's scent by heart. I leaned over slightly in Austin's direction to focus more on his scent... and much to my displeasure he smelled like Cole... and sex. Not something I wanted to really involve myself in so I then sat back in my seat and hovered a bit forward in front of my seat.

I then focused on Ryan's scent and that's when I realized it was here. But the smell was peculiar, her scent was human but at the same time vampire. I'm guessing she's half, which is still not a good thing for me. I looked at her more closely while she focused on the menu and analyzed her features.

She had curly and lightly frizzy red hair that came to only a bit under her chin, with pale blue eyes framed by circular glasses that were black. Her cheeks were tinted with a slight pinkish color but besides that she was really pale. Her face was narrow and petite like her body with small pouty lips centered just below her nose.

She didn't look like a blood sucking monster... but then again looks are decieving. But she didn't reek of blood and danger, in fact if anything her demeanor was meek and quiet. But what worried me the most, was the smell underneath it all. Her scent was intoxicating, tangy... and the exact same as mine except in female form.

Something about her smell called to me and I knew instantly she was my mate. It was true that I thought she was pleasantly gorgeous fbut something else was obvious to me. She was a vampire.

And in another instant I realized fate fucked up and I didn't want her.

She looked up from her menu and directed her small gaze to mine and I gave a small growl, looking at her with distaste and hate. She looked taken back but it didn't matter because I was up and out of my seat in an instant. "Sorry Cole, I think I've got to bail. I've got other things to do today." And with that I stalked out of the cafe' leaving all of them behind.