The first war.

Rage consumed my throat,

How could you?

Violated my trust, shame today you will know me.

"Don't touch me"

"Oh… listen to me."

My ears were aching for a change of tune.

I shivered at the thought of you holding me in your arms. Disgusting.

I manoeuvred each time you came close,

I threw bombs at you base, words that cut deep.

"How can you say that?"

"I told not to try me"

I saw a glimer of pain in your eyes,

I resorted to truth, "You know you were wrong."

"I am sorry"

Your scent infuriated me, I wanted to attack you.

I saw you come over to my island.

Who said that we are having a peace talk?

"Be diplomatic my love"

"I am not your love"

I hate to see pain in you heart but you had to learn.

I fully realised the caged tigress in me.

My teeth sank into you, you screamed silently in pain.

I devoured you like the venom you are.

My meal was delicious, you coward in fear.

I noticed your lion raging.

Don't you dare?

Your sharp teeth tempted to sink into me.

I showed no pain. You were amazed.

With the final showdown,

I let go of the trigger.

The nuclear bomb targeted your heart,

You had to learn. No one makes a fool of me and lives to tell the tale with my marks.

Now you know.

Author's note: hey its me again

well enjoy

let me know okay.

love you lots.