Now unto me have you come

O my Lord, my God, my all.

Now before your altar I stand

To fly, to soar unto your Sacred Heart.

You draw me up, as incense

As You, Yourself, descend, Living Bread,

To me, but how, O my soul, sinner that I am?

His mercy, O so many ways, his mercy

It surges as a flood, a torrent, as blood from your side.

Yet do not my eyes deceive me?

O what beauty do I behold, from but a disk of bread!

The joy of my youth, O Lord , is drawn up

To You, in Holy Sacrament Most Pure:

Spotless Lamb, O Priest, O Victim,

Likened unto me, liken me unto you.

The smell, so sweet, incense of the heart,

Carried unto the Father across your bloodied back.

Sweet savor, Holy Lord, issues from your body

Before mine eyes, yet sweat and dust from you

O, though not you, would taste little less.

Your voice I feel about my hands, within my heart.

Pierced I am with your love,

As nails and lance your gifts unto me.

Accept, then, O most Gracious Lord,

My humble service I offer you,

Unprofitable servant though I am,

Make me a priest like unto you, offering,

That others may be profitable in your sight.

Now here before you, I ask to live in you in me,

Let me not err, but die to self, to live.

Now receive me Lord

Let your angels now attend

Let my prayer and incense to you rise

And sweet forever may it be.

Forsake me not O God of Hosts

But dwell in me this day. Amen.