"Congratulations Class of 2009!"

Everyone erupted into excited screams, the two thousand large class of students tossing their graduation caps in the air.

Naura was a part of that class and so was Tyler who stood just two rows behind her on the football field where the graduation ceremony had taken place. Before she had a chance to seek him out though, Julie and Rachel ran over, screaming and hugging her. Naura laughed and hopped around with her friends for a moment as everyone else on the field did the same, screaming and talking animatedly.

"Can you believe it? We finally graduated!" Julie squealed, hugging her again.

Naura smiled and hugged her back, suddenly spotting Tyler talking to Zach over her friend's shoulder. Both of them had made a comeback with their grades and barely made it to graduation. She couldn't have been more proud of them. And all she wanted to do was run up to Tyler and plant a big juicy kiss on his lips but she couldn't because her parents were in the bleachers and might see. Pretty much everyone at school knew they were dating but their parents had no clue. They'd decided not to tell them until they were away at college and wouldn't have to deal with the repercussions of their parent's reaction if it wasn't good. Being separated by miles would give them the freedom to do what they wanted regardless. But right now she just wanted to kiss her boyfriend.

Once everyone was done chatting they all parted ways, clearing the field. Rich and Theresa were driving back separately from their children.

Naura was grinning as she seated herself in the passenger seat of Tyler's Scion. Tyler was grinning too as he slipped his key into the ignition, both of them silent.

Naura didn't give him a chance to turn on the car though, turning and doing the universal "come here" sign with her index finger.

Tyler smiled and leaned across the console, resting his left hand on the steering wheel.

Naura leaned the rest of the distance and pressed her lips to his, loving how she still hadn't grown bored of feeling his lips against her own. She tilted her head to the side as he did his, slowly moving her lips in the sensual kiss.

Tyler teasingly ran his tongue across her bottom lip before slipping it into her mouth, placing his free hand on the back of her hair. They were both so into the kiss that they didn't notice Evan approaching the car until he slammed his hands down on the hood. "Wooo! Class of '09! Fuck yeah!" he shouted, pumping his fists in the air before running down the street toward where Maya was walking with two of her girlfriends.

Naura laughed and Tyler smirked as they pulled apart and watched him. Once he was gone, Naura turned to her boyfriend. "He always did know how to ruin a good moment."

Tyler chuckled, pushing a lock of her hair behind her ear, letting his thumb graze her cheek as he looked into her eyes, admiration crossing his face. "Yeah, he does. But I guess we should head home anyways. And uh...I need to talk to you too." His happy expression dimmed at his last words as he played with the end of the same lock of hair.

Naura didn't like the sound of his voice when he said that but didn't want to jump to conclusions too soon so she just nodded and pecked his lips. "Okay."

Tyler straightened up in his seat and turned the key in the ignition, pulling out into the street.

The last time he'd pulled out the "we need to talk" card was three months ago when he'd confessed to drunkenly sleeping with Erin. They'd had a fight and he had decided he was going to sleep with Erin to get back at her. Not exactly the best of plans considering they'd fought over Naura's alleged cheating which she'd been innocent of. They'd both been drunk at a party and while Tyler was playing a game of beer pong, some guy who knew Xavier was hitting on her like there was no tomorrow. Tyler went into a jealous rage and almost fought the guy before accusing Naura of cheating. She'd tried to convince him she didn't even know the guy and hadn't been egging him on but merely just laughing at his lame pick up lines. The argument had ended with Naura storming out and leaving with John who'd offered her a ride home since Tyler had been her ride there. Tyler had assumed she was running off to hook up with John, even though he was back with Selena, and had called Erin to meet up with her and get his mind off everything. Which all in all led to the "we need to talk" thing two days later. Naura had been pissed but forgave him. They had both been drunk and she still loved him regardless of all the bullshit. Hearing these words though made her wonder if he had another infidelity confession but she didn't want to automatically assume he had cheated again. Innocent until proven a guilty dog.

When they got home, they laid their caps and gowns across the back of the couch and talked to their parents for a bit before saying they had to go get ready for grad night and rushing upstairs. Tyler took Naura's hand and led her into his room, closing and locking the door. He sat on the side of his bed and Naura sat next to him, laying her head on his shoulder. Tyler kept his fingers laced with hers and stared down at their joined hands as he gained the courage to speak. "Okay so, I wanted to talk to you about college."

Uh oh. "Okay," she said softly.

"I'm not coming with you after all."

She lifted her head at that, looking at him. "What?"

Tyler sighed, looking at her as well. "I'm moving back to Florida at the end of the summer to go to college there."

"Wait, I don't understand. Why?"

"My mom called me two weeks ago. I guess her and my dad talked and I have no choice in the matter. My mom says she misses me even though she was never home anyways." There was a bitterness to his tone as he mentioned his mother. "She wants me to come home for a year and then I can go wherever I want. My dad agrees with her. I tried to fight them but my dad threatened not to pay for college if I don't and there's no way I can get a scholarship." He looked down at their hands again, giving hers a light squeeze. "My dad is so hell bent on getting me to reconcile with my mom and I don't get why. But once he makes a decision he sticks with it and doesn't change his mind. I don't want to go but I have to."

Naura nodded, looking down at their hands. "I don't want you to go either. But I guess a year isn't too bad. I can wait a year."

"No, Naura, I don't want you to wait. You're going off to college. It's a once in a lifetime experience and you're a gorgeous girl. I don't want you missing out on stuff because of me."

Her heart did a funny thump thing when he called her "gorgeous." He'd said it a million times but it still made her heart squeeze when she heard it. "That's ridiculous. I don't want to have memories without you in them. I'll wait for you."

"Naura, I cant let you do that."

She sighed, kissing his cheek. "Look at me," she said, resting her left hand on his forearm.

Tyler turned his head to look at her, his eyes filled with despair.

"I don't want anyone but you," she said, gazing directly into the hazel eyes she loved so much. "If I have to wait a year, I will. I love you, Tyler, and I want this to work."

One corner of his mouth lifted up. "So do I."

"Good. So we'll worry about the rest later. It's our grad night. We're supposed to be happy."

Tyler grinned. "I love you."

Naura smiled and leaned in, kissing him softly. She paused and then pulled back. "I love you too."

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