Silent tears for silent pain
total loss without a gain

down the tunnel i now gaze
theres no light, just a complete maze

my minds stopped in utter disbelief
mourning inward, drowned in grief

i try making sense of what just went on
but the tunnels so dark, the light is gone

all this dark is usually so bright
all these shadows killed by the light

the pain is cutting through me with a jagged knife
and as the the blade deepens, there goes my life

all the happiness i knew i had
replaced by anger, i am so damn mad

i hate HIM
i hate HER!
but i'd love the body that would not stir..

these thoughts, i know, they are not right
but i've given in with out a fight

the time for help has passed, it is far too late...
suicidal tendancies have introduced my fate.