Chapter 1

Olivia sat in her dark bedroom listening to the raindrops beat against her window. It was actually pretty quiet aside from her occasional sobs. She did this often; sit in the dark, cry and occasionally get mysterious cuts and scars on her arms and legs, unknown to the outside world. No one ever noticed, and that's how she wanted it to stay. She was often amazed at how depressed she became when reflecting on her life; then again, she did have good things to think about too.

She'd just graduated from high school about a week ago, one of the highest graduates in her class; she had a few good friends and well, an okay family, despite how distant she felt around them.

Still thinking, she heard the sound of the front door slam along with the sound of heavy footsteps, her father; the one person that could make her reconsider the love she had for her family. He was a heavy gambler and despised her as she was told many times, and he wasn't afraid to show it.

It was well known that her father was never anxious about having children, he was especially upset when it came that he had a daughter instead of a son. It was very seldom that he said he loved her in a manner that she believed it, but when those rare times did come, it did make her feel better.

Waking up from her thoughts, Olivia heard the arguing of her mother and father die down as she drifted off to sleep.

Hours later, she awoke to a strange sound. Sitting up on her bed, she looked around only to find everything seemingly okay so she lay back down.

Suddenly, her door burst open and before she realized what was going on, her hands had been tied together along with her ankles. She screamed trying to draw attention to her parents or anyone within her voice's reach to help her only to have something tied around her head, blocking her mouth.

Whatever was placed around her had a strong scent and it soon became hard for her to breathe. Her eyes watered now, not just from fright but from fumes now as well. The scent was strong and the burning sensation she felt in her nose and throat reminded her of ammonia.

Through clouded eyes she watched the intruder stuff a great deal of her belongings in a bag. After that he hurriedly picked her up and threw the bag over his shoulders and took her out of the house and then shoved her into a car, knocking her head against the roof as he did.

After landing in the car, she fought through her bondage to open the door but despite her struggling, she couldn't get it open.

While she fought with the door, she was slowly slipping out of consciousness, the pain from being hit in the head combined with the fumes she was forced to inhale were becoming too much for her. Giving up, she tried screaming again but the fumes attacked her throat before she had a chance.

Loosing all hope and the energy slowly being drained from her, she hazily saw her parents standing at an open window in the house.

Maybe there was some hope yet. But then again, why hadn't they come out for her? Maybe they'd called the cops already, maybe that's why they looked so calm, so patient, so uncaring about the fact that their daughter was being snatched in the night.

But no, the cops didn't come and neither did they.

Frantic, and unable to maintain her strength any longer, Olivia collapsed and fell unconscious.

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