I'm not paralyzed
But I seem to be struck by you
I want to make you move
Because you're standing still
If your body matches
What your eyes can do
You'll probably move right through
Me on my way to you

"Naura! Hurry up! They're almost here!"

Naura rolled her eyes, turning off her hair straightener. She wore a black halter dress and black flip flops with silver bangles on her wrists and fake diamond studs in her ears. Her black hair with dark red streaks throughout it was straightened and she smelled like a "Romantic Wish". Or at least that's what the Victoria's Secret perfume she wore was called. It's not like she was wishing for romance or anything. She had a boyfriend for that. "Coming!" She came down the stairs just as the front door opened and two guests entered.

"I'm so glad you guys made it safely. How was the drive?" Theresa, Naura's mother, hugged the older man, her new husband, before turning to the younger man. "Tyler, I'm so glad you decided to come."

Tyler, Rich's son, was seventeen, only a month older than Naura, and had come to live with them from Florida where he had been staying with his mother. He had been expelled from school (Naura's mother wouldn't tell her why) and his mother had sent him away from his old friends to start fresh. And he was sexy too. Tall, about 5'11, with a nice tan body (probably from all that Florida sun), spiked black hair, and snake bite piercings. He also had a tattoo on his bicep peaking out from under the white t-shirt he wore.

Maybe her mother's new marriage wouldn't be too bad after all.

Theresa smiled at her daughter. "Naura, this is Tyler, your new stepbrother. I'm so glad you guys are finally meeting."

Naura nodded and held out her hand. "Nice to meet you."

A half-smile came to Tyler's face as he held out his hand to shake hers. "Likewise."

Rich clapped a hand down on his son's shoulder, smiling at Naura. "Regardless of his looks, he really can be a gentleman but let me know if he's being a pain and I'll set him straight."

Naura nodded. "Will do."

"Alright." Theresa smiled at them all. "Who's hungry?"


School was to start tomorrow. It was Naura's senior year as well as Tyler's and they would be car pooling to school, switching back and forth from driving Naura's red Toyota corolla to Tyler's new black Scion. Yes, Rich was a bit "rich" and decided to give Tyler the car as a new beginning present. Rich obviously really loved his son no matter how many times he messed up.

Naura sat on the floor in her bedroom, putting together a binder for all her classes. She hated to admit it but she was a bit of a neat freak and if everything wasn't put together properly she would, well, freak.

Her door opened just then and Tyler stepped in, leaning to the side against the doorway, dressed in black sweats and a white t-shirt. "Hey sis. How's it goin'?"

Naura smiled. "Pretty good, bro. Liking it here so far?"

"We'll find out tomorrow." He crossed his arms. "I'm not really fond of school."

"Neither am I and most of my friends are conceited and stuck up but they can be friendly at times. You just have to give them a chance."

"Can't wait to meet them."

Naura smiled. "They'll like you." Like I do, she wanted to add but that would of course be inappropriate. She wondered for a moment what it would be like to kiss a guy with snake bite piercings.

Tyler stood, watching her organize her binder and label each folder. She was gorgeous, pretty much. And smart. And could have a conversation without seeming dumb. He usually liked them blond and dumb as a doornail so as not to pose a challenge but she was different and he actually liked that. "Well see you in the morning. I just wanted to say hi and goodnight."

Naura gave him a wave. "Goodnight."

The next morning she got up at six and hopped in the shower, very awake. She never was able to sleep the night before the first day of school. Ten minutes later she got out and ran into Tyler in the hallway. Literally. "Oh hi. Morning. Sorry."

Tyler slipped by her into the bathroom, shirtless with bed head hair, trying to get that intoxicating scent he had just gotten a whiff of out of his system. Damn, she smelled good. "No my bad. Morning."

Naura practically ran to her room, the image of his tight pecks and six pack on her mind. That image stayed in her mind until she was ready for school, dressed in a short jean skirt, a white tank top, a black button up vest over that, and black flip flops. Her black and dark red striped hair was back in a messy bun, naturally curly instead of flat ironed and she wore a long silver chain necklace with a silver peace pendant at the end of it. She was a bit of a hippie when it came to their beliefs. Perfect comfy first day of school outfit.

She walked out of her room, taking her big red purse, binder, and two school books with her. Her mom and Rich were still asleep so the house was completely silent except for the sound of crickets outside. The sun was also still rising since it was only 7am.

Setting her stuff on the kitchen table, Naura walked up to the refrigerator and started cooking. Ten minutes later Tyler came down the stairs, fully awake and wearing dark jeans, a black t-shirt with a tiny skull logo in the corner, a silver studded belt, and black converse. His hair was spiked and he smelled like heaven. Or axe. Maybe a bit of both.

Naura smiled up at him as he entered the kitchen, setting two plates filled with scrambled eggs and toast on the table. "I hope you're a scrambled eggs kind of guy."

"I'm a food kind of guy." A barely noticeable smile came to his face as he moved to sit down while she went to pour two glasses of orange juice. "Thanks."

"No problem." Naura set the glasses on the table and then sat down across from him, beginning to eat. Halfway through her meal, she paused to look at him, studying his snake bite piercings. "Those hurt?"

He shrugged. "A little. Probably hurt less to me than it would you. And I was high so definitely didn't feel much."

Naura nodded, deciding not to comment. Many of her friends smoked and did other stuff but she had never been one to try any type of drug. She, personally, was against anything that wasn't good for your health. Except drinking of course.

The ride to school was short considering Tyler had offered to drive and he drove like a maniac. They got there in half the time it took her to get there so they were twenty minutes early. Tyler parked in the student parking lot and got out, looking at the huge school.

"So where's your first class?" Naura asked as they walked side by side toward the school.

Tyler pulled out his schedule. "3200 building. Room 13."

"Oh that's in the back. My first class is two doors down so I'll walk you."

Naura showed him his classroom, wished him luck, and then went to her own class. She was still ten minutes early and she and Tyler had exchanged numbers so they could meet up at lunch.

Her first two classes rolled by quickly as always and soon it was lunchtime.

'Hey some friends and I are going to get lunch at Chipotle down the street. Wanna come?' she texted Tyler on her way to her friend Julie's car.

His text came minutes later just as she and Byron, her boyfriend of almost two years, reached Julie's car.

'Raincheck for tomorrow. Some guy invited me to hang but thanks for the invite.'

Naura ignored her disappointment and soon the day was over. She caught a ride with Byron, Julie, and Rachel back to her house. Tyler said he was having a friend over too, a kid named Zach. If Naura was correct, she knew Zach. He was one of the biggest dealers at her school and she hated him because he was dating Fay, her ex-best friend. That was pretty much why they were ex-best friends. He had sucked her into a life of drugs and she had told Fay that she wasn't going to be a party in this self destruction. So they only saw each other at school and completely ignored one another.

Naura kicked off her shoes as she and her friends entered and set her purse and books on the couch. Byron, tall, light-skinned, fit, and blond, followed Naura into the kitchen. Julie, a short platinum blond and Rachel, a dark wavy haired brunette, followed behind him.

Tyler was already in the kitchen, a coke in his hand, and Zach was leaning against the fridge, a coke in his hand as well. Zach was, to say the least, a bad boy. Short blond hair, spiked up a bit in the front, a red hat tilted to the side, a nose ring, his back tattooed, a white t-shirt over that, light jeans, and a silver chain hanging off the side. He had a knife in his shoe which was always with him but Tyler probably didn't know that.

"Hey," Naura said to Tyler, completely ignoring Zach whose eyes were on her. "How was your first day?"

"Not bad. This place might not be so bad after all." He wasn't going to mention that it was probably because he had spent lunch getting high with Zach and a few other guys in the bathroom.

"I'm glad." Naura smiled and turned to Byron. "This is my stepbrother Tyler. Tyler, this is my boyfriend Tyler. Girls, Tyler. Tyler, Julie and Rachel."

Julie and Rachel smiled at him, clearly both thinking the same thing: Fresh meat.

"Nice to see all of you," Zach said, bringing the attention to himself. The girls glared and Byron just nodded. "What a coincidence I happen to be the first to befriend your new stepbrother, Naura."

"Yeah, whatever. You guys wanna go upstairs? I think it's time for Rachel and I to have our rematch." Naura smiled, exiting the kitchen. "Tyler you can come up too if you want!" she called back.

"In a bit," he responded, grinning when he noticed Julie checking him out.

Blond? Check.

Dumb? Probably. Still to be determined.

"What a small world," Zach said, smirking.

"No kidding. So how do you know Naura?"

"Long story. Let's just say she's not very fond of me. I'm dating a girl who used to be practically her twin. A lot of shit went down last year. You're lucky you missed it."


Naura sat down on the end of the her bed beside Rachel, each of them holding a game controller. Byron was laid out on the bed behind them and Julie was seated in a desk chair on the side, legs crossed, reading the newest issue of People Magazine.

"I can't believe Zach is here in your house," Rachel said, shaking her head. "What are the odds of him being your brother's first friend?"

"Stepbrother. And I don't care. Let's just do this shit so I can beat you."

"You guys are such Halo nerds," Julie said, rolling her eyes. "And by the way, Tyler's single right?"

"As far as I know," Naura responded. If she were a cartoon character, steam would be coming out of her ears. And she had a boyfriend! So what the hell was she mad about?

"Good. Because he is so sexy. I feel sorry for you, Naura."

"And why is that?"

"Because you live with such a sexy guy and you're already taken."

"Damn skippy," Byron interrupted. "And if I ever catch him looking at you again I'm gonna pop that faggot."

Naura scoffed at her boyfriend, turning around and leaning back to kiss his cheek. "I'm pretty sure you imagined it and be nice. He's family."

"He's not blood. He can still legally hit on you."

"Well that doesn't mean I'll respond. Ah, shit!"

Rachel stood, shooting her arms in the air. "Haha! I'm on a role baby!" Despite her gorgeous face and body she could be quite the tomboy.

"Whatever. Best out of ten, hoe." Naura pinched her friend's leg.

"You're on."

A good two hours later the four friends emerged from the room and said their goodbyes. Zach was gone and Naura assumed Tyler was in his room which was where she ended up, knocking on the door.

"Come in."

"Hey," Naura said, not even sure why she was in his room. "So did you guys have a good time?"

"Yeah. I didn't know about all the drama between you guys." Tyler sat up on his bed, closing the notebook he was writing in.

Naura smiled, nodding. "Yeah, we're not too fond of him. He's cool. He can just be a real asshole ninety percent of the time. "

Tyler smiled. "Good to know."

"Yeah...well, there's a party on Friday if you wanna go. You can meet all my friends."

Tyler nodded, noticing her long tan sexy legs extending out of her skirt. "Sure. Thanks for the invite."


A/N: Okay, new story! I have a problem with finishing things I start because I get distracted with new ideas and alas this is a new idea. Ha. I have quite a few chapters written so hopefully I can keep writing it till the end! Anyways, I'm back! Hope you guys like the new story!