No big deal. So what if I Love You?

Chapter I- Phone conversations



I open my eye slightly to see what the sound was… it was the phone.


Who could be calling so early in the morning? Don't they know what time it is?


Apparently not.


The sound of the phone kept ringing and ringing and… ringing until finally, it stopped.

Seems they gave up…


Or not.


I am so NOT a morning person, especially on my favorite day out of the whole week, which happens to be a Saturday, which happens to be today! Goodness, whoever it is better be grateful that I'm not in reach with their neck…


They never quit.


"WHAT?!" I yelled into the phone looking as if I was about to strangle it.

"Whoa. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today." Said a voice I was all to familiar with. Let's take a quick break while I explain a few things shall we?

If you don't already know who the boy on the other end of the phone is, his name is Tony. Tony Aluer, who just happens to be Greg's (my brother) best friend. You see him and Greg have been close since they were in grade school. He used to be a nobody, just like my brother back in the day until they met in the 3rd grade.

They teamed up and somehow they suddenly became popular overnight. Okay well maybe not exactlyover night, more like over a month or so. They spent so much time together it's annoying. Really it is. Greg would always bring him to the houseevery FREAKIN day! You should know that this means hell for me.

You see, Tony isn't exactly what I would call a gentleman. More like a pig-eating,

Name-calling, pulling-Lara's-hair-when-she-was-eight-because-it's-fun-to-see-her-cry, Jerk.

I thought this was a 'phase' Greg was going through at the age of eight but sadly I was wrong. Now almost 9 years later, there closer than ever, which means DOUBLE the hell for me.

But that's okay because Tony and Ihere have an understanding. I hate him, he hates me. He play's pranks on me and I get payback. But as much as I hate to admit it, we have one thing in common. Notice that it's only one thing, which is we both have to have the last word. So until he gives up his stupid pranks then you won't be seeing me giving up either.

Now that we got that all cleared up, let's get back to the conversation over the phone.

"No, I just woke up due to a certain SOMEONE, who happens to be the world's biggest jerk!"

"I wonder who that could b…"

"It's you. Now what do you want?"

"My aren't we a little demanding this morning?"

Im glad he finds this amusing.

"Yes, and now my patience with you is really running thin, so unless your gonna tell me what you want in about two seconds your really going to regret it!"

"Ohh, I'm so scared!" he said acting as if he was really scared. Probably was...wouldn't have to use

too much imagination for that."What are you going to do? Tell your brother?" and with that he started laughing really hard. And I mean really hard. I could tell… plus he was starting to cough which was starting to sound disgusting.

Then a thought came in my head and a smile made its way across my face. As if sensing this he stops laughing and it becomes quiet.
"That's exactly what I'm gonna do." As if on cue, Greg popped in my room.

How does he keep on doing that? Oh well, here goes nothing…

"Hey who called?" Greg asked. I could tell he wanted the caller to be asking for him. His eyes give his emotions away. It's like reading a picture book with this guy, but anyways… the smile on my face only grew wider as I pretended to look shocked to see Greg at thefoot of my bed.

"Hey is that Greg?" I could hear Tony say on the other end only to make my smile grow
even wider, if possible.

"No Tony, I will not punish you for being a bad boy and call you naughty names with your hands cuffed behind you."

"WHAT?! I never said that!" he practically screamed in my ear.
Great now im going to be deaf in that ear...idiot.

Oh but it was worth it. The look on Greg's face was priceless!

"I already told you Tony, NO! And I will not rub lotion on your legs and say 'master' while wearing only a hat."

"Ha-ha very funny Lar…"

"Tony. What. The. Hell."Greg suddenly appeared at my side and snatched the phone from my ear.

woah he sounds mad yet unusually calm.. bwahahahahaha!

"Man I swear I didn't say that, she's lying!"before Greg could respond Ihad tocut in. Im not quite done with my plan just yet.

"Greg can hang you bring me my glasses that I left in your room real quick?I really need them soI can do my homework later." Yeah totally made that up. I'll be surprised if it's in there. I should actually look for them sometime.

Mental note to self...look for reading glasses


As soon as his foot stepped outside of my room, I slowly got up to make sure he was out of ear shot. Turning back towards my bed where Greg had left the phone, I quickly ran towards it.

Now to complete the plan...

"Isn't payback just so much FUN?" I said with a big smile on my face, I just know he can see it. As a matter of fact I can see his left eye twitch.

"That wasn't funny…"

"Yeah and im the muffin man"

ooooo now I want a muffin!


hmmm now whatkind doI want?


blueberry? noo...


chocolate chip? nah im not in the mood for chocolate thisearly...

"DEAD." Wow, Tony sounds pretty upset. oh well.

"I'm sorry, come again?"

Now I swear for some odd reason, Tony's voice comes out almost girly when he yells. It's kind of funny really. Think of a cat blended with a cow's scream. How he makes it sound like that? Hell, I don't even know how he does it.

"Wait until I see you! I'm going to KILL you!"

I heard footsteps nearing my bedroom door and quickly put the phone back to where it was left. Seconds later,Greg walks through the door shaking his head.

"Areyou sure you left them in my room?I can't find them anywhere."

It took me awhile to realize what in the world he was talking about. However, being as cool and collected as I am,I hid the look of confusion I once had over my face and replaced it with one of understanding.

"Aw thats okay. I'll just look for them later. Thanks though."

He just shookhis head and went to the phone.

And the Oscar goes too...sheesh amI a good actor or what!

Should I add more fuel to the fire? Why doI ask myself that when the answer is always yes? Before Greg could bring the phone up to his ear...

"Oh Greg? Could you tell Tony that I don't own a whip and that spanking him won't have the same effect?" God I just had to throw that in. Like I said before, FREAKIN priceless!

"TONY!" Greg yelled, his face was getting really red. Oh well, he's not yelling at me. I didn't even get to hear whatTony had to say becauseI was alreadymaking my way down the stairs and into the kitchen.

My next plan of action:muffin time.

I knew Greg wouldn't stay mad at Tony, he's just mad now… no make that angry.

I reached the kitchen unable to hold my laughter in and started toburst out laughing. If you would have seen me you would've thoughtI was some kind of psycho laughing at absouletly died downand I got out a glass and headed to the fridge. I poured me a glass of pineapple/orange juice from the happy makers of 'Dole'

and hopped on the counter while taking sips from the glass every now and then. My work was done for the day.

Well at least for the morning.