Heya guys! Here is a short story, I just came up with it XD I know its not good, but I liked it (yeah, I'm weird!)

"Hello and Welcome to the Murder Studios! Where all your horror-fantasies come true!"

The visitors look pleased with the welcome of the charming girl. They begin their tour in the world-famous studio where the best horror-movies are made. They see amazingly well made robotic monsters and they see the collection of blood used for the movies (really realistic!)

"We will now take a little break to have you taste a few delicacies from our movies!"

The girl walks to a long table and shows the 'delicacies': macaroni and goo, eyeball soup, blood punch, Vampires blood and bloody fingers.

"Well I hope you'll enjoy these!"

The visitors hesitantly taste the incredible realistic-made food. They gasp at the unexpected delicious taste of the scary food.

"I think you are all done with the delicacies, lets move on to the main event!"

The visitors follow the girl to one of the filming sets. The girl places them in front of the camera and stands beside the cameraman.

"We'll do a short movie with you all as a souvenir!"

Suddenly a group of the demon-robots come and begin to tear the visitors apart and they eat the bloody flesh. One of the visitors runs to the girl and the cameraman.

"B..but these aren't robots!"

The poor man is grabbed by the demons and they feast on his flesh. The girl looks at the bloody scenery and grins.

"I hope you liked the tour through the Murder Studios! Where all your horror-fantasies come true!