The first dance.

As we tangled on the dance floor,

A touch of feeling fell from your lips,

My spine danced in ecstasy. You always had that control

I call for you. My skin whimpers,

Shakes, shivers as you took me in, they watched in envy.

They watched in amazement.

No other can make me open my heart, my destiny.

Whispered in my ear "You are so beautiful"

Joy filled my soul.

My husband that's you.

Swayed me smooth, your aroma heightened my sense,

I could feel you. Fell into a spell, a trance.

Became lost in your soul as I bore into your eyes.

Each move, sharp but tender.

Each stroll, drew me closer to your rhythm

That's right, that's how we do it. You seem to say with each twist.

A twist, blown away.

A turn, I can barely stand.

A dip, you don't know what you are doing to me.

Your hand on my spine, I can feel the sincerity of your touch.

Pulled me closer, am lost for breathe,

"Baby, its okay to breathe you know" You whisper in that deep voice.

With the tip of your fingers, I can feel the electricity.

Your eyes never left my gaze.

I desperately want to kiss your neck.

I lost trust in my legs, but your tight grip held me.

I am your queen,

You're my king.

I am baffled at how you could turn me upside down.

I love you.