No big deal. So what if I Love You?

Chapter XV The Love of a Drunken Idiot


I stormed out of the family room, mad as hell.

How can they act like this is okay? This is their daughter for Christ sake!

Okay, so I'm overacting just a little bit and maybe my dad was right…I am being selfish. I know that they are as torn up about the situation as I am, but I can't help it.

I'm nowhere near perfect, so I have no problem admitting what I felt in the past… I didn't always love Emily.

I know—big shock there, right? You're probably wondering why I seem to be the one who is the most worked up over this…tragedy that suddenly hit my family.

Well you see, 3 ½ years ago, I was an only child (obviously), so naturally I was used to all of the attention and affection given to me from my parents. Both of my parents were always there for me even if their schedule was busy and they would drop any and everything just to make sure I was happy; to put it simply, I was a spoiled brat.

I was constantly showered with gifts, money, and all that other good stuff that I wasn't willing to share with anyone else.

You can only imagine how I reacted when I heard the news of a new baby coming into the family. I was livid—granted that I wasn't a little boy anymore—but I was still angry because (despite my age) I still felt that if another baby was to come into the family, all of my parents attention and what not would be focused on the new comer instead of me.

God, I really was selfish huh?

During my mom's pregnancy with Emily, I was what my dad called a 'bad seed'. I'd get in trouble at school and not do my homework on purpose, stay out late, and a couple of times I even talked back to my parents…yeah, that idea was stupid—trust me. I have the dents in the walls to prove it.

Surprisingly, I got over all of the hissy fits and bad attitudes the moment my eyes laid on Emily and let me tell you, the day that she was born was the happiest day in my life.

I know it sounds cheesy and I may be getting a bit mushy and all that lovey dovey crap, but I fell in love with that little girl (in a brotherly way, no duh!) and as that love began to grow, I became even more protective of her but then again, what would you expect? I am her big brother after all.

And now this?! Someone up there must hate me because they're trying to take away the one person I care about the most and it's tearing me apart.

I don't know what to do…I'm like a fucking lost puppy! My emotions are all over the place right now. I'm hurt because Emily is basically dying; I'm angry because there's nothing I can do that can help her; and I'm pissed off because—well I don't have an exact reason, but do I really need one at a time like this? Yeah, I didn't think so either.

Seeing as I have no idea where I'm going, I head up to my room.

Maybe there's something I can break in there…

Before I even made it up to the stair case that led to the third floor, I turned around and headed towards my new destination.

Making sure no one was in sight, I quietly sneaked pass the family room where everyone was still 'discussing' the issue at hand.

I rolled my eyes and continued walking but stopped in my tracks when I heard my dad speak up. I listened closely as I heard him talk:

"As hard as it is, you have to try to stay positive. Even if you've lost all hope—you've got to stay positive." He said.

I scoffed. With another roll of my eyes, I sneaked my way downstairs.

"Stay positive" my ass! That's not going to help Emily get better.

I checked my jean pockets as I walked down the final steps that led to the foyer. The feeling of a square shaped bulge that came from my back pocket confirmed that that was where my wallet rested. I grabbed a jacket off of the rack as well as the car keys from the table that held a crystal vase full of tulips—Emily's favorite flower.

Quickly but quietly, I sneaked out of the front door and made my way towards the garage. Thank God someone left the garage open otherwise; I would've been caught due to the ruckus it would've made by opening it.

I walked into it and grabbed my motorcycle helmet. I quickly put it on before starting my motorcycle that I had gotten as a sweet sixteen present…okay, I still am a bit spoiled but so what?

With only one thing on my mind, I started the bike and drove to the one place that made all kinds of problems go away.

Wrecking my room won't do me any good, but I know what will…


Finally, I'm free!

Goodness gracious, that boy can talk…

Don't get me wrong; I love my brother more than anything (as you can already see) but after awhile, he can get a bit annoying. But what are siblings for if they don't annoy and frustrate you 24/7?

After 32 minutes of, 'yes, I'm fine', 'I'm tired you idiot', and my favorite, 'Go to bed or I'll put my foot in your mouth when you sleep!', Greg finally allowed me to leave that dreaded family room. I was out in the hallway by now, trying to walk as fast as I could in order to escape Greg's weird ways.

"Are you sure you don't need me too—"

"Good night Greg!" I replied as I kept walking towards the third floor. I was just about ready to call it a night.

I surprisingly made it up to my room without Greg jumping at me from behind; although I wouldn't put it past him.

Thank God I have the old Greg back now. I don't think I could handle him acting the way he was behaving almost two hours ago for the rest of my two weeks here.

I opened my bedroom door with a grin plastered on my face—despite today's situation.

Without a seconds thought, I jumped (more like belly-flopped) onto my bed; a sigh of relief escaping through my lips.

I was about to fall asleep when an annoyingly, unwanted thought popped in my head:

I wonder if Tony's okay

I still can't believe that Emily has cancer! No matter how much I think about it or tell myself to face reality, I don't think I'll ever believe it. It just seems so…unreal.

I guess…wait no scratch that…I know Tony's taking this hard. I just hope he doesn't do anything stupid.

Speaking of Tony, he's been awfully quiet since he walked (stormed) out of the room. I wonder what he's doing now…sleeping?

Yeah, I don't think so either.

The idiot is probably doing some kind of delinquent act. Either that or he's being destructive—or something worse…

Oh God—

Random thoughts began to run through my head as I hesitantly got up from my comfy bed and make my way to the door.

I inwardly groan as I walked across the hall to Tony's door, dragging my feet in the process.

Please be in your room; please be in your room…

Anticipation washed over me as I turned the knob with my eyes closed. The door swung open with a big bang.

I opened my eyes quickly and to my disappointment; Tony was nowhere to be seen. Now usually I'd be happy if the little butt muncher was out of my sight, but today I have an uneasy feeling in my gut about him suddenly gone 'missing'.

Don't ask me how I know something's wrong, I just do. It might have something to do with women's intuition but then again, who knows?

So I was right—he is doing something stupid.

Before I jump to any conclusions, I stepped inside his room (cautiously)—I don't want to accidently step into any "boobie" traps.

Yes, Tony calls them "boobie traps"; you know, as in the things us girls have that guys just love to stare at instead of looking us in the face?

He's stupid, yes. I mean how perverted can you get? I blame Ryan—that boy influences more people than you can image.

Anyways, once I was fully inside his room, I made sure that the place was clear of any of his dumb traps.

He must have not had any time to set some of them up

I remember this one time when Greg and I came over to Tony's house a couple of years ago—no, I didn't come willingly. Believe it or not, I was forced—and we were all playing hide and seek.

Being the naïve little girl I was at the age of seven, both Greg and Tony talked me into being the seeker; they told me that only the 'cool kids' wanted to seek.

Lame excuse right? Yeah, I fell for it anyways but like I said—I was young; plus, I didn't have much common sense at that age and like a dummy, I went along with it.

Anyways, after counting to sixteen (Tony's idea), I started my search for tweedle dee and tweedle dumb.

After spending what seemed like forever trying to find them, I heard a noise coming from upstairs—in Tony's room.

—Keep in mind that I was seven at the time—excitement and a feeling of self-accomplishment filled me as I ran up the stairs and into his room.

Upon entering. I seen the bathroom door quickly shut to a close; laughter and shh-ing noises were coming from the insides.

I know what you're thinking—what's a seven year old boy doing with their own bathroom? I told you he was spoiled…

I had no idea why they were laughing, though my guess was that they thought they found the greatest hiding spot ever but to me, well, even I could've done better than that.

Unknown to the real reason behind the laughter (which I found out later) I hurriedly stepped into the room, running towards the bathroom.

However, before I even got two steps from the door, my left foot got caught in a rope and the next thing I know is that I'm suspended in the air, hanging upside down.

Before I could comprehend what just happened, Tong and Greg burst into the room flashing lights at me.

Not until the lights stopped, did I realize that Tony was actually taking pictures of the unfortunate situation I was in.

And do you know what's worse than being hung in the air upside down by your left foot and getting your picture taken by two numb-nuts for their later advantage of blackmail?

No, no. Go ahead and guess…I'll wait.

Give up?

Try being left there.

I swear, all the blood went to my face and no matter how loud I screamed and shouted, they never came back to cut me loose.

Miss Keepingston—Tony's nanny at the time—came to my rescue after another six minutes of my helpless hollering.

Ever since that day, I became wary when entering "Tony's Territory" unless I was absolutely positive that he didn't have any traps awaiting my arrival.

Come to think of it, I still haven't found those pictures. Hell, he didn't even use them yet! But then again, this is Tony we are talking about here…

Note to self: find pictures

I'll do that later because right now I've got me an idiot to find.

After searching through his bathroom (which I noticed he re-stocked on those stupid yellow towels—I will be taking those later) under the bed, and even in his closet. I've come to the conclusion that he is definitely not in his room.

Sure it was kind of obvious, but it never hurts to double check.

I sat on the edge of his bed with my head in between my hands.

I tried to contemplate where he could be and what he could be doing; the uneasy feeling in my gut became even more unsettling just thinking about the possibilities.

Okay Lara, brainstorm. If I were Tony, where would I be?...

Ashley's room? I should really ask myself and think this option through…would Tony submit to her sleazy ways at a time like this?

No, probably not but then again, he isn't exactly in his right mind at the moment.

Oh God, he better not be in there because if he is, that means that I'd have to converse with her and I'm in no mood to deal with that right now.

I got up to continue my search downstairs.

As I descended down the final staircase that led into the foyer, I looked at the clock above the front double doors.

10:30 pm…are you kidding me?! Why does time have to fly by today?

All I know is that his ass better be somewhere in this house!

I swear if he's not and he makes me leave, I'll ring his neck.

The house is unusually quiet though, I wonder why nobody else is wondering where that boy is…

They must be asleep

I wandered into the kitchen to get a drink; all this searching makes a girl thirsty you know.

Grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge, I noticed a door that separates the kitchen and the garage, was slightly left open.

Pops must've forgotten to close it.

Sighing, I put my unfinished water back onto the refrigerator shelf and made my way towards the door.

I turned on the lights, a sigh of relief echoing throughout the spacious garage.

Good, none of the cars seem to be gone—

Before I was almost satisfied that he was still in the house (the cars were all still there, duh) I noticed an empty space behind the two SUV's and the three other 'town cars'.

Oh, did I forget to mention that they also have three expensive looking cars along with the two we came up here with?

Well, they do.

I walked toward the empty space, thinking what in the world could possibly fit in there.

Above the empty space was a big board like thing that held the keys on small hooks for each vehicle.

I quickly skimmed through the key collection until my eyes stopped on a vacant spot.

I slowly trailed my eyes upward to the name tag above the hook.

It read: Motorcycle.

(Once again) Groaning to myself, I smacked my hand to my forehead—which hurt by the way—

Greg was right; I do hit hard…hehe…

Rubbing my forehead, I turned around to look at all the cars.

Seeing how the feeling just increased ten-fold once I found out that Tony was obviously somewhere else instead of staying in his room like a good boy would; this meant that I too, will be missing out of a night's sleep.


I quickly grabbed a random key off of the wall and made my way towards the front of the car line-up.

I pressed the unlock button and waited to see which car I would be taking out tonight.

The lights to a dark green Ferrari flicked on and off, indicating that that was my ride.

Grinning like a smiley face, I hopped into the front seat.

Sticking the key into the ignition, I turned on the car and listened to how it purred.

Now, I'm not the one who gets all googly-eyed over a car like some of the guys I know (i.e. Ryan, Paul, Greg, Tony, my dad, pops…well you get the picture)

But this car is absolutely gorgeous. I am now officially dubbed a sucker—not to mention that I already named him Anthony. What can I say, I'm attached to it and I haven't even seen it until now.

I took my time admiring (what I thought was) one of God's greatest creation. The glossy, dark green paint glistened under the light.

I bet it'd look even better under the moon light.

The dark—almost black—tint that laid against the windows only added to its perfection. The bright, cherry red colored leather interior that covered up the seats was a real eye popper too.

All in all, it was beautiful; inside and out.

After worshipping my new found…friend—I guess you could call it—I turned the music up loud; Paramore's Decode, blasting through the speakers.

Now think…where would Tony be?

A strip club? Pssht, yeah…he's too cheap for that.

If I was in his position I'd probably—

Realization took over my brain at the thought. Why, oh why, did I not think of it sooner?!

I set the navigator to find the nearest location; I'd check each of them until I found him.

Hopefully pops won't mind me borrowing his car.

Without hesitation, I silently but swiftly pulled out of the garage and onto the road.

I just hope he hasn't gotten himself into any trouble yet…

22 minutes later…

Turning left and right and then another couple of U-turns, I made it to one of the many destinations.

Of course, I searched the parking lot for any and all signs of Tony's motorcycle and so far the first four were a no show.

Seventeen minutes and twelve miles later, I came across another spot. Luckily, I seen a black motorcycle parked in the front of the building; although it was pretty dark, I almost didn't see it.

I pulled up next to the vacant spot next to it and cut the engine off.

Stepping out of the car, I slammed the door shut before locking the car.

I took a good look of what was in front of me.

The words Nemo's Happy Hour ran across the top in bright, neon blue lights along with an outline of a martini glass that was tilted to the side.

If you've been wondering what I've been searching for a while now, it's a bar.

Yes, the loser known as Tony, went to a bar.

How he can be served alcoholic drinks—seeing how he is underage—is beyond me.

But then again, you can do just about anything if you've got the cash…and lots of it.

What can I say? Money talks…

I should probably get him and leave before some drunk guy comes and attacks me.

I've seen too many movies and read too many books where an innocent girl (or bystander) gets cornered by some intoxicated crazy person.

Walking up to the sidewalk, I felt someone's breath on my neck.

"Hellooo." Someone slurred in my ear.

I spoke to soon

I didn't even get the chance to turn around because all of a sudden, a firm grip was placed around my upper arm, spinning me around; facing me to my alleged attacker.

"What's a pretty girl like you doing here all by yourself?" he slurred his words again.

I took this moment to quickly take in his appearance; he was relatively handsome despite the state he was in; his breath reeked of alcohol and his eyes were blood shot red. He looked to be around his mid-twenties to early thirties but I'm guessing he'd actually be somewhere between twenty-two or twenty-five if he didn't look completely wasted and maybe fixed himself up a bit. He was nice and tall but not lanky; you could tell that he was a real heart throb in his high school years, maybe even when he was in grade school.

If I do say so myself, he'd be a real head turner among the female population if he were sober. I'm sure I would've been crushing on him if I'd of seen him walking down the street.

However, instead of the usual panic and damsel in distress act, I played along.

Hey, if I would've fought back than it probably would end up like it usually does.

Seeing as the parking lot was deserted besides the five cars it held (excluding both mine and Tony's), there's no way my knight and shining armor will come and save me.

Hell, the only 'knight' I have right now is Tony and let's face it; he's as good as drunk.

Putting on my 'seductive' face, I stepped towards the man and smiled.

"You know, I was looking to have some fun tonight but the guy I was talking to seemed to disappear." I said in an innocent voice.

The guy—we'll call him Tommy—got the hint despite his drunken state.

"Well lucky for you, I know a lot of…fun things." He said while (attempting to) smile.

Trying to keep the look of disgust off of my face, I smiled in return, "Great!"

If only he'd hit on me when he was sober…

I looked around for some kind of hidden place where I could lead him to. What? Just because he's hitting on me—for all the wrong reasons, might I add—doesn't mean that I want something bad to happen to him. At least if he's unseen to the public and he falls asleep, no one can bother him.

"You see that dark alley over there that's half a block away?" I replied while pointing in the direction.

His eyes followed my hands as he nodded.

"Meet me there in five minutes."

He looked hesitant at first, "That's kind of dark don't you think?"

Wow, so he does have some common sense while being drunk…wonderful.

I looked at him with lustful eyes and stepped closer to him, "I don't want people to see how much…fun we're going to have." I purred into his ear.

I stepped back from him with a sexy grin still plastered onto my face.

I'd seen him shudder in what I guessed to be—pleasure?

His eyes widened; a glint of mischief shown in them as he smiled a sly smile at me.

"Go there now; I'll be down in a few minutes. I just need to tell my roommate that I'll be home…late." I added an unnecessary giggle at the end—for added effect…thank you Ryan, for rubbing your dramatic ways onto me.

I winked at him as he looked me up and down; obviously checking me out on last time before walking away.

He turned around in the direction I pointed him too, grinning like he just won the lottery.

Dumb ass…

I smiled and waved as I pretended to text my 'roommate'.

That was easy

Rolling my eyes, I turned back to the front doors of Nemo's Happy Hour.

And Greg thinks I can't take care of myself. Ha!

I smiled to myself for a job well done as I entered the building.

A puff of smoke greeted me as I stepped inside. Jazz music was heard throughout the bar; numerous people sitting in tables and booths, half past drunk. Only for people were sitting at the bar—one of them being Tony.

I strolled over to the bar, taking a sear next to Tony.

"What can I get you sweetheart?" the bartender asked.

My eyes were still on Tony as I talked to the employee, "Just a ginger-ale, please."

"You got it."

Ice crashing against the glass was heard as I looked Tony over.

He looked drunk; his hair was disheveled and he looked even more depressed than before he left the house.

How the hell did he think he would get home?

Intoxication plus motorcycle, equals one hell of a mess.

I doubt he can even walk straight yet alone drive right.

Without meaning to, (okay, so maybe I did mean to) I hit Tony in the back of his head.

He looked shocked and angry at the same time, "What the fuck—", he stopped when he saw me.

His expression changed into a (wasted) grin…he looked somewhat like to Tommy when he was checking me out.

I shuddered inwardly; noticing that he was still looking at me like that.

"Hi se—sexy." He slurred and hiccupped, "What's your name?"


"Do you not know me?" I asked him while rubbing my temples.

He shook (or at least tried to shake) his head no, "I'm prutty sure I'd remember a prutty face like yours." He replied while pointing at my cheek.

He must've been off balance because two seconds later he fell off of his seat; laughing his head off.

Great! He doesn't even remember me…

"Oops." he continued to laugh as he stood up shakily and reclaimed his seat.

"You know, you doh look like sum one I know." He thought to himself.

I rolled my eyes and continued to stare at him, "Really?" I asked sarcastically.

Ignoring the sarcasm, he shook his head, "Cum to think of it…you look like my best friend's sister Lara—but she's a bitch so you can't be her." He started to laugh again before he took a sip of his drink.

I had half the mind to push him and leave him here but I had to refrain myself from doing so.

Remember the reason you're here…breathe in—and out.

Wow, that didn't help much.

"Hit me again barkeep!" he shouted

It was then that I noticed my ginger-ale that was placed on a coaster in front of me; I took a sip as I rolled my eyes—yet again.

I seem to be doing that a lot tonight…

"Don't you think you've had enough?" he asked as he leaned over the counter.

Tony scoffed, "I'm not paying yoh to ask questions! Now give me another one!" he said as he snapped his fingers.

I almost hit him upside the head again for being rude but I decided against it since he was—well drunk…I don't want him throwing up all over the poor guy from the impact of my hand to his head.

The bartender dude rolled his eyes as he fixed him another drink.

Looks like my nerves aren't the only one's Tony's getting on.

The glass didn't make it to the table because tony snatched it from the man and downed it a second later.

He slammed it onto the table, motioning to the man that he wanted a refill.

The guy turned to look at me as he filled up the glass, "That'll be $7.25 for the ginger-ale miss."

What?! Seven bucks for one measly drink? You've got to be kidding me…

"Uh…" I said while I looked at him like he was crazy, "Just put it on his tab." I jabbed my thumb in Tony's direction.

He nodded his head before turning around and helping another customer.

What? Like you wouldn't have done it too! Plus, it's the least Tony can do since he practically made me come and search for his ass.

"Speaking of Lara—" Tony started up again.

I directed my attention towards him again as he continued, "I'm actually 'pretending' to go outh wit her, but wat she doesn't knoe is dat meh and her bro—Greg's his name—made a bet dat—" he stopped in mid-sentence to burp and order another drink.

What? Wait, wait, wait! What bet?

I wasn't really paying attention to him but the last part got me interested…

"That's enough! You are too drunk and I'm not serving you anymore." The bartender got up and left from behind the counter to give drinks to the couple at a booth behind us.

Tony scoffed, "Watev! This place is stu-pid anyways." He got up and stumbled towards the door.

I reluctantly got up and followed him, "Tony, really! What were you thinking?!"

He looked at me as I helped him outside; his arm slung over my shoulders as we walked towards 'Anthony'.

Ignoring my question, he whistled, "Woah! Is this ur ridey?!"

I leaned him up against the car so that I could unlock the doors, "Yeah, now get in."

"Oooh—someone wants to beh punished." He said while laughing.

Good Lord…

"This kinda looks like the car my dad has—oh you should meet my dad! Yeah, oh and my mommy too! She's the most sweetest person and guess what?!" he said a little too excited.

"What?" I asked in a flat tone.

He grinned and clapped his hands together, "She loves me!"

"Oh and then there's my little sister, Emily! I don't know what I'd do without her. I remember this one time when we—" he stopped as if realization took over his now intoxicated brain.

I guess alcohol doesn't make you forget all of your problems.

He slid down the car; sitting down on the ground with his back against the front tire and his legs sprawled out in front of him.

Sighing, I dropped down to his level, "Come on Tony, let's go home."

I picked him up (surprisingly) as I opened the door, "I know we just met and all," he said as I rolled my eyes, "but I love you man."

He tried to give me a kiss on the lips…

What did I do you ask?

Well, being caught off guard, I shrieked and jumped back.

This caused him to fall flat on his face which ended up making him hit his forehead on the curb.

Oops…that's gonna leave a pretty mark.

Groaning in pain, he clutched his head as he began rolling back and forth.

"Oh, stop being dramatic!" I said as I picked him up.

He didn't fall that hard…geez

I threw him into the passenger's seat and buckled him in. I got a glance at his head and saw a big lump already forming at the top of his forehead.

That's gonna hurt in the morning

I shut his door and walked over to mine.

After I was buckled in, I started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.

It's been a long night…I'm going to enjoy sleeping in…

It was quiet in the car as we headed back to the house. It gave me time to think about tonight's events.

I remember Tony saying something about a bet that him and Greg made.

I mean, I know about the pretending part but the bet? What bet did they make? I'm almost certain that I'm a part of it but what exactly is it?

I looked over to Tony to ask him what it was about, but he was already asleep.

I'll just ask him about it in the morning.

He's gonna have one hell of a hangover when he wakes up.

And do you know what this spells out for me?


I guess I can skip out on sleeping in so that I'll be having…fun at Tony's advantage.

That'll teach him to act out again…

Grinning to myself, I kept driving; looking forward to what I'll be doing early in the morning.


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