Notes on World Militaries

Compiled the Volksreich Institute of Defense

Edited by Doctor David Risona

Introduction: The recent Entity War lead to a radical reordering of the nations of the world. The new governments of the United States of America, the Federal Republic of Cathay, and our very own Volksreich emerged after the war. These states had done the bulk of the fighting. The Catholic League and Incan Empire had managed to set aside their differences in the face of mutual enemies. The Double Alliance of the British Empire and Japan, by contrast, was dramatically weakened by the loses of their thirteen colonies, most of the Samsaran subcontinent, and years of international ill-will that persist to this day. With the death of the Immortal Queen Elizabeth, Parliament elected a reluctant theo-thaumaturge as Prime Minister, Sir William Blake. The direction that Blake takes the Alliance will easily determine their political future, if they truly have one.

The Sadist Empire was most directly harmed by the outcome of the Entity War. With the death of Marquis de Sade, the abdead nobility began to fight amongst themselves, with different foreign factions often picking favorites. The combined losses of Haiti, Louisiana, and Quebec seriously compromised the reach of the Empire outside of France and Dahomey. However, the recent coup by the young and enigmatic Napoleon Bonaparte has hardly drawn attention across Europe. His recent overtures to the abdead Prince of Wallachia, Vladimir Tepes, and his mistress Elizabeth Bathory have worried more than the Ottoman Turks and Russians. The Instigator stirrings on the American frontier and unrest on Cathay's borderlands has prompted concerns from even these two isolated powers.

With international tensions on the rise again, military doctrines and concerns have evolved since the Entity War almost three decades ago. As such, the international arms race has produced many new inventions and updates of older ones. In order to understand the specter of war that hangs over the world, I have compiled this text of military units, technologies, doctrines, and stories of them in action for the next generation of political and military strategists. Si vis pacem, para bellum.